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Louisville won 5-2. Box Score

Pensacola won 5-0. Box Score

  • Josh VanMeter went 1-3 with a walk, steal, run and an RBI.
  • Gabby Guerrero went 0-2 with 2 walks, a run and an RBI.
  • Eric Jagielo went 1-3 with a walk and 2-run home runs.
  • Luis Castillo went 1-3 with a run at the plate. He threw 8.0 shutout innings on the mound with just 2 hits and a walk allowed. He struck out 13 batters.
  • Alex Powers threw a shutout inning with 3 strikeouts.

Daytona was postponed. Double header on Wednesday.

Dayton lost 3-1, won 4-2 in a double header.

Game 1: 3-1 loss. Box Score

  • TJ Friedl went 1-2 with a walk with a steal (12).
  • Michael Beltre went 1-2.
  • Jesse Adams threw 3.0 shutout innings with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts.
  • Carlos Machorro threw a perfect inning.

Game 2: 4-2 win. Box Score

  • Taylor Trammell went 2-3 with a steal (17), and a run.
  • Tyler Stephenson went 1-2 with a walk.
  • Bruce Yari went 3-3 with 2 doubles, a run and RBI.
  • Luis Gonzalez went 1-3 with a 2-run home run (3).
  • Matt Blandino allowed 2 runs in 4.0 innings with 2 strikeouts.
  • Aaron Fossas threw 2.0 perfect innings with 2 strikeouts.
  • Ryan Hendrix threw a perfect inning with a strikeout.

6/14 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (EST) Probable BoxScore Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 25-37 N/A 7:05pm Stephens Here Here Here
Pensacola 38-27 N/A 7:05pm TBA Here Here Here
Daytona 32-29 N/A 5:05pm Strahan/TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 39-25 N/A 7:00pm Bailey Here Here Here

Top 25 Prospects Daily Rundown

Rank Player Level Performance
1 Nick Senzel A+ 0-4, K.
2 Jesse Winker AAA 0-4, BB.
3 Robert Stephenson AAA DNP
4 Amir Garrett MLB DNP
5 Sal Romano AAA DNP
6 Taylor Trammell A 2-6, run, steal, 3K.
7 Aristides Aquino AA 0-4, 2K.
8 Vladimir Gutierrez A+ DNP
9 Luis Castillo AA 8IP, 2H, 0ER, 1BB, 13K.
10 Tony Santillan A DNP
11 Nick Travieso DL DNP
12 Chris Okey A+ 1-3, 2B.
13 Tyler Mahle AA DNP
14 Tyler Stephenson A 1-4, 2BB.
15 Phillip Ervin AAA 0-3, 2BB, steal, 2 runs.
16 Ian Kahaloa Susp DNP
17 Shed Long A+ 2-4, 2 2B, K.
18 Keury Mella AA DNP
19 Austin Brice MLB DNP
20 Jimmy Herget AA DNP
21 T.J. Friedl A 1-5, BB, 2K.
22 Alfredo Rodriguez A+ 0-2. Left game early.
23 Zack Weiss A+ 0.2IP, 3H, 1ER, 0BB, 2K.
24 Ariel Hernandez AA DNP
25 Michael Beltre A 1-2.
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36 Responses

  1. Steve

    Louisville playing much better now that the starting pitching has become more stabilized. Great game by Castillo! Both he and Mahle ready to make the move to Louisville soon. Shout out to Sweeney too. He’s been good at the top of the Louisville lineup since being acquired. Jagielo and Blandino definitely playing better of late. What to do in Pensacola? Long, Senzel and LaValley ready to move up, but with Jagielo, VanMeter, Blandino and Trahan, it’s a little crowded. Logjam with pitching and IF at Louisville and Pensacola. Wonder if any of the 2017 draftees will get a chance with a full season team? Fairchild is the most likely if anyone imo. Maybe Sceroler or Buffet too. They’ll all probably be with Billings and AZL Reds. Stephens can’t be a probable tomorrow for Louisville as he pitched today. 2nd rehab start for Bailey in Dayton tomorrow. Don’t let them down as they are pushing to clinch the first half. Will Finnegan follow in Dayton too?

