The Cincinnati Reds have signed more draft picks today. The team has officially signed 1st round competitive balance pick Jeter Downs, 2nd round pick Stuart Fairchild, and 24th round pick Anderson DeLeon. C. Trent Rosecrans from the Cincinnati Enquirer was the first to report all three.

Jeter Downs signed for a little bit under slot value, while Stuart Fairchild signed at slot value. Both signings have been added to the 2017 Cincinnati Reds Draft Tracker.

None of the players have been assigned to teams yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if Stuart Fairchild wound up in Dayton for his first assignment, though Billings isn’t out of the question either. You can read the draft day scouting report on Stuart Fairchild here.

I’d expect Jeter Downs to begin his season with the Mustangs, though a quick tune up in Arizona isn’t out of the question. His bat is considered very advanced, and the Reds sent a similar prospect in Taylor Trammell to Billings to begin his career last season.  You can read the draft day scouting report on Jeter Downs here.

With Anderson DeLeon it will be interesting to see how they handle him. He was dominant in college during the 2017 season, but it was at a smaller school in Iowa Central Community College. Sending him to Billings could make sense if they believe he’s advanced enough, but coming out of a smaller college they could send him to Arizona to join the Arizona League Reds. You can read the scouting report from draft day on Anderson DeLeon here.

The signing deadline is July 7th at 5:00pm ET. The Reds have already signed 17 of their draft picks and based on past numbers, they will probably sign another seven or eight players before all is said and done.


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  1. Steve

    Keep the signings going! Sceroler publicly stated that he would sign and the 7th pick Kolozsvary still playing in the CWS. That leaves the Big One. Wonder how close to slot value he will get. So far, Wright at $7M is tops. McKay still in CWS and will command about the same. Reds might have to pay the penalty for going over, but hope not too much over or lose a draft pick next year. Don’t think that will happen.
    If Downs starts at Billings, will Case start there too? Or Downs plays SS at Billings and Case SS at AZL? Hoping Case moves over to 2B and they should be placed together to form the next future middle. Would love to see Fairchild in Dayton with Trammell, Siri and Beltrae, but Friedl started in Billings, so we will have to wait and see.

    • Doug Gray

      They will not, nor will anyone ever, go over to the point of giving up a draft pick.

      • The Duke

        For a hypothetical, lets say the Reds had the 8th pick in a draft where there is a Bryce Harper level talent. Would you be opposed to them saying, we’ll give him $15 million, and then also go and sign 4-5 more top 20 guys for $5-$7 million each. It’d be a lot of penalties, they’d be shut out of the first round the next two years, but they’d come out of the draft with 5-6 of the top 20 guys in the draft, including a super elite generational talent. Would that be worth it? Or say the Yankees, or Cubs, or some other team that money isn’t a factor. I think it’d be worth doing if you have a generational talent at the top.

      • mark l

        Hypothetically, If you drafted the best available every round no matter the signing demands, You might be able to end up with 15 to 20 top 200 guys. Let’s say you go all out and sign them all. You’d likely end up with 2 or 3 first round talents and a bunch of 2nd and 3rd round talents. You’d likely with penalties spend between $40 and $60 million. Would that be worth losing a first and second round pick for the following year? Plus, as Duke said, wouldn’t you be able to pre-negotiate with a few guys and maybe get some elite talent to fall to certain spots? You gotta figure someone will try this at some point. In fact, next year might be an ideal time for the Reds to do this since, IMO, we are going to the playoffs next year, and the following 1st round pick will be late in round. That would be the funnest Reds draft to follow, and Doug…. it would be good for your business.

      • Doug Gray

        In that hypothetical, yes. But I can’t see how seven other teams would pass on that kind of player, nor would the player have the guts to put out that kind of request for a bonus these days.

  2. Steve

    Doug, where’s Lucas Benenati? He didn’t perform well at the beginning of the season at Dayton and was sent to extended spring training. I thought he would be at Billings if anything. Similar situation as Correll?

    • Doug Gray

      Not sure where Benenati is, in terms of if he’s healthy or if he’s just still in Arizona. Given that he’s not in Billings, I’d imagine something popped up injury wise because you’d think he’d at least be there.

      Correll is hurt.

      • Doug Gray

        Benenati is healthy. We’ll be seeing him soon.

