Taylor Trammell entered the 2017 season as one of the top position prospects for the Cincinnati Reds. They assigned the 19-year-old to the Dayton Dragons in the Midwest League.

Things got out to a bit of a slow start. In 21 games during April. Taylor Trammell only went hitless in four of those games. At the same time, he only had more than one hit in one game. For the month he would hit .222/.312/.309. The batting average and power weren’t there yet, but he was drawing walks at a good clip. He had 11 walks in 93 plate appearances.

Taylor Trammell heating up in May

When the calendar flipped over to May it may have signaled something for Taylor Trammell, who has been on fire since then. In ten games the outfielder has already had four multi-hit games. He’s also improved his strikeout-to-walk ratio, walking six times with nine strikeouts thus far. His walk rate is up slightly and his strikeout rate is also down slightly.

Perhaps the biggest thing, though, has been that the power has really started showing up in May. Over the month of April, Taylor Trammell had four doubles and a home run. In ten games during May he’s already doubled twice, homered and had three triples. That’s helped him post a .316/.400/.605 line on the month so far.

While the above video doesn’t give us the best look at the power he’s shown of late, being able to watch him in person over the last seven weeks between spring training and Dayton, the ball carries off of his bat better than expected. This is very evident when he goes to the opposite field. At 19-years-old, he’s likely to gain some strength moving forward. As that strength comes, look for his power output to also take a jump forward.

7 Responses

  1. lollipopcurve

    Nice video. This kid is has a chance to be really, really good. IMO.

  2. RedsKoolAidDriner

    Doing this at just age 19, how long is reasonable before we see him as a top 100 MiL prospect?

    • Doug Gray

      If he puts up good numbers this year, I think it’ll be the end of this season. He’s very toolsy, so if he starts putting up the numbers, he’s going to be shooting up the prospect rankings.

  3. Hoyce

    Doug- u prob have covered this multiple times. But where would Luis Robert rate in the top 100 prospects right now?

    • Doug Gray

      I believe the guys at Baseball America were the ones who said a top 25 guy.

  4. Michael B. Green

    What kind of comp would you give Trammell? I wonder if Carl Crawford is a possibility. Football star who made the smart choice to play baseball. I really think he is going to be a special player and it sounds like his work ethic is already of quality caliber.

  5. The Duke

    I think Trammell will fill out a little more over the next couple years and that will only help the power. For 195 lbs already, he looks skinny, and he’s got the shoulders and frame to add good weight without sacrificing speed and agility. Once Garrett graduates off the prospect lists and not counting the draft pick yet, I’d put Trammell in the Reds top 3 prospects. #2 likely opens on the list over him unless Trammell goes nuts this summer, but the ceiling is extraordinarily high for him, and the floor is a little higher than we expected as well. He shows a lot of present day skills already and not just tools.