    • The Duke

      It looks like it will be Cody Reed’s turn in the rotation for Louisville.

  2. Simon Cowell

    Looks like our#1 guy Nick has hit a cold streak. Hope it is a short one and that he rebounds on a year.

    • Kap

      Not worried about it. The other day he went 4-5 with 3 doubles. It will be short lived

    • MK

      He has had two games without a hit and the game before that had four. Four hits in three games hardly a major cold streak at this point.

  3. Kap

    Out of all the pitching prospects the reds have, I am the most impressed with Castillo. From scouting reports that I’ve read to the results he posts. Can’t wait for him to Crack the reds rotation

    • Simon Cowell

      For me he has been a dark horse. But now…. I think he might be our top pitching prospect

      • The Duke

        I’m not sold on the slider yet. It’s a pitch he’s going to need to be consistently effective at the MLB level. With his fastball and control, the upside is definitely there.

      • The Duke

        The BA Prospect Report today featured Castillo and specifically talked about his improving slider, so that’s excellent to hear.

    • MK

      Doesn’t it seem like each year the Cardinals bring a young Latin hard throwing pitcher to the Big Leagues with great success with much the same resume as Castillo. Maybe it is time for the Reds to take a page from their book. If I never see Arroyo pitch again I would be happy

  4. The Duke

    What a game from Castillo. 72% strikes, only 4 base runners allowed in 8 IP (one reached on an error), 5 ground outs to 4 fly outs and 14 K’s, which means 23 of the 24 outs were a fly out, a ground out, or a K. One out that could be considered a line drive. That’s not luck, that’s getting done exactly what they are trying to do up there. Weak contact and missed bats. It’s going to be an incredible competition in spring training if everyone stays healthy, because with the kind of good control that Castillo and Mahle are showing, the guys ahead of them are going to either put it together, or get passed by.

    Alex Blandino continues to mash. He’s up to a .819 OPS on the year now. .258/.379/.440, and in June (almost to half the month now) it’s .359/.405/.641. If Blandino resurrects his career that’s just yet another middle infield option.

    After a bit of a rough start, Hendrix is looking like he may be ready for the next level. I thought he’d start the season in Daytona, but maybe they had something they wanted him to work on with the pitching coach in Dayton. As a college guy who was pretty good in a decent sample size in Dayton last year after the draft, I thought he’d move a little quicker. He’s just dominating at this point though, 58 K vs 10 BB in 33.1 IP with a 0.87 WHIP and .165 BAA. I would think that move up will be soon.

  5. The Duke

    After the first two days of the draft here is an off the cuff Top 30 assuming all of the first 10 rd picks sign (which is a near certainty).

    1. Nick Senzel, 3B, High A
    2. Hunter Greene, RHP, Rookie
    3. Taylor Trammell, OF, Low A
    4. Shed Long, 2B, High A
    5. Sal Romano, RHP, AAA
    6. Tony Santillan, RHP, Low A
    7. Jesse Winker, OF, AAA
    8. Vladimir Gutierrez, RHP, High A
    9. Tyler Mahle, RHP, AA
    10. Luis Castillo, RHP, AA
    11. Tyler Stephenson, C, Low A
    12. TJ Friedl, CF, Low A
    13. Scott Moss, LHP, Low A
    14. Jeter Downs, SS, Rookie
    15. Aristides Aquino, RF, AA
    16. Jimmy Herget, RHP, AA
    17. Ariel Hernandez, RHP, AA
    18. Alfredo Rodriguez, SS, High A
    19. Gavin Lavalley, 1B/3B, High A
    20. Stuart Fairchild, CF, Rookie
    21. Rookie Davis, RHP, AAA
    22. Ryan Hendrix, RHP, Low A
    23. Jose Siri, CF, Low A
    24. Alex Blandino, INF, AA
    25. Michael Beltre, OF, Low A
    26. Jacob Heatherly, LHP, Rookie
    27. Tanner Rainey, RHP, High A
    28. Chris Okey, C, High A
    29. Wennington Romero, LHP, Low A
    30. Nick Travieso, RHP, AA/INJ

    • There are a significant number of players who could be argued in the last 5 as well that I’d have no qualms with: Mariel Bautista, Jackson Stephens, Phillip Ervin, Jose Garcia, Tyler Mondile, Debby Santana, Blake Trahan, Keury Mella, Calten Daal (if he ever gets healthy), Nick Hanson, Victor Cruz, Dauri Moretta, etc…

    • Vlad Gutierrez has as much ceiling as anyone in the system, but until the hits get brought down a little and he starts avoiding the blow up games more, he’s down a little bit.

