Bronson Arroyo sounds like he could be on the verge of retiring. That would open up a rotation spot, though with Homer Bailey pitching tonight for the Louisville Bats, he seems like the candidate to take over that spot in the rotation. In two rehab starts, one in Pensacola and one in Dayton, he’s thrown 11.0 shutout innings. Bailey has allowed 4 hits and a walk with 11 strikeouts. If things go well tonight in Louisville, expect him back in the big leagues the next time out. Brandon Finnegan also looks like he’s going to be back very soon. The Reds rotation could certainly use both of them if they are going to be healthy.

Luis Castillo’s dominant June

The month of June has been very good for Luis Castillo. Last night he took a no-hitter into the 7th inning, sort of. After the game an error from earlier was changed to a hit. Still, he put together another strong start despite being charged with the loss where he allowed just one run.

Over four starts he’s thrown 25.1 innings and posted a 1.42 ERA. Castillo has given up just 14 hits and allowed five walks in that span. He’s also struck out 36 of the 95 batters he has faced (that’s 38%). Along with teammate Tyler Mahle, don’t be surprised if he finds himself promoted to Triple-A for the second half. The Blue Wahoos locked up their fourth straight division title in the first half last week with the help of the two right handers and neither seems to be showing they’ve got anything left to prove at the level. For Mahle, he’ll be starting the All-Star game in Pensacola on Tuesday night.

Great American Dream

I’ve mentioned this before, but if you aren’t listening to the Great American Dream podcast by C. Trent Rosecrans, you’re doing it wrong. The podcast revolves around Shed Long and his journey to the Major Leagues. The latest episode is out (they are coming out every two weeks right now). You can listen to it through any of your podcasting apps by just searching for Great American Dream, or you can use this link to find it on iTunes.

Minor League All-Star Games on Tuesday

Both the Midwest League and Southern League All-Star games will take place Tuesday night. If you have, you can pick which one you’d like to watch as both will be available.

Ian Kahaloa’s suspension begins today

Ian Kahaloa‘s suspension begins today and he will serve 50 games before he’s eligible to return to the field. With no postponed games, the earliest he could return would be August 15th.

11 Responses

  1. davidmac84

    I was worried about Castillo’s K rate- but he has had a big year going above 9 K a game while keeping his BB rate under 1.5. Not sure if the staff has helped him with adjustments- but this a big step forward. Mahle and Castillo are now 3rd and 4th in the Southern League in FIP and both should get serious consideration for the rotation next year and in Castillo case since he is 24 this year.

    • The Duke

      JJ Cooper and the guys at Baseball America have said that his slider has taken a step forward this year. He already had a solid changeup, so if this is accurate, he could potentially be a front end guy. Sits in the mid 90’s with good control.

      • DaveCT

        If this keeps up, I’d have to recommend we ONLY trade with the Marlins.

  2. Steve

    Any word on our $5M, I mean $10M player in the DSL? He’s been there over a week now and hasn’t even played yet. Are the 16 year old Santana and 17 year old Finol too hot that he can’t break the starting lineup? With all that money invested, I was hoping that he would be the featured player there. Maybe visa issues and he’s not even there yet, just listed on the roster.

    • Doug Gray

      He hasn’t played in games for a while – they probably want to get him some live batting practice for a few days before tossing him out there in games. Alfredo Rodriguez signed on July 4th last year. Didn’t show up in a game until July 12th.

  3. Steve

    Don’t understand why Paulson is starting game 2 of the doubleheader today. If Gutierrez is active and starting game one, that means they have 6 starters with Armstrong, Bautista, Crawford, Reyes and Strahan.

    • Doug Gray

      Daytona has gone with 6 starters this season already. It’s not a surprise. Maybe someone is getting promoted after their next start, so to keep everyone else on schedule, they need to do this.

  4. Jpser05

    Rumor has it that Cozart placed on DL and Winker being recalled. Do you think Winker can get some starts w/ Schebler taking CF and Winker at one of the corners? I’d like to see that.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d be ok with Schebler getting one start a week in center field. Anything more than that and it’s too much. He’s simply not a center fielder.

  5. Scott Carter

    I agree that Schebler is not a centerfielder but he is capable in a pinch. But if that would help Winker get four starts a week without sitting Duval and Schebler every other day or more, I think that would be a good tradeoff. I just don’t want to see him be wasted on the bench. The fans have been waiting too long to see him play.