Usually when you throw a no-hitter it’s the highlight of your career. For Tyler Mahle he did just that last season with the Daytona Tortugas last May. He was one hit batter away from a perfect game on that night. On Saturday night Tyler Mahle got his perfect game for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

Taking on the Mobile BayBears, Tyler Mahle was on top of things from the start. He reached a 3-ball count only once in the game, in the 2nd inning. The right hander threw just 88 total pitches in the game, 68 of them for strikes. talked with Tyler Mahle after the game. Here’s how he described the final play of the game:

“It happened so quick. I just threw the ball as hard as I can over the plate and I got the ball so quick in my glove,” Mahle said. “I looked up and [first baseman Eric Jagielo] was standing there with his wide eyes and that was it.”

It wasn’t an easy game. In the 2nd inning Aristides Aquino doubled and catcher Joe Hudson singled him in to put the Blue Wahoos up 1-0. Those were the only two hits of the entire game. Pensacola and Tyler Mahle held the lead of one run the rest of the way.

The game was only the second perfect game in Southern League history that lasted a full 9-innings (minor league double headers are 7-inning games, and of course there can be rain shortened games as well). The only previous full 9-inning perfect game was in 1970. That was 24 years before Tyler Mahle was even born.

There’s unconfirmed reports that the final pitch of the game, which as noted above, Tyler Mahle just tried throwing as hard as he could, was 99 MPH. I will try to see if I’m able to get some confirmation on that later today. It would easily be the highest velocity I’ve ever seen from Mahle (97 being the previous high).

The win moved Pensacola to a Southern League best 13-3.

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  1. Simon Cowell

    This guy is just 22? All I can say is wow. Any chance he is fast tracked to Louisville? Not that I necessarily want to see that but aren’t they also short on pitching?

    • Greenfield Red

      Actually, I think Louisville is short on pitching. The major league roster now accounts for 11 starting pitchers (Feldman, Finnegan, Garrett, Arroyo, Adleman, Reed, Stephenson, Davis, Bailey, Disco, and Romano has been up). That has got to leave Louisville short handed.

    • RFM

      Louisville is so depleted that they/the Reds signed Asher Wojciechowski to join their rotation. Rob Wooten, who had done well in 3 starts, went on the DL. Adleman, Bonilla, Astin, and Romano have all been up and (in most cases) down.

      Astin, Routt, and Wooten have all started out of necessity.

  2. Brad

    Congrats to Tyler. The duo of Mahle and Castillo is intriguing. Hope Mahle is not rushed as he does not need to be added to 40-man until this off season and is 22. Castillo is 24 and on 40-man. With current wave of SP not throwing enough strikes, Mahle looks better and better.

  3. Jim Delaney

    Four-year nice write up, some good information about how impressive the outing was.
    Getting excited about Mahle, hearing he’s hitting the radar gun at 99 in the 9th is WOW!

  4. Jami Sanderson

    I was at the game. Compared to a lot of people, especially most of the people who read this blog, I didn’t snap until I looked at the scoreboard in the 7th inning and looked down at the bull pen to see who was warming up. Answer: no one. Then I thought, “Oh, “@%#!” The final pitch Tyler threw looked like a rocket over home plate.

    All I can say is I’m glad I drove to Mobile (60 miles) to see it. I am sure I’ll never see a perfect game again.

  5. Michael B. Green

    I would be shocked if he does not move up to LOU in May. Throws lots of strikes and gets ahead early in the count. Funny how math and probability take over from there.

  6. davidmac84

    Listened to an interview with Tom Browning- and Mahle was the SP he mentioned as being the most impressive in the system. Seems like as he matures- he has had a big velocity increase while maintaining his fastball command. I see the core of the Reds Starting Rotation being Garrett, Mahle, Romana going forward.

  7. Mike

    Nothing to do with Mahle but what sense does it make to bring up Ervin and then start Gennett in RF yesterday then LF today,said it before and I’ll say it again Price is the worst manager in baseball

    • Brad

      I don’t agree he is the worst manager. But Gennetts defense hurt Reds twice yesterday. Current pitching can’t afford poor play in field. Play Ervin.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Gennett played 2B today. Kivlehan was in left. I would have like to see Ervin instead of Kivlehan today, true.

  8. wes

    He will surely be #1 on Baseball America’s top weekly performing prospects.

  9. RDriesenUD

    I would keep him right where he is. We have enough pitchers at a level higher than they should be right now. Instead of moving him up, we need to move quite a few people down a level.

  10. Datdudejs

    Does he still sit 89-93 most of the game Doug? Or has he gained a few average mph on his fastball?

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve reached out about his velocity last night. As a non-home game, it’s tougher to get a quick turnaround on that kind of stuff. Someone is checking on it though, and hopefully I’ll have more on how hard he was throwing. He has been a little better than 89-93 this year though.

      • Statjunkie

        I’m looking at the game chart now and it looks like this.

        Fastball 90 to 95, Average 93, High 100

  11. Statjunkie

    Picture of the game chart that was sent to me after the game.

    • Datdudejs

      Huge, if true. If he can sit 93-95 with command and bring it 98+ when he needs it he will fly up prospect rankings. He was already my favorite reds pitching prospect and this only makes me like him more

  12. The Duke

    There’s a reason I’ve been saying over the past year that long term I think Mahle is one of the safest bets of the Reds prospects to stick in the rotation in the long term future plans. Command and control will trump velocity more often than not, and Mahle isn’t completely lacking in the velo department either. Crazy to think that at age 22 he already has 2 no hitters, one being a perfect game. Sure it’s the minor leagues, but who amongst the vaunted prospects throwing high 90s have done it in the minors on their way to the majors? Not a one. Mahle may never be Syndergaard, but what he looks like is a son to be very effective major league pitcher.

    Brendan McKay in this draft reminds me a lot of Mahle (except for McKay being LH). Superb command and control, 90-95, changing speeds, quality off speed pitches that can be thrown for strikes. McKay may not have the most upside, and may not be who I would select at #2, but I won’t be upset if he is the pick, because pitchers like Mahle and McKay are the kinds of pitchers who can give you 200+ quality innings year in and year out.

  13. Freddie Kahucavich

    Amazing he still had 99 mph in his last pitch of the game.

    • Jami Sanderson

      At that stadium they didn’t display ant pitch speeds, but sitting there…he hurled that ball like there was no tomorrow—it looked real fast and gave out a LOUD “WHOMP!” when it hit Joe Hudson’s glove.

      • Jami Sanderson

        Have to correct my reply. It wasn’t the last but next to the last pitch I think…..