    • Mahle and Castillo at 9 and 10 sounds like crazy talk, but I just can’t put them above the guys above them. Yes, I’m biased, but out system looks seriously stacked right now. I don’t know how we aren’t a top 3 system in baseball right now.

    • Greenfield Red

      Looks like a good list, but I don’t see Jose Garcia. Surprised by that.

      • The Duke

        I’ll wait until he does something in the US. Unless he just destroys the DSL, it’s wait and see.

      • Greenfield Red

        Good enough though it seems these lists are about potential, and it seems he has a lot of it.

    • Arnold Ziffle

      Pretty dadgum good list there. Personally, I could make a few alterations.
      1. Nick Senzel—3B
      2. Taylor Trammell—OF
      3. Hunter Greene—RHSP
      4. Sal Romano—RHSP
      5. Shedrick Long—2B
      6. Tyler Mahle—RHSP
      7. Jesse Winker—OF
      8. Luis Castillo—RHSP
      9. Tyler Stephenson—C
      10. Vladimir Gutierrez—RHSP
      11. Scott Moss—LHSP
      12. Tony Santillan—RHSP
      13. TJ Friedl—OF
      14. Ariel Hernandez—RHRP
      15. Gavin LaValley—1B

      Our top-13 are the same players, just a slightly different order. Nice work.
      Six one way, a half a dozen the other way. Tomato, tomatoe. No wrong answers. Not much is known on Garcia and the 2017 draftees other than Greene, so none of them included, just Greene.

    • Patrick

      I think we are more around the number 10th ranked system right now.
      I think we are over rating the talent in our system it is only natural as a fan to do this.

      • The Duke

        Senzel is a top 10 to top 20 guy. Greene has already been called a top 25 guy. Trammell is outperforming top 40 players Blake Rutherford and Mickey Moniak. Long is only 21 and is tearing up the FSL. The Yankees graduated Judge, and they likely graduate Torres this year. We were in the 8-12 range before this draft and before several of our players with tools who weren’t top 100 guys performed. Top 3 may be a stretch. Top 5 I don’t think so.

      • Patrick

        Remember we have lost Stephenson/Garrett and Winker star continues to fall. Greene is the only real addition. and so far to me no one has really improved their stock from last year except Long.

      • Doug Gray

        Tyler Stephenson, Vlad Gutierrez, Taylor Trammell, Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahle have all improved their stock from last year. I’d imagine that TJ Friedl has a little bit too. Then there’s also the addition of Jose Garcia.

    • DaveCT

      So much depth … and, unlike past years, when we also had lots and lots of supporting cast type players, we now also have top shelf guys to strike fear in opponents hearts. AlwYs better to start a Kershaw than a Rich Hill.

  6. Michael B. Green

    I’m wondering if Blandino has shown enough in May to warrant a bump up to AAA? That would allow CIN to promote Long to AA and avoid a PT share.

    Probably time for Van Meter to go to AAA so that Senzel can move up too.

    The tough call is how to measure Trahan and Rodriguez. Trahan is not ready for AAA but I’m not sure CIN wants to break up the combo of Long and Rodriguez.

  7. sultanofswaff

    I have a love/hate relationship with this site from time to time. I love the content and discussion, but I hate that all this knowledge leads to the unmistakable conclusion that the Reds front office is totally mismanaging the pitching roster……costing the team wins and (more importantly) failing to use the starting pitching opportunities to learn more about the young pitchers who might be a part of the next playoff team.

