The 2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Futures Game rosters have been announced and the Cincinnati Reds will have two participants. Third baseman Nick Senzel and reliever Jimmy Herget will represent the Reds and Team USA in the game. The game will be played on July 9th in Miami and Marlins Park at 4pm.

Nick Senzel, the #2 overall pick in the 2016 Major League Baseball draft, is now playing with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. He’s only spent five games at the Double-A level after playing the first half of the season with the Advanced-A Daytona tortugas. Between the two stops this season he’s hitting .297/.364/.460 with 27 doubles, two triples and four home runs. Senzel has also stolen nine bases in 11 attempts to go along with 25 walks and 61 strikeouts in 291 plate appearances.

Jimmy Herget will also be on Team USA as one of the relievers. He began the year with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, but was promoted up to Triple-A two weeks ago. The right hander has already saved 18 games this season between the two levels. In 35.2 innings pitched he had posted a 2.78 ERA. Herget has walked 12 batters, though two were intentional, and he’s struck out 54 of the 145 he has faced (37%).

The two players represent the top prospect at their respective spot on the field. Nick Senzel is the top prospect in the entire organization, and easily the top position player prospect that the team has. Jimmy Herget isn’t the top pitching prospect, being a reliever makes that nearly impossible. He is, however, the top relief prospect that the team has. This will be the first Futures Game appearance by both players.

Here are some of the other recent players that have represented the Reds in the Futures Game:

2016: Amir Garrett

2015: Amir Garrett, Kyle Waldrop, Yorman Rodriguez

2014: Robert Stephenson, Jesse Winker

2013: Carlos Contreras, Billy Hamilton

2012: Kyle Lotzkar

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20 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Good choices. Both performing and both might not be minor leaguers by the next futures game.

  2. L.A. Red

    Doug, I watch the Nick Senzel video everytime its posted. I love watching him hit. For me its like watching Joey V. bat, I don’t want to miss a single one.

  3. CP

    This is a little off topic, but is there any word on a potential Greene signing yet?

    I know that McKay finally signed for a little over 7 mil, and the word was that was what they were waiting on.

    Has this turned into a waiting game? I would hate for Greene to miss out on getting to get some playing time in this season, even if it will be abbreviated at this point…

    • Doug Gray

      He’s not going to miss out on playing time. The signing deadline is July 7th.

    • Zach

      What ever happened to yorman? I know he couldn’t stay healthy but had some nice tools.

      • J-Man

        Could never translate those tools to in field production. Assume the Reds grew tired of waiting.

  4. donny

    Doug, i know you already do a ton of work and its much appreciated.
    I read a comment, i think was in your last article, about someone asking if Case Cash was still playing short or have they moved him to another position yet. This is the kinda of things that i like to know about players as well.
    They don’t ever seem to update a players position when they are playing in the minors. EXAMPLE ; say a ss who now plays ss,2b,cf.

    Is this the kind of thing that you get a lot of easy finding info on. Is this something that you can provide to your viewing baseball fans here at in a article somewhere down the road.

    • Doug Gray

      Baseball-Reference has how often guys play what position. In the game logs you can even see where they played on each day. Most of the players are linked every day in the game review (there is a tool that websites use to link players, though it will miss some players because of how their names show up in the database – but most everyone is linked).

  5. LB

    Doug, I have a thought that I wanted to get your opinion on…

    So Feldmann is a trade option who the Reds may not be able to give up strictly due to a total lack of rotation depth, and obviously Finnegan being out hamstrings that even more as well as creates a spot that is open at the moment…

    Henderson Alvarez (27) is coming back from shoulder surgery and should sign soon. In my opinion, he’s a great option for the Reds. Obviously it depends on a lot of other factors including Alvarez’s health and market, but I would think the Reds should offer him this:

    2 years, $15 M
    $2 M for the rest of this season
    $13 M mutual option for next year

    That way he can fill some innings, and if he’s good, they could keep him around or another year, or he could walk and they’d be on the hook for nothing…biggest problem in my opinion is putting $13M into a guy who has had shoulder problems, but a healthy Alvarez is worth more than that

      • LB

        Also meant to say that signing Alvarez could allow the Reds to trade Feldman

    • Doug Gray

      Generally speaking, I’m not counting on guys who have had shoulder surgery for much of anything until they are 2-3 years out and have shown they can get through a season or two.

      That said, I wouldn’t be hesitant to trade Feldman before the deadline if someone came calling. Not sure anyone will…. but if they do, I’m talking.

    • Norwood Nate

      They make an obvious trade partner. The fact that Dusty is their manager may help.

    • Billy

      Yep. Cozart and Iglesias for Robles. Who says no, and how much needs to be added to even the deal?

      • The Duke

        The Nats probably say no in the end. They absolutely love Robles. Kid is 20 years old with a .900+ OPS in high A and he’s going to stick in CF.