The Cincinnati Reds have promoted two relievers from Pensacola to Louisville. Right handed pitchers Jimmy Herget and Domingo Tapia both have joined the Louisville Bats.

Jimmy Herget, arguably the top relief prospect in the Reds system, was rather dominant for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. The 23-year-old closer for the Double-a squad in the first half posted a 2.73 ERA in 29.2 innings. He racked up 16 saves with 12 walks (two intentional) and he struck out 44 batters. Herget has only allowed one home run all year, and only five in his entire career since being drafted (115.2 innings).

The Reds have moved Jimmy Herget along very quickly since they took him in the 6th round of the 2015 draft. He made his professional debut on June 20th, 2015 and not even two years later he’s in Triple-A and on the brink of reaching the Major Leagues. That will happen when you post a 2.33 ERA in 115.2 innings with 45 walks and 153 strikeouts while showing back-end of the bullpen kind of stuff.

Joining Herget in Triple-A will be right hander Domingo Tapia. He made three appearances with the Bats earlier this season, filling in as a starter when they needed someone. He pitched well in those three starts, posting a 1.64 ERA in 11.0 innings. With the Blue Wahoos he had a 2.62 ERA in 34.1 innings (15 relief appearances, two starts). The 25-year-old walked 10 batters and had 40 strikeouts in Double-A to go with a 1.02 WHIP.

The corresponding roster moves to fill out the Double-A Pensacola bullpen have not yet been announced. There will likely be other moves made to backfill the spots needed to fill out the Daytona bullpen as well. The Blue Wahoos have a double header scheduled today, and the Tortugas have one for Monday. Both teams will need full bullpens for the games. If moves are announced today, I will update this post.

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  1. Andrew

    Hopefully we can get some bullpen arms to help out at the MLB level and transition Lorenzen back to the rotation. Love your website Doug. You do a great job!

    • Doug Gray

      Because he’s still having problems finding consistency with throwing strikes. He’s walked 20 batters in 33.0 innings in Double-A this season.

      • DocProc

        Ah, thank you. And ditto what Andrew said about your good work.

    • CP

      He is starting to get a little old for AA isn’t he? A challenge promotion to AAA may be good for him sometime this year. But I understand wanting to reward throwing strikes, and not just pure talent and ability.

      • Doug Gray

        I never really worry about the age of relievers.

  2. Hoyce

    All these moves and not one w regards to arroyo.
    Doug- is today arroyos last start? It’s hard to watch

    • Doug Gray

      I think so. If Homer Bailey gets through tomorrow, healthy, he’ll have to take over the Arroyo spot, right?

      • CP

        Writing seems to be on the wall, but crazier things have happened.

  3. Steve

    Louisville’s roster shows 27 players active, but Wooten hasn’t pitched in over a month, so I’m thinking he’s not. That still leaves 26.
    Looks like Pensacola will play with a couple of relievers short for the doubleheader. 7 inning games, so they’ll probably be ok. Rainey and Weiss are my picks to get promoted to Pensacola, Fossas and Hendrix to Daytona. Gutierrez should get activated back to Daytona soon, so they will have 6 starters again. Will they go back to a 6 man rotation like they did earlier in the season? Who will replace Fossas and Hendrix? Maybe Benenati and Quillen? Or maybe some newly signed college arms?

  4. Steve

    Doug, FYI the roster for Billings shows Naughton and Nutof listed, so maybe they’ve already been signed too.

    • Doug Gray

      Good eye.

      Also of note, though I feel I have mentioned it before at some point, Cory Thompson has been moved to the mound.

  5. Steve

    Doug, of the remaining unsigned draftees, who do you think will be signed and where will they be assigned?
    Here’s my guess. Greene-B, Downs-A, Fairchild-B, Sceroloer-B, Kolozsvary-B, Wofford-B, Scantlin-A, Young-A, Bellinger-A, Deleon-A
    Don’t think we have enough money to sign Mace and Lonsway and think Norman, Fisher and Bono go back to school for their senior year to try and improve their draft status next year. Bumpass and Barnes wild cards because of their connection with Cincinnati UYA. If signed both in Arizona.

  6. Jasonp

    So the trade deadline is July 31. We are currently 29-39. Currently the 4th worst record in baseball. The combined records of the teams we play from now until the trade deadline are 374-314 or 54% winning percentage.

    So chances are we aren’t going to be much better then we are now and could be worse as the Rockies, Brewers, Cubs are a combined 13-3 against us and the Nationals are a very good team.

    So if we are the 3rd to 6th worst team in baseball at the trade deadline do you look to trade some players you wouldn’t if we were a .500 team or better? I love the talent we now have in our minors but it might take a few years until we are competitive again.

