Dick Williams was here in Louisville for the Cincinnati Reds vs Reds Futures game and had a pregame interview with the media. I took that chance to ask him specifically about Cuban outfielder Luis Robert and his workout that he had yesterday, and tried to gauge the Reds interest.

Here’s his entire response:

The acquisition cost on those kinds of players gets pretty high. As you noted, this year we committed to going after some Cubans aggressively and we signed a couple, so we are in the penalty phase. So, if we signed him we’d be paying that as well. But, we’ve got to be in on every player. We’ve got to give it a look, we’ve got to see if we can make it work within our financial resources if we think it’s a player we think can make a positive impact.

It’s a little premature. I talked with one of our scouts that was there today and I’ve got an idea of what they saw and what they think. I think we’d at least take it to the next level. We want to stay in the mix on a guy like that. You never know what’s going to happen. I just hope the dollars don’t get too far out there.

I followed that up asking about the timeline for the organization to not necessarily sign Luis Robert, but just any premium player over the next few months given that they will face the penalties and be unable to add that kind of talent moving forward. If those ramifications would possibly make the organization perhaps look harder at maybe spending a little more than they otherwise would simply because they won’t be able to do that for a few years.

Yeah, I think that’s fair to say. We’ll try to be aggressive here down the stretch to try and get a player or two signed.

Now, obviously there’s a lot to the whole Luis Robert thing. He’s still not eligible to sign, and at least the general public doesn’t seem to know when that’s going to happen. Lately I’ve been hearing that it’s expected to be before the June 15th deadline, but until he’s actually cleared, that’s all just rumor and talk. Being able to make the money work is another thing. The Reds haven’t been shy about spending on a player in the international market when they seem to truly believe in a guy. Williams seemed to say things that would suggest that the team is quite interested in him.

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  1. Capnhook

    Thanks for the questions Doug. I also think that Dick Williams’ comments are indicative that the Reds front office views Robert as a high impact player. In terms of the team having the financial resources, Williams has strong family ties to the Reds brain trust, that if there was a decision made to sign Robert, Williams can get the approval to get the deal done. I agree that Robert could be that type of player that accelerates the Reds re-build. Signing him also can allow the team to use their minor league players as chips for future trades for a veteran P / position player.

  2. wes

    Nice work Doug! Now who can you interview to see when he’s going to become available?

    • Doug Gray

      Now that’s a question I wish I had an answer to. The more people that I talk to, the more I get the feeling that he will be available this signing period…. but you never really know until you know.

      • wes

        I’ll be praying for that : ) I have had the impression the whole time the Reds will move on him regardless of price.

        Hey there’s a game in Louisville today right? What time? I am not seeing anything online…

      • Doug Gray

        Game today was in Dayton. The one in Louisville was on Friday night.

      • MK

        No it was in Dayton today and started about 5 and a half hours ago. Reds won.

  3. MuddyCleats

    Good questions Doug. Kid sounds like the type of player who could be the center piece of the Reds in the near future. Hopefully, they can find a way 2 get it done!

  4. Reaganspad

    Really like Williams

    He is churning the roster like Krivsky, love the Scooter pick up

    Now, if you pull in a Cuban prize like Jockety

    You have the best of all worlds