Today will see rounds 11-40 of the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft take place. This will be updated with information and picks throughout the day as they happen. A new topic will be opened for every 10 rounds today. If you are looking for information on all of the Reds picks, including those before and after this portion of the draft, you can click here and get all of that.

Cincinnati Reds 31st Round Pick: 2B Dondrae Bremner

The Cincinnati Reds, usually quite active in Canada, finally went up north to select second baseman Dondrae Bremner out of Bill Crothers Secondary School.

Dondrae Bremner Scouting Report

A good athlete all around, Dondrae Bremner has some bat speed to work with and a nice swing. He’s listed at 6′ 2″ and 170 lbs. and there’s room for him to add plenty of good weight to that frame. The left handed hitter has some speed to work with right now as well.

Cincinnati Reds 32nd Round Pick: RHP Michael Bono

The Cincinnati Reds selected right hander Michael Bono out of Santa Clara University in the 32nd round.

Michael Bono Scouting Report

Previously drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals (35th round, 2014), Michael Bono took the chance to play college baseball instead of signing. He’s pitched in limited action at Santa Clara, throwing 3.0 innings as a freshman, just 16.0 innings as a sophomore and getting 34.0 innings this past year as a junior. Control has been a problem for his career as he’s walked more batters than he’s struck out. In 2017 he had 19 walks and 21 strikeouts in 34.0 innings.

All scouting reports I can find on him at this time are from his senior year of high school when he was topping out at 94 MPH with his fastball. He’s currently listed at 6′ 1″ and 177 lbs.

Here are his stats while at Santa Clara:

18.00 3.0 2 10 4 0
5.06 16.0 12 16 12 1
6.88 34.0 30 19 21 1

Cincinnati Reds 33rd Round Pick: SS Brady McConnell

The Cincinnati Reds went back to the high school ranks to select shortstop Brady McConnell out of Merritt Island High School in Florida.

Brady McConnell Scouting Report

This is going to be a tough sign as Brady McConnell was ranked the 39th prospect in the country by Baseball America. He’s got all of the tools you want to see for a future shortstop. He’s got speed, range and a plus arm. He’s also got bat speed that should help produce some power in the future. There’s a reason he’s available here, though, and it’s likely because he is going to require well into the 7-figures to sign.

Cincinnati Reds 34th Round Pick: OF R.J. Barnes

The Cincinnati Reds stay local by selecting R.J. Barnes out of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati.

R.J. Barnes Scouting Report

R.J. Barnes is a product of the Reds Urban Youth Academy and is signed to play college baseball with Morehouse College. He’s listed at 5′ 11″ and 185 lbs. He’s got above-average speed and there’s some bat speed there.

Cincinnati Reds 35th Round Pick: RHP Stephen Keller

The Cincinnati Reds went to Texas to draft right hander Stephen Keller out of Hargrave High School.

Here’s a video from his workout with the Astros last week.

Stephen Keller Scouting Report

Stephen Keller is one of the oldest players in the high school class this year, turning 20-years-old in November. He’s ranked as the 434th prospect in the draft by Baseball America.

Listed at 6′ 2″ and 210 lbs, he’s already got plenty of size to work with as a pitcher. He’s throwing in the low 90’s at this point and shows a curveball that flashes itself as an above-average offering already in the mid 70’s.

Cincinnati Reds 36th Round Pick: RHP Logan Chapman

The Cincinnati Reds selected righty Logan Chapman out of Easley High School in South Carolina.

Logan Chapman Scouting Report

This looks like another tough signing. Baseball America rated Logan Chapman as the 201st best prospect in the draft. He’s listed at 6′ 3″ and 180 lbs. His fastball will work 87-90 MPH and has been up to 93. His curveball is a little inconsistent, but is usually at least average and flashes itself as a potential plus offering.

Cincinnati Reds 37th Round Pick: RHP Robert Touron

The Cincinnati Reds dipped back into the high school crop to select right hander Robert Touron out of Gulliver Prep School in Miami, Florida.