    • Steve

      I say try to trade all the players that will not be part of the future of the Reds. Feldman, Storen and Wood. Cozart could be resigned, but finding a trade partner in a good deal would be preferred. Think we should give Scooter a contract as he can start if Herrera isn’t ready. Arroyo should be gone before his next scheduled start. Ogando and Bonilla should be DFAd and be replaced on the 40 man roster. Same for Buchanan. Bring up the young guns in the second half for much needed experience. We get another high draft pick next year with many of our younger players getting experience with the Reds(Reed, Romano, Stephenson, Winker, maybe even Castillo and Mahle(he would be added after the trades and DFAs) in September. I say we keep Duvall and Schebler, who could be trade candidates. JMO

      • Doug Gray

        No need to give Gennett a contract, he’s under control through 2019.

      • Steve

        Oh, didn’t know that about Scooter. Good to hear that.

    • Norwood Nate

      I’d listen on everybody not named Joey Votto. If someone wants to go crazy and make a Dave Stewart type of over pay, there’s no one else on the team I wouldn’t trade.

      The Reds have to trade Cozart. It’s very unfortunate timing as far as a market. I still think Washington really makes sense because they can move Turner to CF. But they need relief help more than anything else. Hopefully they’ll find a deal that’s worth taking. Otherwise he may walk and the Reds get nothing. I don’t see an extension being a possibility.

      I’d also push Duvall. Mainly because Schebler’s been slightly better offensively and is younger. Plus it opens LF up for Winker. Duvall will probably have some value, he’s an above average bat due to his power and a solid defender in LF. He’s also got 4 years of control left. That should bring back something of value. But it may have to wait until the offseason unless a need opens up.

      And then see if you can get anything back for the 1-year guys like Storen or Feldman. Broxton brought back Astin and Shackleford who’s having a good season in Louisville as their closer. So even small deals can yield some future potential value.

  7. Steve

    Wow, Castillo had a no hitter going into the last inning. Lost his no hitter and then the game on a walk off hit. Pitched very well and gave up his only walk to the second to the last batter. Tough loss.
    Last game for Pensacola? Both he and Mahle should join Reed, Romano and Stephenson to make up the Louisville starting rotation in the second half.

    • Hunt4redsoct

      why not Castillo takes Arroyo’s place, pitched on same day, already on the 40 man and 24. I know no AAA experience but at this point why not.

      • Steve

        Didn’t really think about that. Not sure the FO would do it, but I’m not against it. The Reds need a 5th starter and someone to make a start on Friday in place of Wojciechowski. Bailey will probably start on Saturday barring a setback in place of Arroyo I presume.

  8. Ka

    I don’t think the Reds will bring anyone up who isn’t currently on the 40 man roster.

    • The Duke

      Castillo is on the 40 man roster, but I think it’d be better to get him some AAA seasoning first. He has limited IP as a starter in his career, I would avoid skipping levels. Let him face more veteran lineups with guys who have MLB experience. Get that extra year of control so we have him through 2024 while we sort through the options above him in a lost season. If he were dominating AAA over a long stretch of time, it’d be one thing, but he doesn’t even have 100 IP above A ball yet.

  9. simon cowell

    Cozart, Hamilton, Mesoraco, and any of our starting pitchers should all be considered for trade. Gennet and Peraza will hold down second and short for the remainder of the season. Schebler will move over to center and Winker will man right field. Tucker and Stuart will be our backstop pairing.
    I love BHam but let’s face it…. he will never be a good hitter by any stretch. He is also small frame so expect injuries to come and linger.
    Mesoraco…. if we have an abundance of youth at any one position it is catcher. There is a reason why the Reds are not willing to let Turner go back to the twins and his name is DM. Healthy or not healthy Barnhart and Turner are going to do the bulk work load of catching for the Reds in 2017 and 2018. Mesoraco will never be a player who can log more than say 120 to 130 games. He is expendable. Homer Bailey will in fact replace Bronson Arroyo. Bronson will be offered a position with the club that equates to the remainder of his salary for the rest of this year. In the off season the Reds will try to negotiate a paid position with Arroyo that involves him spending time with our farm system as well as the rookies at the big league level.

  10. The Duke

    Do you think Herget not being on the 40 man keeps him in the minors all year this year? It’s not like the Reds bullpen is what has been letting them down so there really isn’t a reason to force him up there, but at what point does he force the issue if he keep dominating? A minor league career 11.9 K/9 rate is pretty dang good.

    • Doug Gray

      I think it depends on how he does in Triple-A. If he just keeps doing what he’s done, I think there’s a chance he could get a spot late in the year. At some point you’re going to add him sooner than “needed”. No way he’s down until 2019 when he’d have to first go on the 40-man.