    • Wes

      That’s a ton. Guess they didn’t draft him bc he said gonna sign for less huh? If so what would McCay have got?

      • Steve

        He did sign for less, the slot value was 7.7 so they are saving right around a million dollars for the signing.

      • Doug Gray

        McKay is apparently asking for something like $7.2 or $7.3.

        I’d imagine Greene gets around slot value.

  3. icehole3

    Where will Greene go and what position will he play?

    • Doug Gray

      I’m still going with that it’s more likely he heads to Arizona to start his career and be eased back onto the mound. He’ll also DH some. Assuming he throws decent enough, he’ll see time in Billings this year.

  4. Simon Cowell

    I predict greene gets the mother lode and Doug revoices in an overpaid prospect thinking that it is retribution from past sins… In other words Reds will sign him at all costs

    • DaveCT

      You can’t really hold such a strong grudge against a player who earns what he’s worth, or what the market will bear, so much as the economics allowing it. Baseball is entertainment, and in America we pay our some of entertainers very well. Others, next to nothing. Whereas, in Shakespeare’s time, entertainers were pretty much on the lowest rung. So, yeah, I’m with paying this guy and enjoying every last second of team control, like Chapman. Then tip your hat and wish him the best.

    • Wes

      Greene will no doubt get the mother load. Maybe 7+. But there is absolutely no chance he doesn’t sign

      Reds love love love overpaying : )

      • mark l

        No matter what he signs for, he won’t be overpaid. His market value is likely 5 times what he will sign for.

    • Jonathan

      Simon – if company ABC called and wanted to hire you for the exact job your doing now with a catch. They wanted to pay you $500,000/year but you had to sign a 5 year contact. Would you do it? I know I would :) I really don’t think its fair to slam the player who takes the big payday when you and I would probably do the same thing. Its not like these owners are hurting for money.

  5. MichaelD

    Simon, are you trying to live up to your fake name? I hate calling out people, as it goes against the tone of this great site, but you act like a knowitall! I served my country for 33 years so people like you could voice their thoughts without fear, but dude, come on. Sorry, but I don’t get why you even come to this site. You act as if you know it all and then you put down Doug, who we all appreciate and respect, no matter if we agree with him or not. Please tell me you contribute financially to the website at least?

    • Champ Summers

      You ask why he visits this site. One would have to assume to get a response

      • mark l

        I’m still thinking that maybe Simon is actually Doug trying to get extra comments for the site.

      • Doug Gray

        mark l,
        I can promise you that it’s not me.

        Extra comments don’t do much for me/the site, only extra views.

    • Jim T

      Michael I am a retired GI myself. Like you I certainly think Simon has every right to voice his opinion but it does seem his motive is to insight or enflame with every post. Many aimed at Doug. Most unsubstantiated I might add. This site is my favorite because it really has not had many posting with the motive to disrupt or ruin each thread. I’m sure Doug will take action if he feels it is necessary.

    • wes

      Michael, That’s a little harsh and a little far and his finances shouldn’t be a concern of yours. Message boards are a good place to grow and learn how to interact with others and every person, including Doug, grows and matures in this aspect of modern life. Good example- if you actually wanted to reach Simon- you need to reply to his message vs starting a new chain. Odds are he would have got an email notification and then would have a place to defend himself. There’s no way to tell if he actually read your post the way you did it.

      My guess is he picked the name to match his personality and he’s on here enough to earn the right to say what he want’s even though lot’s of times in his the vast minority. His comments to Doug can easily be taken out of context to someone not Doug and I assume he takes it more lightly hearted than others due to the extent of their relationship here. Hope that helps : ) I am not trying to call you out either and I surely appreciate your service to our country.

    • Tony Cloninger

      He is Mike De La Hoz and votto14 all in one. He is all the negative energy in one poster. The yang to the ying.

      The Reds should lowball Greene of course and wait him out. That will show him and us.

  6. Shawn

    I don’t know if Dougs ever banned anyone but it would be nice if Simon went away.

    • Doug Gray

      There’s been a few people banned, but it only seems to happen once every few years. Simon, for as much as I disagree with him sometimes, tends to follow the rules – don’t insult people, don’t curse (there are some others, but they don’t apply in 99.9999999% of the cases).

