The Louisville Bats have gone periods of time this season where they only have one true starting pitcher in their rotation. Coming out of the All-Star break (the Triple-A All-Star game is on tonight) the rotation is going to likely be the most highly touted one in all of minor league baseball.

  1. Sal Romano
  2. Jackson Stephens
  3. Tyler Mahle
  4. Amir Garrett
  5. Robert Stephenson

One thing that you may notice right away is that Cody Reed is not listed here. According to the Bats he will piggyback with Sal Romano. For Romano, this likely is just a “stay on schedule” start that will be limited to a small number of pitches with the expectation that he will be called up to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds the next time they need a 5th starter (next week). At that point expect Cody Reed to then step into the vacated spot in the rotation for Romano with the Bats.

While some of these guys have had ups-and-downs this season, it’s about as talented from a pure arm standpoint as you’re going to see at the minor league level. Five of the six guys have pitched in the big leagues with only 22-year-old Tyler Mahle missing out on that experience (for now). Hopefully the days of Delino Deshields having to use five relievers every other day just to get through a game are over.

Jake Turnbull no longer catching

The Billings Mustangs season is only about three weeks in, and Jake Turnbull has only played in nine games thus far, but they’ve all come at first base or as the designated hitter. The 19-year-old Australian seems like his catching days are behind him. Corky Miller is here in Pensacola and I asked about Turnbull to see if he hadn’t caught yet because of injury, or if he had moved off of the position and he indicated that he’s been moved to first base. In limited time this year, just 32 plate appearances, Turnbull has hit .267/.313/.400 with the Mustangs.

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    • MK

      Early on Williams said Arizona then Billings. I am sure it will be a while as Greene hasn’t pitched competitively since April and might need a few weeks to get back into baseball throwing condition.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s in Arizona now. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll pitch in games there. The plan is to get him to Billings. Maybe that means pitching in a few AZL games first. We will see.

  1. Pat McLaughlin

    Rookie Davis stays at AA? I know he’s been rehabbing but that AAA set of pitchers has kinda left him behind. I’m a fan of his but competition has been keen.

    • Doug Gray

      It sounds like Davis is indeed staying in Pensacola for a little bit.

    • Hingle McCringleberry

      I think they realize now that everything they got back from the yanks were garbage. He’s not very good. I was a fan of his too. No ball movement at all. Can’t hit both sides of plate.

  2. Steve

    Definitely should help the Bats to a better record after the All-Star game. Romano pitches tomorrow for the Bats and gets called up for the 1st game of the series against the Diamondbacks on the 18th.
    Can Turnbull play 3rd or corner OF too? I’d like to see the organization have more flexible players starting from AZL and Billings. Multi position players will have a better chance to stick in the organization and should have more value. Hybrid starter/reliever types as well.
    Looks like Tapia will take the 5th starters role in Pensacola.
    We should see more injured pitchers coming off of the DL and starting their rehab assignments in the second half. Louisville pitching staff looks stacked and it will be difficult for anyone to crack that staff barring injuries. McKirahan, Bender, Varner and Webb on rehab assignments currently. Any word on any of the other injured pitchers? Disco and Moscot started throwing again.

  3. MK

    interesting to see two of the guys this evening who spent time on the Reds 40-man roster during the off-season and spring training Richie Shaffer and Christian Walker

    • Red Thunder

      Christian Walker is the player I wanted the Reds to keep because I thought he could be the next Adam Duvall, only better. (my view only) Hats off to the Reds scouting for looking into these players.

  4. Hingle McCringleberry

    Now that’s what organizations can do to help themselves. Get all of your best pitching at AAA. Anyone one of this guys should be able to step in when needed. Probably the best AAA rotation ind milb.