Alfredo Rodriguez continued a strong May last night, extending his hitting streak to 11 games for the Daytona Tortugas. The shortstop went 1-3 with a walk, stolen base and he scored a run. The steal was his 7th of the season. In 17 games during the month of May he’s hit .322 with a .377 on-base percentage thanks to four walks and just seven strikeouts.

The power isn’t showing up for Alfredo Rodriguez yet, and maybe it won’t ever show up. But he’s been making improvements in the other offensive areas of his game. In April he struck out 18% of the time with a 6.4% walk rate. In May those numbers are a 10% strikeout rate and a walk rate of 5.7%. He has also shown more power, though it’s still low output. He only had one double in April, but he’s now hit three in May in fewer plate appearances.

Another player that’s really improved in May has been Louisville Bats reliever Kevin Shackelford. His ERA was 2.70 in April over 10.0 innings. That’s good. But, it was very lucky. The right hander walked nine batters in those 10.0 innings, so giving up just three runs in that span took a lot of Houdini-like escapes.

Things have been about as opposite as possible in May for Kevin Shackelford. He’s yet to allow a run over 7.0 innings for the Bats. He’s only walked one batter and he’s struck out 12 of the 24 batters that he’s faced along the way.  The 28-year-old isn’t someone that’s a household name, but he’s a guy who may eventually get a look-see at some point. He can reach into the mid-90’s with his fastball and shows a quality breaking ball.

Shed Long just keeps on hitting

The baseball just keeps finding the green for Shed Long in Daytona. Last night he had another two hits, including a double. The second baseman is hitting .322/.377/.497 on the season with the Tortugas. That’s come along with nine doubles, a triple and five home runs. His .874 OPS is 183 points higher than the league average in the Florida State League. All he’s done since showing up in Dayton in July of 2015 is hit.

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  1. Simon Cowell

    It just might be time to see what Long can do at the next level. I will wait until I see his numbers at Pensacola before I get overly excited. Mahle is coming back to Earth. His numbers are more pedestrian than super human of late. Is he showing signs of fatigue or teams just figuring out how to get to him?

    • The Duke

      The FSL all star game is June 20th. I wouldn’t expect a promotion until after then.

  2. Michael B. Green

    I like Long a lot. I hope the glove continues to improve too.

    • The Duke

      I wouldn’t get hopeful or discouraged off of the “national reports”. They pretty much just say he’s going to either the biggest market or the cardinals since they don’t have a draft pick until 94. Nothing I’ve read seems to indicate any actual insider information. It was essentially the same thing with Chapman. The Reds were reported as one of the teams interested throughout, but was often mentioned as an afterthought. Until we signed him, all of a sudden it was reported that we were in the thick of it all along as frontrunners and then we came in with the highest offer. If we offer more money than the other teams, we’ll sign Robert. If we don’t, then he’ll go elsewhere. Everything I’ve heard is that this is purely a highest bidder scenario.

    • Wes

      I don’t give to much weight to that article. The 2 biggest markets should be considered favorites but when u get in details it doesn’t look that way at all. Reds have the history of making signings like this and Dick wants to make a splash. I think As will be major players though. This has Billy ball wrote all over it and they got 10s of millions of charity funds to spend. They will come in late w a strong offer

  3. Brad

    I say Redlegs trade Drew Storen to Rangers for 3B/RF Yanio Perez. Rangers need better bullpen, Perez is at Low-A and I wish Reds would have signed him. Perez is not in Baseball America’s top 10 rankings.

    I hope Reds Front Office is able to move Cozart and Storen before they come back to their typical output. Seems like a number of teams need a 7th/8th inning bullpen arm like Storen or a 4th/5th starter like Feldman. Not sure who will be a fit for Cozart.

    • MK

      Don’t you believe the Rangers and other teamsknow what their”typical output” is as well?

  4. R Lamanna

    Like Shackelford. He’s always been a blah to me but I got to see him throw a bullpen in Dayton. I was sitting where the catchers were at and was able to see the moment on his pitches,that and his power impressed the heck out of me.Turner who was catching him said he can throws a very heavy sinking ball.Catchers aren’t crazy abt catching him.