The Cincinnati Reds and Hunter Greene have come to an agreement and he is officially a part of the Reds organization. It came down to seemingly the last minute, but the two sides were able to come to an agreement. Jim Callis of had it first and it’s been confirmed by numerous other sources.

Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer had this signing bonus details first. Greene gets a record amount since the draft set pool limits, easily topping the $7,007,500 that was the previous record. He signed for $7,230,000.

With the signing, it gives the organization four Top 100 prospects according to Baseball America, who released their rankings earlier today. Hunter Greene came in at #30 overall, which would rank second among the organizations prospects behind third baseman Nick Senzel.

Hunter Greene is now in the fold, but the exact plan for him hasn’t been discussed yet. The 17-year-old right handed pitcher hasn’t thrown in a game since April. It would seem that the hope is to get him to Billings to pitch this season, but his first few appearances may very well come in the Arizona Rookie League in Goodyear where it will be a bit easier to manage his workload. That, of course, is a big assumption on my part and you know what they say about assumptions, right? In either case, though, Greene is expected to be the designated hitter on some of his non-pitching days.

It doesn’t appear that the Reds were able to sign anyone else today, though that matters far less than getting Hunter Greene signed. It would have been nice to make that happen, though.

Update: 6:30pm

Dick Williams was on local radio with sports talk host Lance McAlister a few minutes ago. Here’s one of the many things he had to say about Hunter Greene:

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  1. Norwood Nate


    I was following Zach Buchanan’s twitter. Saw it pop up. I’m so glad and relieved they got it done.

    Good job all around and congrats to Hunter on realizing a dream today. Here’s to a great, mutually beneficial future.

  2. Hanawi

    Never a doubt.

    Going to go change my shirt though as I seem to have sweated through this one.

  3. Kap

    I thought it was going to be a no deal. That was about as close as it gets. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table now

  4. Krozley

    Greene got the biggest deal he could get. Reds stay under their total spend ($3,100). Good for both sides. Shame about all the hatred spewed unnecessarily by several “fans” though.

    • DaveCT

      Agreed, on the last point especially. Not a very good intro to the fans. However, somewhere, Robert Stephenson just breathed a little more easily,

      • marc

        I doubt he is ready this site
        So, most fans are fine.

    • citizen54

      Ya disappointing to see, just because Greene didn’t sign within their deadline. You can’t fault someone for trying to get as much money as they can.

    • MAC624

      As one of those “fans” who is no impressed at all and I certainly have a right to have that opinion. All he is is rich. Let’s see if he performs now. I will certainly eat crow if he does, but I have seen nothing from this kid so far to make me think he’s got the mentality of a superstar. Let him prove me wrong if he ever decides to actually pitch in a real game.

      • marc

        You need to do a little more reading on him.
        He talks well, as seems to have a good focus.

      • DaveCT

        Opinions are one thing. Badmouthing this 17 year old kid’s character is another. Being called a Diva, attention seeking, and fighting The Cause, again, whatever that insinuates, all of which I find too personalized for my tastes. If this were my neighbor, I’d say he’s 17, leave the kid alone, let him play ball and by the way congratulations to Hunter (and his family) on achieving some remarkable success at a very young age.

      • I-71_Exile

        DaveCT, as the person who brought up the phrase “The Cause”, please allow me to clarify my statement so you’ll know what I meant. It was in regards to the narrative that has developed that Hunter Greene is to take on this mantle of the athlete who is to make baseball cool again for black kids and to “bring diversity” back to the sport per ESPN. That is a ridiculous burden as far as I’m concerned—especially for a 17-year old—and may even be misguided. Baseball is a very diverse sport in my opinion with a growing number of Asian players, a well-established Hispanic community, and no shortage of black players. To his credit, Hunter himself downplayed those expectations.

        I’m very happy he’s on board. I had also resigned myself to be happy if he had passed on the Reds’ offer and they received two top-ten (likely) choices in next year’s draft where they might not feel so compelled to take a HS pitcher which I think is exceedingly risky.

        What you call hate, I call reservations. I don’t begrudge him his money at all. Get the best deal you can get.

        Also, no one likes to be rejected which I suspect many fans were feeling. Cut them some slack.

      • MK

        If I had $3.5 million it would be OK if you considered me rich.

      • DaveCT

        I-71, I appreciate the thorough reply. I, too, do not begrudge this kid one penny he earns. My thinking is this — that too often sports fans forget what it’s like to be a 17 year old in general, let alone one on the cusp of enormous recognition and income. Having raised five kids, I know not one of them would have understood some of the things that have been directed at Hunter. I’m all for evaluating his talent, such as that his breaking stuff needs a lot of work. That’s how he’ll learn. But I don’t know anyone who’d appreciate being slammed as a Diva or for being selfish or whatever. So I speak up, in part because it also gets old pretty quickly and doesn’t help. Anyway, congrats to Hunter.

