The weather doesn’t look great for the Cincinnati Reds game today, but if they do happen to get the game in, Sal Romano will be making his Major League debut. I wrote about that on Friday afternoon if you want more information on what you can expect to see from him. You can also watch the video below from his last start in Triple-A Louisville.

There were some questions as to whether or not Sal Romano would stick around for more than a start or two as he filled in for Rookie Davis. Davis hit the disabled list after being hit by a pitch and isn’t expect to miss much time. Manager Bryan Price noted that when Davis were healthy again that he would be taking back a spot in the rotation. With the performance of Bronson Arroyo that could have been his spot with Romano remaining around if he performed well.

Unfortunately on Saturday all of that may have changed if it were the plan. Brandon Finnegan was removed from the game after the 1st inning against the Brewers. He struggled with control in the one inning he did pitch. During the game it was announced that he has strained his lat, but after the game that changed. Finnegan had a shoulder strain pop up. We don’t know how long he’ll be out. We do know that he will miss at least his next start. With the new 10-day disabled list, I’d expect him to miss at least two so the team can utilize the roster spot. Who makes the next start for Finnegan would seem to have to be one of Cody Reed, Robert Stephenson, or the dark horse candidate Michael Lorenzen who has campaigned to start again.

Update: Tim Adleman has officially been called up, Brandon Finnegan to the disabled list

Tim Adleman would appear to be coming up. He was the scheduled starter for the Louisville Bats on Saturday, but was a late scratch. While it wasn’t announced why he was scratched, it would seem obvious: The Reds need someone to be the long man out of their bullpen after the last few days. Adleman is on the 40-man roster, so no move will need to be made for that. There will need to be a 25-man roster move, though.

That won’t be the only one, assuming it’s coming. Sal Romano will need to be added to the roster before the game as well. That likely move there will be sending Jesse Winker back to Louisville. Winker made a pinch hit appearance in each of the last two games. On Friday night he struck out. On Saturday afternoon he came in with two runners on and flared a double into left field to bring in both runs. What’s unfortunate is that despite Adam Duvall and Scott Schebler both getting a day off in the last two days, Winker never got a start. With all due respect to Scooter Gennett, it’s tough to understand how he wound up getting more time in the outfield on those two days instead of the Cincinnati Reds top outfield prospect who got called up. Gennett had never made a start in the outfield as a professional baseball player (Majors or Minors).

Update: More roster moves have come down the pipeline.

Relievers Austin Brice and Ismael Guillon have been promoted from Double-A Pensacola to Triple-A Louisville.

21 Responses

  1. HavaKlu

    Price said from the get-go that Winker would have a cameo role for the weekend so starting Gennett was not a surprise or a bad move seeing what a hot bat he is swinging.

    • Doug Gray

      Giving a backup non-outfielder innings in the big leagues over an actual outfielder who’s also one of your top prospects is probably a bad move. You want to get them both some time? Sure. You give only one of them all of the time? That’s weird.

      And Price said Winker wasn’t playing over Schebler or Duvall. The entire quote he used needs to be used there because that was the context of it. He said he would be used as a pinch hitter because he’s not starting over those guys.

      • Stock

        I think you are reading this all wrong. The way I see it playing Gennett in the OF the last two days was not about giving Duvall and Schebler a day off but rather keeping Scooter’s hot bat in the lineup.

        Price had to figure out who to bench to keep Scooter in the lineup not who to play in the OF when I give Duvall/Schebler a non-necessary day off.

        And Gennett’s bat did not disappoint.

    • Brad

      I try to be supportive of Price. But bringing up Winker and not playing him over the likes of Kivlehan and Gennett in COF spots shows a clear lack of clarity between front office and manager. If you want Gennett’s bat in line up, put him at 2B. Maybe, 2B today instead of Alcantara. He played lackadaisical in Arizona and remains the same in Cincinnati. He will not be around long.

  2. seadog

    Did he say Scooter would start in left? Very odd personnel moves by Price this weekend )outfield). Winker sits…Kivlehan gets a start and Scooter–first ever in the outfield. Duvall sits, he needed a day off. But, wow,,,very odd moves. They all did hit though. Go figure.

  3. Jim Delaney

    Watching Price manage so.far.this season, it appears.he is trying to develop players BUT also win games. Bringing in Ilglesias yesterday in the 5th clearly shows.that. I do think the Reds were honest with how Winker, would be used, good to see him get his first major league hit, sending him back down to play every day is best for him and team at this point. I am totally production Gennett has provided. His production in limited time is quite impressive…

  4. Dan

    Maybe scooter is better than winker? I could see him becoming a very important piece to this team. He can play a lot of positions, has speed, has pop and seems to be a winner.

    Jesse winker seems to be a guy that can only play corner outfield, can put the bat on the ball but has no pop and no speed.

    Bryan price keeps getting questioned in his moves but he keeps winning games.

    • Doug Gray

      Not that I’m a “managers record” guy, but Bryan Price has a terrible record as a manager, so saying he keeps winning means very little as an argument. He’s 8-4 in the last 12 games. He’s got a career .434 winning percentage.

  5. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Doug or anyone else can you expound on Lorenzon “campaigning” to be a starter again? Has he said something or just talking about his performance insinuating that?

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        “Lorenzen, who went 4-9 with a 5.40 ERA as a starter in 2015 before moving to the pen, said he does not hope to return to the rotation. He said he “will” return. He mentioned during the game he wanted to go the distance.”

        Bill, I clicked on the link and copied and pasted a paragraph from it. If I’m reading it right it says he does NOT want to return to the rotation.

      • RobL

        Sorry KoolAid, you’re reading it wrong. I had to read it twice.

        He doesn’t HOPE to go back to starting, he WILL go back to starting.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        Reading comprehension obviously not my strong suit. Thanks guys.

    • Jasonp

      I heard on the TV broad cast this last game or the one before comparing Lorenzen and Iglesias. Welsh said Lorenzen wanted to be a starter again but Iglesias wanted to stay a reliever. So if they are saying that on TV I am sure they are hearing about it from multiple people.

  6. Steve

    Why did BP start Alcantara over Gennett at 2B? Gennett a better bat, plus 2B is his natural position. If he’s going to rest Peraza, Gennett should be making the start at 2B. In Romano’s debut, BP should put out a lineup that has the best chance of helping him get a W. As a result, 2 errors by Alcantara.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Absolutely. And to add to the headscratching, he bats him second.

  7. Jack

    alcantara is not a major league player even on the bench and at no point this spring did he look like one so I have no idea why he is on roster

  8. Steve

    With all the roster moves, can’t believe that Rainey didn’t go to Pensacola. Today’s line, 2IP, 0 H, 3Ks. What more does he need to do in Daytona?

    • Doug Gray

      Pitch more than 7 innings. The guy’s been absolutely incredible. But, given how last year played out and all of the control problems he did show, there’s no need to rush him this quickly. May 15th gets here and he’s still throwing strikes all the time and destroying the league? Book his travel plans.

  9. Steve

    Guillon rough start with the Bats. Herget is fast tracking too and should be in Louisville with next roster moves