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Louisville won 6-5. Box Score

  • Darnell Sweeney went 2-3 with 2 walks, a solo home run (4) and 2 runs scored.
  • Phillip Ervin went 1-5 with a double and 2 RBI.
  • Sebastian Elizalde went 2-5 with a double.
  • Eric Jagielo went 1-3, was hit by a pitch and scored a run.
  • Chad Wallach went 2-4 with a run and an RBI.
  • Alex Blandino went 2-4 with a double, triple, run and 2 RBI.
  • Kevin Shackelford threw 2.0 shutout innings with a walk and 2 strikeouts.
  • Jimmy Herget threw 2.0 shutout innings with a strikeout.

Pensacola won 4-3. Box Score

  • Tyler Goeddel went 1-4 with a walk, steal and an RBI.
  • Blake Trahan went 1-3 with 2 walks and a run.
  • Nick Senzel went 2-5 with a double, run and an RBI.
  • Gabriel Guerrero went 3-4 with a double, steal and 2 RBI.
  • Jose Duarte went 1-3.
  • Josh VanMeter went 1-1 with a run (late game replacement).
  • Rookie Davis allowed 2 runs in 5.0 innings with 2 walks and 5 strikeouts.
  • Alex Powers allowed a run in 2.0 innings with 2 walks and a strikeout.
  • Geoff Broussard threw a shutout inning.
  • Zack Weiss threw a hitless inning with a walk and a strikeout.

Daytona lost 13-4. Box Score

Dayton lost 2-1. Box Score

  • Taylor Trammell went 1-4 with a run.
  • Bruce Yari went 1-4 with a double and an RBI.
  • Mitch Piatnik went 1-3.
  • Scott Moss threw 6.0 shutout innings with 4 walks and 4 strikeouts.
  • Jesse Stallings allowed 1 earned run 2.0 innings with a strikeout.

Billings lost 5-1. Box Score

AZL Reds lost 13-5. Box Score

  • Urwin Juaquin went 2-5 with a run and an RBI.
  • Alejandro Paulino went 2-5 with a double, triple, 2 runs and an RBI.
  • Raul Wallace went 2-4 with a steal.
  • Juan Martinez went 1-3 with a run and was hit by a pitch.
  • Victor Ruiz went 1-4 with a double, run and an RBI.
  • Stephen Keller threw a shutout inning with a strikeout.

7/17 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (EST) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 37-56 N/A 7:05pm Stephenson Here Here Here
Pensacola 40-30 12-12 7:35pm Lopez Here Here Here
Daytona 33-32 2-21 7:05pm TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 41-29 8-16 1:00pm Santillan Here Here Here
Billings 14-13 N/A 9:05pm Mondile Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 7-10 N/A OFF OFF Here N/A N/A

Top 25 Prospects Daily Rundown

Rank  Player  Level Performance
1 Nick Senzel AA 2-5, 2B, run, RBI, K.
2 Luis Castillo MLB DNP
3 Hunter Greene BIL DNP
4 Sal Romano AAA DNP
5 Jesse Winker MLB 1-3, 3BB, run.
6 Vladimir Gutierrez DL DNP
7 Tyler Mahle AAA DNP
8 Taylor Trammell A 1-4, run, K.
9 Tyler Stephenson A DNP
10 Tony Santillan A DNP
11 Shed Long AA 1-4.
12 Jeter Downs BIL 0-4, 2K.
13 Stuart Fairchild BIL DNP
14 Jose Siri A 1-4, K.
15 Aristides Aquino AA 0-2, K.
16 Jose Garcia DSL DNP
17 T.J. Friedl A+ 0-4.
18 Gavin LaValley AA 0-4.
19 Jimmy Herget AAA 2IP, 1H, 0ER, 0BB, 1K.
20 Zack Weiss AA 1IP, 0H, 0ER, BB, K.
21 Ariel Hernandez MLB 2IP, 1H, 1ER, 1BB, 3K.
22 Jackson Stephens AAA DNP
23 Phillip Ervin AAA 1-5, 2B, 2 RBI.
24 Alfredo Rodriguez A+ DNP
25 Alex Blandino AAA 2-4, 2B, 3B, run, 2 RBI, K.
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34 Responses

  1. Reds4ever

    Doug I was watching the Louisville game, I could of swore I seen garrett throwing up on the field. Any updates is he ok?

    • Doug Gray

      I didn’t see it, but I’ll go back and check if you can tell me roughly when it happened.

      With that said, he apparently went and saw Spiderman after the game according to his twitter account, so I’m guessing he’s alright.