  5. I-71_Exile

    Good news all around. Here’s to a long and productive career as a Red!

  6. Cinvenfan

    My cardiologist just got a phone call.
    For all the drama endured here is hoping for the kid ti love up the hype.

    • KyWilson1

      Samesies. Glad hes on board though, and hopefully hes ready to cut it loose now.

  7. MK

    Now it is time to perform and stop posing for pictures.

  8. William Kubas

    Does Greene start at Billings?

    Doug, the temp is 91 with 56% humidity giving a humidex of of 103 at Daytona. One of my takeaways from Blandino’s tenure at Daytona and Pensacola. ENJOY

  9. Case

    Just want to send a thank you to Doug for always staying on top of it. Dude is in Daytona scouting for all of us rabid reds fans and having to deal with the hunter Greene signing. Outstanding job as always Doug! Thanks for all you do and all you have to put up with.

  10. DaveCT

    “Local Cincinnati businesses report significant one-day downturn of workplace production for Friday, July 7th, accompanied by dramatic uptick in bathroom visition throughout the afternoon hours. News at 11:00.”

  11. Alex Reds

    Hi Doug,

    Can you please add the actual agreed to amount of $7.23 million to the article?

    Glad we got Greene in the fold! Above slot deal signed with a minute to go, looks like the Reds are the ones who folded. I’m guessing the most the Reds would have offered is slot value. Even though it’s possible Hunter also wanted the Reds to go into penalty.

    • mark l

      Buchanan said in his article that if the Reds had gone into the penalty they would have paid 75% of the amount AND forfeited their profit sharing from other team’s overages (approx. $750,000). If that is true (that is the only place that I’ve seen this), and given how close the Reds got to a penalty, I would say the Reds had their limit and stuck to it. Don’t believe the Reds are the ones who folded. If they had gone into penalty, then I would agree with you. Honestly, given how close we came to going over and the talent that we got for the money we spent, Reds front office should be commended.

      I’m very excited about Greene

  12. Greg

    2019 here we come!!!! Hope he flys through the system and Reds are fully ready to contend.

    • ephram

      2019 seems a bit optimistic, considering the track record of high school pitchers drafted at the top of the draft.

      Looking at HS pitchers drafted in the top 5 picks since the year 2000…..

      2000 Mike Stodolka (#4) never made the majors
      2001 Gavin Floyd (#4) reached the majors in THREE years, became a regular in EIGHT years
      2002 Chris Gruler (#3) never made the majors
      2002 Clint Everts (#5) never made the majors
      2009 Matt Hobgood (#5) never made the majors
      2010 James Taillon (#2) reached the majors SIX years after being drafted
      2011 Dylan Bundy (#4) became a regular FIVE years after being drafted
      2013 Khol Stewart (#4) hasn’t reached the majors

      And nobody drafted after 2013 has reached the majors (Tyler Kolek, Brady Aiken, Riely Pint, Ian Anderson)

      So let’s not reserve Greene’s spot in the Reds’ dugout quite yet :)

  13. Andy

    Did Greene wait until last minute to make sure all Reds available money went to him? If he signed for a little less earlier, Reds may have been able to make offers to other picks. I think the Reds got to a point that they didn’t want any other signings to impact ability to sign Greene, and put those discussions on back burner until he signed.. Greene, knowing this, decided he wouldn’t sign until the last possible moment so that Reds would no longer have motivation to keep the extra dollars available for Mace or Lonsway or whoever. Looks to me like the Reds are the ones that blinked; that said, I don’t have a problem with the strategy: Hold out hope that he’ll sign for a couple hundred thousand less so that it can be offered to Mace or Lonsway, but ultimately decide that one of those guys + #3pick next year is not worth losing Greene and gaining the PR nightmare that would go with it. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Welcome to Redleg Nation, Hunter! Hope to see you on the mound soon! Here’s hoping the Reds let you hit!

    • Alex Reds

      Andy, that’s the most plausible scenario. Reds must have been at slot or at/immediately under the penalty limit. Greene most likely had to be suggesting getting all of penalty money. And yes they waited and held Reds to last second knowing they couldn’t sign Mace and then that money would be available to them. Reds called their bluff and held just under penalty.

  14. Chris r

    Just heard from DW on lance ‘s show he said he sent email to MLB with just 8 seconds left before deadline.. that’s what you call cutting it close boys. Good job but gotta wonder what the “small things” they were still working out before finally agreeing..

    • KyWilson1

      If he waited until 8 seconds, DW has great internet speeds, and is a great typist.

