With my trip to Florida to watch the Daytona Tortugas and Pensacola Blue Wahoos play at the start of the month, this version of the longest homers of the week is actually going to be for two weeks. While we don’t have data for every home run, I did get data for 30 of them hit between July 1st and July 14th.

Since we had two weeks of home runs, here’s the Top 20 longest home runs hit in that span:

Day Player Distance
7-Jul Gavin LaValley 425
7-Jul Malik Collymore 414
3-Jul Miles Gordon 409
1-Jul Tyler Stephenson 404
8-Jul Bruce Yari 402
9-Jul John Sansone 400
6-Jul Darnell Sweeney 399
7-Jul Nick Senzel 395
1-Jul Dilson Herrera 395
1-Jul Jose Siri 392
5-Jul Chad Wallach 387
10-Jul Nick Longhi 385
10-Jul Taylor Trammell 384
1-Jul John Sansone 384
10-Jul Hector Vargas 383
2-Jul Kevin Franklin 383
10-Jul Jose Siri 381
3-Jul Chad Wallach 381
1-Jul Aristides Aquino 374
9-Jul Jose Siri 372

There isn’t any video of the top three longest home runs, but the 404 shot that Tyler Stephenson hit off of the video board in Dayton is available.

Gavin LaValley’s 425 foot home run cracks the Top 10 list for the year, coming in tied for the 7th longest home run we’ve been able to track this season. But, while I was in Florida I was able to get confirmation on a home run he hit earlier in the year in Daytona. I’ve been hearing about it for about a month now and got confirmation that it went 452 feet. That’s easily the longest home run of the year that I’ve been able to get data on.

Here’s the updated Top 10 on the season.

Date  Player  Distance
UNK Gavin LaValley 452
4-Jun Aristides Aquino 437
22-May Brian O’Grady 435
17-May Bruce Yari 430
31-May Sebastian Elizalde 430
14-Jun Taylor Trammall 430
4-Jun Brandon Dixon 425
7-Jul Gavin LaValley 425
5-Jun Brandon Dixon 424
18-Apr Gavin LaValley 422

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  1. MK

    I looked good on the Stephenson video. Doug how about a prize for the first person to pick the correct person.

    • Doug Gray

      Well, I already won, so, I’ll keep the prize!

      I don’t really know what kind of prize to offer.