After a week of speculation of when and where Hunter Greene would begin his career, we now know. The Cincinnati Reds 1st round pick, and #2 overall selection will join the Billings Mustangs on Saturday. Mike Scherting of the Billings Gazette reported it first.

I wouldn’t worry much about the “won’t be activated” part. As a pitcher there’s no point in activating him until he’s going to pitch – it’s just going to shorten your bench or bullpen until that point. The Mustangs will be home from Saturday night through Tuesday night.

They are off on Wednesday and then go on the road to Grand Junction and Orem. There is some very good news there: Both Grand Junction and Orem have the set up. As long as Hunter Greene pitches at some point in a 7-game stretch, we will be able to actually watch it. While he will likely be limited on his workload, it will be nice to see him out on the mound. I’d expect him to debut at some point in Billings between Sunday and Tuesday, but, I’ve been wrong before and this is just me speculating.

Nick Longhi hits the disabled list

The Cincinnati Reds traded international pool money, a whole bunch of it (they didn’t actually trade any money, but traded the rights to spending money), to the Red Sox two weeks ago. In return they received Nick Longhi. The 21-year-old has been with Pensacola and has gotten out to a nice start in seven games played. He’s hit .316/.409/.526 through 22 plate appearances.

On Thursday night he was playing in right field against Mississippi. In the 5th inning he leapt at the wall to try and catch a home run, but it was just out of his reach. After that inning he was replaced. Manager Pat Kelly said after the game that he was removed because he had soreness in his throwing arm, but that it was precautionary that he was removed. On Friday he was sent to the disabled list. It’s entirely possible that this was just to give him a few extra days to rest his arm while creating a roster spot for Jesus Reyes who was starting later in the day.

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12 Responses

  1. Wes

    He’ll be activated soon and they will put a bat in his hand : )

    Where is billings ?

  2. ephram

    The Reds sure took their good old time getting this kid signed, and certainly don’t seem to be in any hurry to get him to Billings.

    I sure hope they drafted him with the intent of using him :)

    • Jim t

      You do realize it takes to sids to make a deal? Oh and he is signed and in the grand scheme of things he missed very little.

  3. Herzog

    What happens if he goes out and rakes as a hitter? If he hits .400 with 5 homers and also has a 1.19 ERA the rest of the season, I wonder what the front office will be thinking during the offseason.

    • MK

      They will be thinking we have a great pitching prospect.
      With Corey Thompson they will have two pretty good shortstops pitching.

    • Doug Gray

      They’ll probably be thinking, oh crap. I think this is one of those situations where they want him to be a pitcher, but he still wants to do both, so they are letting him. It happens every few years with some guys.