Robert Touron Scouting Report

Robert Touron throws his fastball in the 88-91 MPH range and has topped out at 93. He also throws a change up and slider, but both pitches are still in the development stage at this point.

Cincinnati Reds 38th Round Pick: SS Tyler Littlefield

The Cincinnati Reds selected shortstop Tyler Littlefield in the 38th round out of St. John Bosco in Bellflower, California.

Tyler Littlefield Scouting Report

He’s been a switch hitter in high school, though he’s listed as a right handed hitter in the draft information. That could be a mistake, or it could just mean he’s seen as a right handed only hitter. He’s listed at 5′ 10″ and 170 lbs.

Cincinnati Reds 39th Round Pick: 3B Zack Gahagan

The Cincinnati Reds went to North Carolina to select third baseman Zack Gahagan.

Zack Gahagan Scouting Report

Previously drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks (40th round, 2014), Zack Gahagan chose to head to Chapel Hill to play for the Tar Heels.

His sophomore season was easily his best from a performance standpoint. There’s some swing-and-miss to his game, as evidenced by the stats. He’s got some bat speed and there could be a little more power in there than he showed while in college.

Here are his stats while at North Carolina:

2015 153 4 1 2 14 32 .216 .291 .294
2016 148 6 0 5 22 29 .297 .391 .439
2017 210 9 0 7 33 51 .243 .366 .386

Cincinnati Reds 40th Round Pick: OF Ian Jenkins

The Cincinnati Reds tapped some Georgia High School talent by taking Ian Jenkins out of Collins Hill High School with their final pick.

Ian Jenkins Scouting Report

Listed at 5′ 10″ and 202 lbs, the 19-year-old has big time tools at his disposal. He shows above-average power potential with a quick bat and plenty of current strength. His arm profiles very well in right field with above-average arm strength. He’s only an average runner at best.


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  1. kevin z

    I know there no chance for brady to sign how about Bremner? somehow lol

  2. Steve

    From the 26th round on, it seems that they are going through the motions and selecting players that they probably won’t sign with the exception of Fisher and Bono. A Selsky or Vincej may be available in these later rounds.

  3. James K

    Thanks for all your hard work in assembling all this information.

    • rick in boise

      Ditto – and for being the voice of reason!

    • Doug Gray

      Day three is usually the one that kills me. Today, it *seemed* to go a bit smoother. I was able to get at least *some* information on everyone, and that’s not usually the case. Some of my contacts had information on guys I couldn’t find anything on and were quick to get back to me. Only one guy did I struggle to find much on and I did get something on him about an hour later.

      • Rich


        I too want to send you note of appreciation!

        I look forward to your analysis of the draft once you have some time to regroup and digest it all.

      • Doug Gray

        I’ll have some thoughts on it all tomorrow. Likely in the afternoon, but it depends on when I get up in the morning.

  4. Steve

    Great job Doug! Hope to see some news on signings soon

  5. Chris

    Doug the video on Keller was very interesting to me.. from your experience does it look like A) astros guys we’re all that pumped about that showcase.?
    B) lmk what your thoughts were..

  6. Jim t

    As usual Doug, Great Job!!! Your coverage on all things Reds Minor leagues is second to none. We are very fortunate to have you as a source. My day couldn’t get underway with out a visit to your site.

  7. The Duke

    Thanks for all the coverage Doug, when can we expect to start hearing about signings?

  8. Arnold Ziffle

    Yeoman’s work on your coverage.
    If the Reds can save some money on some and sign that SS, Brady McConnell, it would rescue this draft from ordinary to very good. Other than Greene, there just isn’t anyone to get excited about. Sure, there are a few decent to good position players sprinkled in with this draft, but nothing of any significance. Just not what you would expect drafting in the #2 spot with each round. Aside from Greene, the Reds draft probably gets a C to C-. With Greene it is a B. The Reds really did themselves a disservice at the #32 and #38 spots. Time will tell though. Some of these guys can grow into their bodies and one might become the Shed Long of this draft. You just never know.