    It’s depressing! :)

    • Simon Cowell

      I see less of the finger pointing and blame of the Reds management and ownership here than I do any other privately run blog about the franchise. A guy named Steve M. Is the most negative writer I have ever seen not sure why he is even a fan

      • gary

        Amen to that. Read the boss at that site, avoid SM like the plague

  8. MichaelD

    Duke, your list is better than I could figure out. I am starting to think Winker is too high on the list though. Unless he finds some power, I don’t know how his singles only bat plays with his lack of speed and superior defense. I’m not sure the Reds have any use for him at this point, unless they move a better bat.

    Next up is the trade deadline conversation. The Reds need to figure out the best way forward for the future and I’m not sure if that’s 2018 or 2019? If they continue to be progressive in their thinking, maybe they move some talent now for multiple impact players? IDK

  9. William Kubas

    Former Stanford Cardinals, Alex Blandino strikes his 21st double and gains a base on balls. Blandino raises his on base percentage to .379.


  10. Arnold Ziffle

    Great news on Luis Castillo and his outing. That was the only good Reds news from yesterday.
    Reds got smoked in San Diego again and Day 2 of the draft was a complete yawner from the Reds perspective. With the exception of the Hunter Greene pick, the Reds 2017 draft so far has been an exercise in mediocrity. This draft certainly won’t rank up there with last year’s draft. Again Hunter Greene pick aside, this year’s draft might rival 2014 as a not good draft for the Reds. No future Reds starting position player will ever come from this 2017 draft, which is very sad. Greene and Heatherly and that is about all this draft will ever be known for. If you take Hunter Greene out of the equation, the Reds draft will be poorer than teams drafts that started their draft off down in the late #20’s. It may end up being worse than the Cardinals draft, who didn’t draft until the 4th round.

  11. kevin z

    I want and need what you smoking Arnold for sure lol
    we got upside players with advanced hit tools not sure why so down
    wont know for awhile if others picked better

    • Arnold Ziffle

      Other than Greene, is there any player the Reds selected that you can point your finger at and say, I am sure glad the Reds selected him? None that I see. The Reds had that chance at #32 and #38 but chose another direction.
      What they got at #38 they could have gotten a better OF / bat at #32. And what they got at #32, they could have gotten that same player at #38. Just my opinion, but they could have gotten a better player at #38 than Downs. They took a guy ranked most places in the 50’s at #32. They took a guy at #38 that was ranked in the 40’s. They had a chance to select players ranked in the 20’s still at both selections.
      At both selections, they aimed low, they shot low, they achieved low. The Reds got a few good players in this draft, but not as many as they should have at #2 in each round. Some guys will emerge later as good players from this draft, but it won’t be many. That is where my disappointment lies. They went bold with picking Greene, then seemed to be content with being average the rest of the way. They needed to expand on last year’s success but did so only with Greene. Other than Greene, the list of players selected so far is not what a team picking highly in a re-build mode needs to get. Again Greene aside, it is a pretty underwhelming group so far.

      • DanD

        Will see how well this draft turns out. The other day I was comparing Fairchild with Lamarre and Doug could not see it. Let’s see how Fairchild compares to Waters, Rooker and Lutz.

        Last year Trammell has been the best OF at this point drafted. I guess we have to see how Fairchild turns out.

      • simon cowell

        From what I have heard the Reds are the top performers in this years draft. Of course we won’t know until the signings but most places I read are giving them either an A or A+ grade on this years draft. Don’t know what you are reading/watching to assume they had a poor year. We went high risk/ high reward on many draft choices and I am ok with that.

  12. Norwood Nate

    I began thinking about this yesterday. The first 11 on your list are the exact same names, but I have a different order. I didn’t really go beyond that, but figured that Friedl, Aquino, LaValley, and Travieso would slot in shortly after that.

    My top 11:

    I do feel there is a bit of a the drop off after those guys. Pitchers 6-9 are all about even for me, and I can see reasons for lining them up in a different order. I keep Winker and Romano higher due to their success in AAA, but I tend to lean towards performance in the upper minors over projection in the lower levels.

  13. CT

    I saw Nick Christiani was placed on the DL yesterday after being on the temporary inactive list. I know he isn’t likely in the Reds plan for the big league club, but does anyone know what happened with him? Is he expected back?