  15. Andy

    Noted last sentence in LA Times article “In addition to the signing bonus, the Reds agreed to pay for four years of college at UCLA after Greene’s pro career is over.”

    If that is in writing does it count toward monetary value of the deal, in terms of cap limits and penalties? Is this common, Doug?

    • Chris r

      Paying for college is very common in these contracts.. it’s just a matter of how many of the kids actually do it at some point.. Griffey jr did..

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      That’s good because otherwise how could you set money aside from this contract to afford it.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s standard for high school draft picks. It’s in every contract – though there’s a new way it plays out in the CBA. It’s only good if you take them up on it within 2 years of retiring. It used to literally last forever. As Chris said, Griffey, for example, can still go to school on the Mariners dime.

  16. MikeinSoCal

    Wow, signed within eight seconds of deadline. That’s cutting it a bit close. So, stretched out in Az. and then onto Billings. Safe travels Hunter. I think Hunter’s family live right down the road from me, about 5 minutes away. Its really hot out this way, 109 in Calif., so it’s probably 115 or so in Az. Stay cool.

  17. Fainsniners with greene,downs,Fairchild,plus handful of pitchers with potential. I say DW did heck of a job leading his first draft. Since the chapman debacle I say the reds hav done a great job with th things they’ve done trades,draft,international signings,etc..

    • Chris r

      Kudos to chris Buckley.. but agree with you on achievements.. these were all things DW said were part of his focus.. good deal all around.. I’m very stoked with what they’ve accomplished to date.

  18. Greg

    I doubt he plays at all this year unless he plays as a position player. I think that’s what Stephenson did. I wouldn’t be really shocked if he didn’t play until next season at Billings. Just really excited to have him in the fold. Now let’s hope they can get one more top 10 pick and get serious about competing.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s absolutely going to play this year. The reason guys didn’t used to play is that the signing date was in mid-August. Complex level ball ended two weeks, sometimes not even two weeks after the signing deadline.

  19. Chris r

    And then there’s this : finnegan had surgery today on right shoulder.. uggh

    • Steve

      Good news I guess is that it’s not his pitching shoulder. No chance of return in 2017. Hope he’s ready to challenge for a rotation spot next spring.

  20. Wes

    Another nice all around draft by reds. Dick Williams continues to impress me. Our under 26/27 talent is outstanding

  21. Chris r

    DW also said hunter is headed to az but mentioned billings couple of times saying he needed innings for next year.. will DH and maybe play short in fall league.

    • Wes

      I like the idea of him playing short in fall. No reason to close the door

  22. Alex Reds

    Dick Williams said on 700 WLW with Lance that the Reds and Greene’s reps started talking again at 455pm and the deal made it in time with just 8 seconds left.

  23. Kyblu50

    Can we sign any more of the others or is that the end of all the draftees? Do the seniors, not signed become free agents?

    • marc

      I think we can still sign College Seniors.
      But the cost would be too high, if we went above 125K

      • Doug Gray

        Yes, college seniors don’t have to sign by a deadline.

  24. Steve

    Mahle pulled after 1.1 IP. Worst start of his career?

  25. simon cowell

    I don’t post on here anymore due to the “majority vote” but here is a non offensive post:

    Lance McAlister
    3 hrs ·

    Dick Williams just told me MLB officials called back and said…..’just so you know, we got your email with the terms of the deal eight seconds ahead of the deadline.’ Dick joked they had to restart his heart.

    • simon cowell

      Lance McAlister :

      told me he had the email prepared with all the important information, if a deal was reached…and all he had to do was hit SEND. He said he was lucky he did it that way.

    • Doug Gray

      Well maybe Lance can put Dick in touch with the guy who did his pacemaker surgery.

  26. Steve

    Doug, why are the Padres allowed to have 2 teams in Arizona? If the Reds wanted to, could they field 2 teams? The reason I ask is that there are enough players in Billings and Arizona to field another team and more players can get regular PT to help with their development.

    • Doug Gray

      There are a few teams that also have two GCL teams. It’s something you can do. Some teams also have a complex level, and two other non-complex level short-season teams.

      • Chris r

        Doug, I don’t even know how to ask this but how’s that work?? I guess I’m confused just by the number of players that would be required by the teams.. so some teams have more players in their org than others? Lower levels diluted talent spread out among lower level teams? Are the bigger market clubs able to develop more players with these added teams?? It just seems a little off balance to me..

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t know the rules well enough to know if organizations are limited to the number of players they have in total, or if they are just limited by the number of players on each roster of the teams that they do have.

    • Krozley

      The Reds have two affiliated DSL teams and the Padres only have one, so they may not necessarily have more players.