The Cincinnati Reds will send right handed starting pitcher Rookie Davis to Triple-A Louisville tomorrow. The team is off today, so they won’t make the move until tomorrow. Davis, who has been on the team since spring training ended, though he did see time on the disabled list after being hit by a pitch, has struggled with the team.

In his five starts for the Reds Rookie Davis managed to throw just 19.0 innings where he had a 7.58 ERA. He allowed 29 hits, walked 13 batters and had 15 strikeouts in that time. The 24-year-old struggled to get through five innings, doing so only once on the year, on May 3rd.

Who it is that will take the scheduled start for Davis on Saturday is unknown. We do know who it won’t be, though. Amir Garrett and Cody Reed both are ineligible to come up unless they are taking over for someone heading to the disabled list, which we don’t believe we have someone doing that yet (they could replace a position player, if an injury were to occur). Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer has also been told that it won’t be Robert Stephenson.

That leaves the Reds with a few options. On the 40-man roster the starting pitchers include Jackson Stephens and Lisalverto Bonilla in Triple-A, and Luis Castillo in Double-A. Stephens actually started today for Louisville and didn’t make it out of the 1st inning, giving up eight hits and six runs, while walking a batter. I can’t imagine he’d get the call up if they sent him to the mound today.

Luis Castillo is scheduled to pitch tonight for Pensacola, so that is worth keeping an eye on. If he takes the mound, then it’s not going to be him. That would leave Lisalverto Bonilla. He would make the most sense, coming in from Triple-A and would be fully rested and he’s got some big league experience.

There’s always the chance that the team could just go with a “bullpen day” and go with several relievers to get through the day. Given how the bullpen has been used and abused, this seems unlikely.

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  1. Docmike

    I wonder if they might start Tim Adleman on short rest, then call up Reed on Sunday once he’s eligible. Adleman only threw 5 innings and 83 pitches last night, so I would think he’d be ok to go Saturday.

    • Doug Gray

      Not sure, but I’m guessing they want him in the bullpen for now.

      • citizen54

        You’ll probably agree that it makes no sense to keep him in the bullpen just to do inconsistent mop up work. Talk about wasting a good arm. Development wise this season has been a complete disappointment so far.

      • Doug Gray

        I do agree, from where I sit, that I think they are developing him incorrectly. With that said, I’m also not there to talk to him, to see what they are working on with him on a daily basis, either.

    • jim t

      Really think part of the reason he is still in bull pen is to help him find some consistency and have some success to build on. Right now I think Stephenson’s big problem is between his ears. I really like what Price is trying to do with him.

      • WEs

        Me 2! Em dudes are way smarter than me. Til I loose faith in dick I’m not gonna question who they deem best on each team

      • Hoosierbadger

        I agree. The approach makes sense to me. Hopefully, give him some success in low leverage spots and then work him back into the rotation.

  2. Simon Cowell

    Davis to join Reed in a safe coddling zone to restore their confidence or to learn the dimensions of the strike zone.

    I like Price. Message has been sent. Throw strikes or learn to enjoy Fast food on low pay minor league wages. In my book Price keeps this team winning despite riddled starting 5 he gets a new contract.

    • Doug Gray

      As 40-man guys, they get paid plenty, even in the minors. For example, Reed and Davis are making $81,000 or so a year (pro-rated) as a minor leaguer.

      But, we also need to be sure to understand that Bryan Price has input on the roster moves, but Dick Williams is the one making the moves.

      • Simon Cowell

        oh I agree. from the sounds of things though it doesn’t sound like even 81K would be enough for these folks. Anyhow… on Price… yup we all know who wears the pants in the organization. Williams orders the coffee and Price brings it to the table so to speak.
        But he is bringing that coffee piping hot and on time!
        Reds are winning give credit where credit is due. Especially considering how pathetic our starting pitching has been.

      • Doug Gray

        I’ll give credit to the players first. By far.

    • Simon Cowell

      I would never ever give Tony Cingrani a second chance at starting. Lorenzen… maybe but I love the role he is in now. A team can only have so many starters and lets face it who is going to be a bigger success at maintaining a lower WHIP along with eating up innings Tyler Mahle or Lorenzen? I’d vote Mahle and I’m thinking that Williams is looking at who would have more success where and Lorenzen’s greater success story is going to be right where he is at right now.

  3. Cbus

    Reds Offense: 3rd in Runs, 3rd in OPS
    Reds Defense: 3rd in Fielding%
    Reds Starters: 30th in ERA (Dead LAST in MLB)

    Keep the shuttle to AAA open until we get some consistent starting pitching back from the DL and this team has a chance at the wild card.

    • Simon Cowell

      It is the 2nd week of May you calling this a wild card team?

      • Cbus

        If they can get some decent starting pitching then yes. Offense is good, defense is good, bullpen is good…just need better starting.

  4. sultanofswaff

    Yeah, I need some sort of explanation from DW about why Stephenson or Lorenzen isn’t getting a crack at the rotation, especially vs. a bad team in a big ballpark. Davis struggled every time he took the ball, never pitched above AA, yet he was given multiple opportunities. Major head scratcher!

    • jim t

      Both Stephenson and Lorenzen would need to be stretched out before they could be put in the rotation. Otherwise its just a bull pen game.

    • Pat

      sultanofswaff…I might think that they realize the bullpen is in most games from innings 5-9 and have a different strategy. Middle relief almost becomes a second starter with 2-3 inning stints. Hitters are more selective with shrinking strike zone – pitch counts up – maybe a new way of seeing pitching not just with the Reds. But Reds are really in this boat with no mention of trades for a starter.

  5. Slice

    Doug… topic, but with the University of Houston kicking Seth Romero off the team, would you take him with the Supplemental pick with his draft stock dropping because of detrimental actions?

  6. Pat

    It’s simple for Rookie and Reed – pound the strike zone and get through 6 innings without the other team tearing the cover off the ball. If Romano didn’t get hurt he might’ve gotten another look. Don”t rush Mahle – good he’s not on 40 man now. Who’d have thought Arroyo was a solid starter in the spring? But this is still a rebuild – made hard to understand by such a torrid start from the plate by Cozart, Votto, etc…This may only be the beginning of a crazy year for the big club and the Bats.

    • Doug Gray

      Arroyo isn’t a solid starter. He’s gotten his brains beaten in this season.

      • Pat

        True…but by comparison…and no service time or innings limit stuff with him so…and as Disco (June/July) and Bailey(?) return he becomes expendable. Especially since there seems an unwillingness to trade for a 3-5 starter now …Trying to guess any of the club’s moves now is a more than difficult. Did you figure Arroyo to make the club? Davis to start with the club? Injuries to Disco, Bailey, Travieso, Romano…? Williams and Price are really being pressed to develop, get creative and now pressure of a team 18-15.

      • Simon Cowell

        That might be true but he’s performed better than Bailey Disco Davis and Reed in a starting role 2017

  7. Pat

    Have injuries to projected starters sped up (too much) the development of pitchers? That may be the overshadowing question.

    • Simon Cowell

      I don’t think so. Arroyo Adleman slowing the overuse part