Ben Badler of Baseball America is reporting that the Cincinnati Reds have a private workout scheduled with Cuban prospect Luis Robert next week. They aren’t the only team with a private workout scheduled with the player that has been referred to as the best or possibly second best international player not in Major League Baseball right now.

The other big news from within the article from Badler is that it appears that Luis Robert is going to become eligible to sign this period. That’s big news for the Reds, and for Luis Robert. The Reds won’t be able to sign a player of his caliber in the next signing period as they will be unable to spend the kind of money that would be necessary to bring him in. Until June 15th they can spend any amount of money that they would like to as long as they are willing to pay the 100% tax penalty on it to Major League Baseball.

For Luis Robert, the timing is also important. He can sign for whatever someone is willing to pay before June 15th. After that point, he will be subject to the new international signing rules, which would limit him to roughly $10.5M at the absolute most as a signing bonus, and to get that much a team would have to trade for slot money from other teams in order to spend that. So it would cost a team more than just money.

Notes from around the organization

Ben Badler is worth every penny that Baseball America pays him. On top of the Luis Robert news, he also wrote up the Top 20 Dominican Summer League prospects from the 2016 season. The list isn’t numbered, but just the Top 20 guys listed in alphabetical order. There’s only one Red on the list and it’s a guy that I saw out in Arizona and wrote up: Mariel Bautista.

Gavin LaValley hit his Florida State League best 4th home run last night. It was a blast according to the Daytona Tortugas, coming in at 422 feet to left field.

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  1. Moses

    This is great news! The Reds need to be aggressive this year if the opportunities are out there. Manuel seems like the real deal, and if it takes 25M to get it done, even if that becomes 50M with penalties, the Cuban Mike Trout only comes along once. Get ‘er done Dick!

    • Moses

      Oops, meant “Robert”! Dick, don’t pay $50M for any Manuel, even if I just said you should…

  2. Steve

    Open up the bank account for Luis Robert, Mr. Castellini. This move plus the 2nd draft pick could be the final pieces to the rebuild. We just have to find a way to stay healthy. Players must work harder in the offseason on conditioning and stretching. Way too many injuries the last couple of years. With all the additional staff that was hired this year, can someone please come up with offseason conditioning exercises detailed for each individual to minimize injuries heading into 2018?

  3. Simon Cowell

    Hopefully the workout is followed by a high dollar contract offer

  4. Doug Gray

    For those who asked about it yesterday, and will be looking for it today: Draft update will come out later this afternoon/early evening. I’m just so backed up right now with being in Dayton the last two days and taking care of my nephews to help out my brother as he recovers from his surgery that I’m just struggling to find time to get everything done on time. I promise it’s coming, it’s just going to be late (ok, really late) this week.

    • Greenfield Red

      Family comes first. My wife’s been down with the flu since Sunday. I’m doing double duty. Sometimes that’s the way it is. Take care of those nephews.

    • Wes

      The Luis Roberts article will get us through til it’s ready

  5. Wes

    It’s looking more like reds won’t be picking at top of 2018 draft and Greene maybe only immediate top 20 prospect of this draft. That makes Roberts even more of a need for the organization. If he goes for 50 million- I can’t be upset w reds for that price if he signs elsewhere. But 25-30 total. We should be competitive in that range for sure.

  6. kevin zook

    most likely go to a bigger market team.. Hope our reds get him though.. be huge for system along with draft coming up..

    • Michael Smith

      Many of the big market teams are out of it due to going over the international cap last year.

  7. Ochoa30

    With the cards losing their top 2 picks in the draft and having the smallest pool it would be very hard to imagine them not being all in on Robert. Hope I’m wrong on that one. I’d rather if he’s not a red that he goes somewhere outside the central.

    • kevin zook

      yup agreed think they will goo hard for him…. hope our reds luck out since have some Cubans hope lures him in lol