Last night I was in Dayton to take in the Dragons versus Lansing Lugnuts. One of the clips I got from the game was of Taylor Trammell beating out an infield single. He’s one of the fastest players in the organization, so I will always go back and run a stop watch against his times on plays like this. On this day the 19-year-old outfielder went from home-to-first in 3.96 seconds, showing off plus-plus speed.

That’s not quite Billy Hamilton at his fastest, but not many guys in all of professional baseball are turning in sub 4.0 second times to first base.

I’ll be back in Dayton this afternoon/evening for more and hopefully I’ll have plenty of good video to go with some of the stuff I got from last night on a few other players. One clip that I got last night that I’m holding out for a little more video of the player is of TJ Friedl, who tripled on a baseball that hit the ground about three feet in front of the plate after contact, but got into right field and he, like Trammell above, showed off his speed on the play.

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5 Responses

  1. The Duke

    All that speed in the Dayton outfield is interesting. I can’t imagine too many fly balls find the ground in that outfield.

    I’ll be there tonight with my kids in lawn seats, excited to see Scott Moss pitch live. I hope Trammell is in the field tonight as he was the DH last night. I’ve seen Siri play before, so ideally he is on the bench or the DH.

  2. Wes

    How’s that draft post coming Doug? Excited to see how guys did last week

    • Doug Gray

      Honestly, things went longer today than I expected (recorded a thing with Red Reporter with Scooter Gennett down at GABP), and I’m heading to Dayton right after I hit “reply” on this post, so it may be up later this afternoon (depending on how much I can get done in Dayton before the game – I have some things I want to do while there before the game starts) or possibly tomorrow’s early, non-game review article.

  3. Kap

    Saw a picture on Twitter of Luis Robert on the video board at GABP. Not really sure what that means

    • Mr. French Tickler

      Ben Badler at Baseball America just tweeted an article that said the Reds have a private workout with Robert next week. Already worked out with Astros and the A’s have a workout with on Friday. Make it happy Dick W!