Sal Romano started last night for the Louisville Bats and he had some struggles, allowing 5 runs and 5 walks in the 1st inning. That, however, isn’t the story of the day. It was the fact that he threw 51 pitches in the inning. More than a few organizations have a rule that after 30 or 35 pitches in an inning, they pull the pitcher – even mid-inning. Romano throwing 51 pitches in one inning would be questionable enough, but the fact that he just returned from the disabled list with a shoulder injury makes it all even more questionable. The Bats have been working with an understaffed bullpen all year long, but Sal Romano is a prized arm in the organization and coming off of an injury, you’ve simply got to protect his arm regardless of the situation.

Gavin LaValley went 2-3 in the Florida State League All-Star game last night. The game was not on as only one Florida State League franchise has the TV package, but here’s video of one of his home runs that I was able to find on twitter:

16-year-old Debby Santana just keeps on crushing souls in the Dominican Summer League for the DSL Reds. He made his first appearance in the first of the year after spending the previous 12 games as designated hitter. Getting the start at third base he went 3-5 with a run scored and 2 RBI. That puts his season line at .449/.500/.735 on the season through 13 games. He’s racked up 22 hits in that span and nine of them have gone for extra-base hits.

Getting back to the Louisville Bats game, we need to talk about Hernan Iribarren. He’s hitting .309/.359/.455 on the season with nearly as many walks as strikeouts (14 walks, 16 strikeouts) in 43 games played. He’s played everyone on the field so far for the Bats with the exception of catcher and right field. He’s even pitched in five games, including last night where he tossed 3.0 shutout innings and pitched up the first win of his career. Iribarren has now thrown 8.1 innings of relief this season for the Bats and allowed just one run. At 33-years-old, time might be running out. But it would be great to see him get a chance in the big leagues as a utility man.

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  1. Steve

    LaValley crushed that pitch! Thanks for the video Doug!

  2. Bill

    Irribarren seems to excel at the utility role–not an easy task. How does his defensive ability rate? With him, Sweeney, and Renda the Reds have 3 ready to play utility players at AAA. Throw in Winker and Herrera that are likely ready/nearly ready for full-time auditions. That’s the best position player depth I can recall the Reds having at AAA in several years.

    I would love to see Winker recalled for the Reds 3 games at Tampa Bay. Winker could play the OF and give Duvall, Schebler and Votto a day to DH. That said, I’m not sure whose roster spot he would take.

  3. weigarp

    I was at Wednesday’s game vs the Charlotte Knights. Hernan Iribarren crushed a deep homerun into the upper deck that night and had another hit. Other observations: Reed lacked control/command all 5 innings he pitched. He was constantly behind on the count and walked several. However, he battled and got out of several jams. Ervin struggled at the plate, but the highlight play of the game was his laser throw from deep in the leftfield corner to nail a runner at third base.

  4. Pat

    Doug: I’d agree – that sounds odd that Romano stayed in that long struggling – after the DL it sends flags up either about shoulder or simply mechanics from the layoff. I’m not sure what the club’s philosophy is on pitching since both the big club and the Bats just can’t get enough arms. Maybe that’s solved with Bailey and Finnegan on the return. Garrett’s getting seasoning the hard way but has good moments, Romano needs time to get back in the groove, Davis struggled and maybe there’s something else as he went on DL and then to AZ and haven’t heard a peep, Reed’s future is uncertain, etc…Meanwhile AA has had some incredible pitching. Second half of the year hopefully there’s more continuity. 2017’s almost too hard to describe.

  5. simon cowell

    Reds DFA Wojo. I’m a little bit surprised. He performed better than Stephenson and Arroyo.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Not surprised about Wojo if they DFA Arroyo as well after today. They can’t keep running him out there. Who wants to pay to see him get lit up.

  6. David

    Not only did Romano throw 51 pitches, but just 20 of them found the strike zone. In 6 previous starts at Louisville, Romano threw strikes 68.2% of the time (440 pitches/ 300 strikes). Last night that figure dropped to 39.2%. Maybe that was just a fluke start, but it was still criminal to keep him out there that long. I don’t think that speaks well for Delino Deshields.

    • Norwood Nate

      In my opinion, not many things I’ve ever read speak well about Delino’s managing traits.

  7. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Doug is this something that could cost a manager his job mid-season especially if there has been other red flags already?

    • Doug Gray

      I’m not in position to answer that question to be honest with you.