  7. CP

    Still a little bummed it is looking like they won’t have enough money left over to sign Mace and/or Lonsway, but we will have to wait and see. Maybe Fairchild and/or Downs signed for less than I would think they demanded…

    One of those guys would have really put a great cherry on top of this draft….

    • mark l

      I’m with you. As soon as the Case deal went public, I was bummed that the chances of getting one of those two took a bit of a hit. Seems like the top get will all get done, so I think it’s a successful draft, but I wish we could have got one of those guys.

    • Doug Gray

      Draft Tracker has been updated with the bonuses for a few more guys. Reds went further into the penalty.

      • Marc

        Assuming Hunter is Full Slot,
        How do we get close to our allotment.
        (not concerned unless it is over 5% delta)?


  8. Kindell

    I am really excited to see Stuart Fairchild get started. He played in the same conference as 3 guys who were Top 10 picks. If you look at only this year, he matches up with all three of them. The only area he doesn’t match up in is walks. I have to imagine that SP really tried to avoid walking him though. Walking Fairchild puts a basestealing threat on base and brings up a 20 HR 80 RBI guy in Gavin Sheets, followed by another great hitter in Ben Breazeale.

    If Fairchild turned the corner like the numbers this year suggest, he could end up being a steal where we got him. I really like what the Reds did with their first few picks.

  9. Brent

    Zach Buchannan, reds beat writer, tweeted that downs and Fairchild signed for slot. That’s not what I was expecting

  10. Hal

    Simon says, “don’t respond to Simon and Simon will get bored and go away”.

    • DaveCT

      Thanks, I had a good chuckle. Perhaps even chortled some.

  11. Krozley

    Heatherly signs for $1,047,500 ($303,600 over slot) per Jim Callis. I actually thought he’d get more than that.

  12. DaveCT

    Seems like are signing their priorities, with Mace and/or Lonsway held in the wings, which is as it should be. I would say the best hope is saving some money on the senior signs and juco guys. We’ll see.

    • MK

      To me it seems a Juco would have the same hammer as a Junior so they might be tough signs for under slot as well.

  13. donny

    Downs, a high-school shortstop, will receive $2,084,400 to forgo his commitment to the University of Miami.

    Fairchild, a junior outfielder out of Wake Forest, will take the $1,802,800 slot money.

    Jacob Heatherly will land well over the $743,900 slot value of the 77th overall pick. The prep lefty will take home a $1,047,500 bonus, per Callis.

  14. CP

    Did anyone see bleacher report’s re-rankings of farm systems for after the draft?

    They have the Reds at 8th overall now…

    • Marc

      The only concern I have on this, is that none of our tier 1 guys are at AAA
      2019 or bust.
      GO REDS

      • CP

        True, but I would say that Castillo and Mahle will be there very soon. Plus there is Winker, Reed, Romano and Stephenson are all there and very well could be solid contributors or better if they develop.

    • mark l

      Thanks for the heads up. Interesting to look at, but honestly, I think that ranking is a joke. We are top 5 IMO. They are underselling some of our guys. We have the best depth of anyone and 2 top 15 guys in all of baseball.

      • CP

        Yeah it seems this ranking gave the most value to what they consider “elite” level prospects. Whoever had the most of those in their opinion had the highest rankings.

        Deeper looks into overall system depth either wasn’t explained, or simply not taken into consideration

  15. MichaelD

    Awesome response Doug! The Bleacher Report is often written by a bunch of wannabe hacks. My son wrote for them while in college and while he had fun, there was not a whole lot of research or data driven writing. Funny!

    The next few days will be fun to see playout as players move. Will be nice to see how Mahle does taking that next step, as well as the others. Fun stuff for a Reds fan, and hopefully the major league team will get a boost from Finnegan and Bailey. Feldman is looking like a nice pickup that they may be able to flip.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m sure there are some people writing at Bleacher Report doing fine work. With that said, the amount of work required to put together a quality list revolving around prospects is something that if it’s not your full time job to cover prospects, you don’t have enough time to actually do it properly.

  16. Arnold Ziffle

    Hunter Greene will be an over slot signing when it happens. Look for a $7.5M to a $7.75M deal to get it completed and signed. He will be the last of the top-10 draft picks to sign as his people will wait to see what McKay gets at #4. McKay will get above slot, and it will also be above the slot value of the #2 pick. That is why they will wait it out until McKay signs.