The Cincinnati Reds landed two prospects in the Top 50 Midseason prospects list that was released earlier today. Keith Law, the prospect guru at ESPN won’t be updating the list there again until January. Unfortunately the list is for ESPN Insiders only, so you will need that access to see everything. But, if you do have it, here’s the link for you.

Nick Senzel comes in as the highest of the two Red prospects on the list at #14 overall. Between his two stops this year at Daytona an dPensacola he’s hitting .308/.372/.468 with 28 doubles, two triples and six home runs. He’s also stolen 10 bases in 14 attempts.

Hunter Greene isn’t far behind in the rankings, coming in at #21 overall on the list. For now, Greene has not played in any games, but he is out in Arizona working out with the club at the facilities and should be in games relatively soon. It sounds like he will probably pitch for the AZL Reds for a short time before he heads out to Billings. Having not thrown in games since April, there’s a lot of catching up to do with regards to just being ready to go every 5th day.  Update:This is confirmed by Dick Williams in the AMA over at reddit.

Speaking of that AMA with Dick Williams, there were a few good tidbits in there on some of the minor league guys. I’d recommend checking out the entire thing, but here’s what Williams had to say about Nick Senzel and “when we will see him”, as the redditer (redditor?) asked:

I think Nick can play up here pretty soon but we have the luxury of taking our time with his development. He has already hit 4 levels in two years. I think there is a huge benefit to being in a stable environment so I would like to think he will be in Double A the rest of this year – where he can get in a groove and develop strong relationships with the other players there.

It’s not a surprising response. Eugenio Suarez has taken a big step forward this year and that gives the Reds a little bit of extra time to not rush a guy like Nick Senzel through just because they have a need at the big league level. It’s going to get interesting to see how it all plays out in 2018, but it seems that for now the plan is to let Senzel finish the season out in the Southern League with Pensacola.


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  1. Hanawi

    Seems like a reasonable strategy for Senzel considering the backlog of guys they still have to sort at AAA as well. And from the relationship aspect, probably want to keep him, Long, and Lavalley together.

  2. Kap

    Hey doug, if hunter Greene stays on that course the rest of the season, does he start at billings or Dayton next spring?

    • Doug Gray

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he started in extended spring, just to better control his innings, then join Dayton in say, May.

  3. Chris t

    Doug I was just looking at scores on milb and was curious if you could clear this up for me: they have both billings and azl reds listed as “rookie” level. There’s also class A short season teams. So it got me wondering about the level differences b/t azl and billings as far as skill(besides I was under impression billings was “short season a”.. and then the Benefit of “short season A” to teams that have this level and why don’t reds? Thanks Doug .. safe travels

    • Doug Gray

      I can’t tell you why the Reds don’t have a “short season A-ball” team. But the AZL is the lowest level in the US, along with the Gulf Coast League – both are considered “complex level”, which is just another way of saying it’s held at the spring training complex. The next step up would be the Pioneer League, where billings plays. Personally, I put it on the same field as the short-season A-ball, but if we want to get technical about it, it’s a level lower. But, I think the same caliber of players are there at both leagues.

  4. Greenfield Red

    When I look at the Reds farm system, I like the talent I see. However, my concern has been, and still is, they just don’t have enough to compete for a World Series.

    Several teams have better farm systems than the Reds. Most teams have deeper pockets than the Reds. What do the Yankees, Dodgers, and White Sox have? Both, and it’s not really that close.

  5. B-town Fan

    If you haven’t yet, go check out the link to the reddit Q&A of GM Dick Williams in Doug’s story above. I was amazed at the shear volume of questions he answered, it went on and on. I was very impressed with the answers he gave. I liked him before, even more now. He seems to have a real grasp of the data and human side of the equation of the game such as patience with the development of players and a real idea of strategically were the Reds need to go, to get back to being a playoff contending team. It there was a term to use, Id say its ” he gets it’.

  6. Zach

    Hey Doug, is it me or has Suarez stumbled like this both last year and this year. He starts hot, and just craps out. Atleast compared to how he starts. Like right now, I almost always expect a groundout, or pop up.

  7. DBOB

    Any idea when Greene might pitch in AZL? I am going to AZ next week for work and would like to see him pitch if possible.