The Cincinnati Reds only sent two players to the 2017 Major League Baseball Futures Game, but both players went to Miami and played a part in the victory for Team USA. Nick Senzel got the scoring started with a single in the 1st inning that brought in a run. He took a 96 MPH fastball and lined it into center field. That put Team USA up for good. They jumped out to a 7-0 lead after four innings before the World Team rallied back in the next three innings to make it 7-4.

At that point Team USA turned to reliever Jimmy Herget. He threw a perfect inning of relief, needing just 12 pitches to retire the side. Herget threw the only clean inning from the fifth inning on for Team USA. The right hander threw his fastball between 94-96 MPH and hit 97 with one pitch.

Nick Senzel would finish the day by going 1-4 with an RBI. In his second at-bat of the day he grounded out to shortstop on the first pitch that he saw. In his third at-bat of the game he eventually struck out on the 11th pitch of the at-bat. He fouled off six straight pitches in a 2-2 count before swinging and missing a slider. In the final at-bat of the game he would strike out on a full count slider.

C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer is in Miami covering the All-Star festivities, including the Futures Game. He spoke with both Nick Senzel and Jimmy Herget, and has some video of Senzel in the cage before the game. Go check it out.

John Manuel of Baseball America tweet this out, and I’m sure he’s the first person to ever say it, either.

It is a missed marketing opportunity with how it’s going head-to-head with other games, all involving Major League teams. Why not just have it on Sunday night instead of Sunday night baseball? That way each coast gets a chance to watch it. If you put it on before the HR derby on Monday, you have to start it at 5pm ET, which means no one on the west coast that has a job will get to watch it at all.

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  1. BJ

    They should get rid of the Sunday night prime time game and replace that with the Futures Game. That way no players are getting that late start to the break and it put this game in the spot light. Then you don’t have to rush trying to push the game before the derby, everything is in prime time. Win/Win for just about everyone.

    • Doug Gray

      Exactly. Do you remember what happened when Chico’s Bail Bonds Bears and the Houston Toros played before the Astros game and they tried to call it in the middle of the game? Do we really want to see THAT play out again? Of course not.

    • RickDinSTL

      BJ, please don’t try to apply common sense to any sporting activity or event. You will only scramble your brain. =)

  2. Greg

    I couldn’t agree more. Too bad you couldn’t do the game on Monday and just push back everything else. No games on Thursday. That way the AS players would still get 2 days off (Monday and Thursday). With as many teams rebuilding, there are probably more fans interested in the futures game to get a glimpse of their players down in the minors.

    Also never did understand why they played games during the draft.

  3. Jordan

    Boy, that single up the middle by Senzel looked eerily similar to the way Joey Votto hits those balls. So excited for this kid.