On the day that the Minor League Baseball season starts we talk with a few of the Dayton Dragons players. Reds prospect outfielders Taylor Trammell and T.J. Friedl, and catcher Tyler Stephenson talked with the local media in Dayton prior to a team workout on Wednesday about the past and what they are looking forward to with the 2017 season.

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  1. Cam.

    RIP to the home white sleeveless jerseys for the Dragons, I guess. I loved those.

  2. MichaelD

    Doug, you continue to provide professional content and these interviews are fantastic!

    I was quite impressed by Taylor and Tyler, they both seem to be well grounded and focussed on the process. Hopefully good health will enable Tyler to make a big step in his development.

    Thank you Doug!

    • Doug Gray

      I also talked with Tony Santillan and Scott Moss, so those will go up at some point in the next week as well. Things were running long on the episode though, so I decided to cut it at three and run the other two at some point in the next week – perhaps in the next episode or maybe just as a stand alone depending on how things work out.

    • Greenfield Red

      Agreed. These kids are well spoken. I look forward to their development.

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah, these three guys were very well spoken and thoughtful. I’m not going to mention anyone by name, but over the years there have certainly been some guys that were not that. Short, quick answers without really getting much into the question. And honestly, I get that. When I was a younger guy, I was the same way. But, for the purposes of what I do, having guys that really get into things more in depth like these three did, it’s great to have them around to answer the questions.

  3. Steve

    Great job Doug. Pensacola roster finally posted. Interesting to see who isn’t on the roster. Missing are players like Varner, Reynoso and Walters. Any updates on some of the omissions from the 4 full season clubs now that all rosters have been set?

    • Doug Gray

      Learned the other day that Mark Armstrong will start on the DL after having something act up in his arm. Not sure on the extent of the injury, but he was on the original roster in Daytona and was replaced by Ty Boyles (who was in Dayton, but moved up). Calten Daal should be ready to go soon – recovering from the shoulder injury suffered last year (expected by the end of the month). Zack Weiss is still recovering from his surgery in the offseason (clean up – not TJ or Shoulder or anything like that). He’s expected around June-Mid-June if there are no setbacks along the way. Reynoso was playing in Arizona, both in the field and at the plate, so I’m not sure what happened there. Not sure on the other two you mentioned.

  4. Steve

    Some names are starting to show up on rosters as players on the DL. Is Wotell hurt? Another player that I thought would be on a full season roster that’s missing.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m not sure if he’s hurt or not, but I was not expecting him to start the year in Dayton.

  5. Arnold Ziffle

    DG, don’t be a wus. Don’t be ascared of a little rain and wind. Get yourself down to Louisville today to see Big Sal. If you have the right clothing, Mother Nature is no match. Think Gor-Tex. It’s just a little rain and wind. And if it gets a little cold, a small hip flask of grandpappy’s recipe comes in handy.
    Don’t let yourself and your readers down. Nine years without missing MiL Opening Day and you are thinking about not making that 10??

    • Doug Gray

      Haha. I’ll still be watching and keeping notes on the games tonight. The rain is something that’s a bigger issue than the wind. Rain = no video, which generally = tougher to actually make money on a trip (though not impossible). But, in Louisville for example, the 45° temp at start time with 20-40 MPH winds… or I can just head down on Tuesday and very likely find much better weather that will also make my day much better – I’ll wait. If everyone plays tonight, I can have good stuff from every game, hopefully. I will be able to watch Louisville, Pensacola and Dayton, while listening to what’s going on with Daytona.

  6. MichaelD

    Where is Taner Rhaneir playing?

    Posting earlier about Cozart and Duvall looked prophetic. Early, but it counts.

    • Doug Gray

      Arizona – he’s going to begin the year on the DL.

  7. MichaelD

    Is it my issue, but the Pensacola reception is terrible on MiLB streaming??

  8. Cam.

    Also, thanks to Doug for asking my question and thanks to Taylor Trammell for such a thoughtful answer.