The Cincinnati Reds have made several roster moves today. The team has placed Bronson Arroyo and Zack Cozart on the disabled list. Taking their place on the 25-man roster is Jesse Winker and Ariel Hernandez.

Bronson Arroyo noted how bad his shoulder was feeling after his start yesterday. Zack Cozart reportedly strained his quad and his disabled list placement is retroactive to Sunday.

Jesse Winker joins the Reds and could possibly get more playing time than he had in his last call up (two pinch hit appearances). The team is in Tampa Bay for the next three games, giving them a chance to use him as a designated hitter. Winker has been on fire of late, going 9-16 (.563) with five doubles and four walks over his last four games for the Louisville Bats. For the season he is hitting .317/.399/.411 for Louisville with 15 doubles, two home runs, 32 walks and 33 strikeouts in 263 plate appearances.

Ariel Hernandez, like Winker, is making his second stint with the big league club this year. His first stint lasted just one game, but he humiliated the Brewers in 2.2 perfect innings with five strikeouts. He touched 101 MPH in that game and topped 100 six times in total.

With the Double-A Pensacola Blue Wahoos he has posted a 2.18 ERA in 33.0 innings. The 25-year-old has battled consistency with the strikezone at times, though. He’s walked 20 batters in that time, but has allowed just 18 hits (1 double, 1 triple) and he’s struck out 39 batters. When he’s at his best, he’s nearly unhittable. In June he’s walked just three batters in 8.0 innings, showing signs of better control of late.

How long either player remains up with the club is unknown. It seems doubtful that Jesse Winker will stay up and take over playing time from either of the corner outfielders as things sit right now. However, with the DH over the next three days and perhaps a start and pinch hitting duties in the following series he could stay up for the next week-and-a-half.

For Ariel Hernandez, I’d expect him to remain with the team until they need to make a roster move to get a starting pitcher into the rotation to take over for Bronson Arroyo. If he pitches well, he could stick around longer, though we will just have to wait and see how that one turns out.

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  1. Mike Marsh

    Hey that’s awesome can wait to see Jesse’s 3 ab’s he gets this week.Please Reds hire a real manager!!!

    • Mac624

      The Reds will hire a real manager when they get serious about winning or at least trying to win. You aren’t going to win many games with a rotation like we currently have. I expect Price will be at the helm through this season at least and maybe next depending on how the rotation comes together the back half of the season, then start really looking to bring in someone that can mode the youth into something much more special. Until then, we struck with horrific managing and terrible play.

    • greg

      Yeah, because if they had a “real” manager, Bronson Arroyo would be an all star!

      • Doug Gray

        And Bailey, DeSclafani and Finnegan would all have been healthy all season.

        I’m not the biggest fan of Price, but I don’t think he’s bad, either. He’s your typical manager. There’s some good, some bad with what he does. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to have the horses and he just doesn’t have them right now.

    • simon cowell

      The attacks on Bryan Price are laughable, ridiculous, and based upon uninformed poser fans. Bryan Price has a say in roster construction but he doesn’t make the decisions. Bryan Price does pencil in the daily starters, however, I am 100% convinced that his phone often rings before lineups are released with strong suggestions being sent his way. Bryan Price doesn’t pitch. He doesn’t play in the field. At the end of the year you will basically be able to attribute around 5 games being directly affected by Bryan Price managerial decisions. Some of those are also good decisions. Just like any human he also makes bad decisions. But one thing that is glaringly obvious to me is that Bryan Price was offered a major league managers contract but you were not. I am pretty sure the Reds GM and ownership made the right decision.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t think anyone that wants Price fired is a poser fan. They just think differently than you do. Hard to be a poser fan if you’re going to be passionate about firing the manager. Poser fans wouldn’t really care.

        And Dick Williams says that he doesn’t really tell Price what to do with the lineup.

