This is a new feature that I’m going to try out this year. With Dayton, Pensacola and Louisville all having the package it gives a nice way to track the distance, along with google maps distance tool, I thought it would be a cool idea. Daytona, at least at home, is also providing distances for most of the home runs hit. Not every home run can be measured for various reasons (bad camera work – and I use this term lightly, because it’s not easy to track always, not all games are shown on the package), but here’s the Top 10 distances that were measured/estimated since the start of the season:

Date Player Distance
18-Apr Gavin LaValley 422
6-Apr Eric Jagielo 415
17-Apr Gavin LaValley 410
6-Apr Taylor Trammell 400
20-Apr Angelo Gumbs 398
18-Apr Brian O’Grady 395
19-Apr Narciso Crook 392
20-Apr Shed Long 391
20-Apr Juan Perez 390
17-Apr Brian O’Grady 390

Now, it’s worth noting here that Juan Perez hit an inside the park home run last night, as well as the home run he hit over the fence. The one that went over the fence is listed above, but the one that stayed in the park hit the wall in dead-center, which is 405 feet from the plate. I wasn’t sure how to deal with that one, but since inside the park home runs tend to be rare, I just figured that I would write this note about it and not include it since it didn’t go over the wall.

In the future, there will be some video of some of the top home runs. Unfortunately there’s no video of either home run by Gavin LaValley or the one by Taylor Trammell. Here’s the video of the Eric Jagielo home run thanks to Dan Shugart – a local reporter in Pensacola:

Here’s the video from Brian O’Grady’s 395 foot shot on April 18th.

As I am typing this, Pensacola hasn’t uploaded the video of the home run hit by Angelo Gumbs last night that went 398 feet. That one went down the line and it was a no-doubter.

5 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Wit 5 HR in the first 15 games, Lavalley is starting to show some of that power we were dreaming about after the 2014 draft. Unfortunately he seems to be a 1B/DH. Maybe from a bench role he could handle the occasional game at 3B when the starter has a day off, and 1B the days Votto has off. That’s maybe 30 starts a year and then use as a power bat off the bench as a pinch hitter. That could still be around 200 at bats a year I suppose (more if injuries are an issue) and there is always the chance the NL caves and adopts the DH (NOOOOOO!!!). I don’t think he has the foot speed to even occasionally play a corner OF spot though. All that said, it is nice that the power is showing up. I imagine he’ll get the bump to AA around midseason if he can keep it up.

  2. Steve Butcher

    He has quick hands, great work ethic, incredible power, and, he is a fantastic person! Let’s give a shot at 3-A!