    • simon cowell

      and yet even Doug apparently knows more about the team than even Price. Even when I do agree with you you are arrogant about it. Go figure. I guess that is your passion to be one that always gets in a last word on a subject. You do great research I give you that, however, you are not always right not are your opinions elevated to a higher weight than others. Sure people can bash the Reds and management if that is their passion RLN writers having been buiding subscribers off of that for years. But when Dick Williams comes out and announces something like the reason why they have been starting Stephenson in the bullpen and with variations we could not even begin to understand or know of in advance it just makes the passionate hate of the management look well….. stupid. If Sparky Anderson was alive in the age of social media and was managing this team there would be an equal number of “passionate” haters. It’s misinformed, and not based in either logic or reason. I guess that is why people say and do a lot of stupid things…. Passion.

      Its funny that when I am passionate you have to ridicule me and yet…. I’m almost always right and without disdain, condemnation, or bias for or against the management. I do not think Price is a great manager nor do I think Castellini is a good owner. I think that they are both mediocre but neither of them actually play ball so I don’t blame them so much for poor performance that goes squarely on the players.

      I don’t know about you Doug but I sure would love to see some passionate pitching. Maybe Homer and the Irish chick boy Finnegan brings it back to paradise.

      • Doug Gray

        Arrogant about it? Where are you getting that from? By pointing out that someone that were a poser fan wouldn’t actually care enough to constantly harp on firing the manager? That’s arrogant? Or was it by saying that Dick Williams has stated that he let’s Price handle the lineup and batting order?

  2. Steve

    Hope the Reds start Schebler, Duvall and Winker in the OF at least once in the time that he’s up with the Reds. They face RH Odorizzi today, so maybe BP puts out a lineup of BHam, Gennett, JV, Duvall, Schebler, Suarez, Winker(DH), Peraza, Barnhart

  3. The Duke

    I figure we can pencil in this lineup for the TB series:

    Hamilton, CF
    Gennett, 2B
    Votto, 1B
    Duvall, LF
    Suarez, 3B
    Schebler, RF
    Winker, DH
    Barnhart/Mesoraco, C
    Peraza, SS

  4. James K

    Putting Arroyo on the DL implies he might return to being a useful player, right? Retirement seemed an option.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d argue that he hasn’t been useful at all this season, but that the move may be one to see if he can get “healthy” again.

      • Hoyce

        Or give arroyo some sort of “ceremony” before retirement.
        Hey Doug- w JJ hardy injury- do u think that opens the market for a cozart trade? Not good timing w cozy going to dl. And Balt farm system is weak. I’d take sisco. Or poss mountcastle

      • Doug Gray

        Baltimore is a terrible match for a trade, and the timing for Cozart to hit the DL couldn’t possibly come at a worse time.

      • Shawn

        Probably insurance on Bailey and Finnigan. Use him for a spot start if needed

  5. Jim Delaney

    The Manager situation might be worked out at end of season, if Joe Girardi gets on the FREE AGENT market and doesn’t RE-UP with the YANKEES, I could see him coming to Cincinnati. Cincinnati is closer to Chicago than NY, they go to Chicago 3 times a year and there will be LESS PRESSURE TO WIN NOW then there is in NY. Of course the YANKEES maybe ready to go on another NICE RUN and he may want to stay put… I think Castellini would step up with the CASH for the right guy…

    • simon cowell

      Not sure I could ever watch a game with Giradi as a Reds manager.

    • Wes

      I liked giradi in Miami. Was upset he joined the evil empire. Might forgive him though if he ends up Reds skipper

  6. Cguy

    I know with most posters here it’s all about Jesse, but it’s Ariel I want to see a couple times before Bailey is activated. I know he has trouble throwing strikes at times, but his stuff is awesome.

    • davidmac84

      want to see both. Ariel with his K rate can carry a pretty high walk rate in a relief role. Just need to bring him into games w/o baserunners.
      Jesse- I may lose my mind if he doesnt get ABs this week. No reason a 4th OF cannot start 4 games a week. With a DH in Tampa he should start 5 games this week.

  7. Brad

    I am hoping the red Sox or Yankees can see Cozart as their 3B answer for the rest of this season and bid against each other for him.

  8. mike

    Call me poser or whatever but I haven’t liked Price from the get go,he took over a team that won 90 games and went 76-86 with basically same team subtract Choo insert Hamilton now I know Choo was really good but was he 14 wins better??? I will bet anyone once he gets let go here he will never manage in big leagues again.

  9. Adam

    So much for getting Winker consistent playing time…