      • Reds4ever

        It was the 6th inning. I could of swore. I seen him puke

      • Reds4ever

        Also has his velocity been up the announcers were saying 95-96

      • Doug Gray

        I can’t confirm the accuracy of the gun in Indy, but he was throwing harder on it than he had been in the big leagues. In Louisville their stadium gun is hooked up to the Trackman system, so it’s accurate and going to line up with the stuff you saw in the big leagues in terms of being easily comparable. On the Indy gun I saw 95 a few times, but I also didn’t watch every single pitch.

      • tseramid

        I don’t know how to verify the accuracy of the Victory Field radar gun, but I was at the game on Saturday and it had Tyler Mahle sitting at 92-93 and occasionally hitting 95. Incidentally, he had a no-hitter going through 5 innings, but the defense was killing him – committing two errors, which helped bring his pitch count to 100 after 6 innings. He was very sharp after giving up a couple walks in the first 2 innings.

    • Norwood Nate

      Yeah a nice bounce back game after a rough stretch. Happy to see that. Siri extended the hit streak as well.

  2. DaveCT

    Winker’s gamecyesterday offered, for me, a look to the near term future — a single, two bb’s and an opposite field line out. Of note, with Jesse and Votto hitting consecutively, that’s quite a bit of grinding and seeing pitches.

    • jim t

      Dave I also liked Jesses approach.
      Here is what I would do if I was the reds next year.

      1. Senzel 2b
      2. Winker LF
      3. Votto 1b
      4. Duvall 3b
      5. Scheibler RF
      6. Suarz ss
      7. Mez/Barnhardt
      8. Hamilton cf
      9. Pitcher

      • DaveCT

        I don’t think Duval has much ML ability at 3B, although after his really good LF defense I’d never say never with him given what a very good athlete he is. Also, factor in that Suarez has become a pretty nice defensive 3B, though his offense may or may not play at the position. Can’t see the team giving that up due to their pitching/defense philosophy. That said, I like the idea of regular ab’s for Duval, Schebler and Winker rotating between LF and RF, with a few CF games thrown in via Schebler for good measure. Quite a contrast between Jesse, on one end of the spectrum, Votto-lite, and Cro-Magnon Man Schebler wielding his club on the other.

      • Kap

        Duvall can’t play third. He was apparently brutal there when he was in the giants minors. Schebler might be able to handle center but I doubt he can over an extended period of time. One of those three(Duvall, Schebler, and Winker) will have to be traded at some point unfortunately.

      • Wes

        What about Duvall in right? Is his arm strong enough?

        IMO winker is better than scherber today as a hitter. Scherber has power but he’s not very clutch

      • MK

        Would hate to ask a rookie to break into the majors while learning a new position. In addition I am not willing to give up on a talent like Perazza after one season in the big leagues. Suarez was an average shortstop at best before he added muscle and girth to play third. Guess if I was that interested to move people to open a place for Jesse it would have have to be Schebler to center. Whatever defense you gain with Hamilton in center you lose with Suarez at short. I would move Suarez to second, play Senzel at third and Peraza at short and Winker in right. Your defense is not as good but the offense, especially OBP should be better which overcomes the defense. Hamilton becomes the super utility guy.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m not saying I’d give up on Peraza, but in no way, shape or form is he doing anything right now to show he’s ready to play every day as a big leaguer. He needs to be in Triple-A, a month ago, trying to figure it out.

      • Jim H.

        The pitching staff would suffer greatly with the infield defense significantly weakened. If Senzel is to move to 2B, and I like that, then he needs to work there sometime soon. To me that would mean spring training and 1st 2 months in AAA.

        Suarez is a an above average 3B. He is a below average SS. Offensively, it would play great. Defensively, not so much. Duvall is an above average LF…finalist for gold glove last year. His body of work at 3B in the minors was vast. Conclusion was he was best suited to DH. He was a revelation in LF.

        Until Winker can ISO .150 or better at AAA, you can’t expect him to bring a lot to the plate long-term at a corner OF spot. Peraza is the best option at SS currently in the system for next year.

        If you want to think way outside the box, how high can we sell on Duvall AND Schebler? Then put Winker in LF and Senzel in RF. But both need to prove ready for MLB pitching.

      • Doug Gray

        I think the overall package of Suarez at shortstop would easily be better than what the overall package of Peraza is right now. That can change in the future – but right now, Peraza isn’t hitting enough to make up those kind of deficiencies.

      • Cameron

        I like this line-up. Duvall played some 3B last year and didn’t look bad at all. It’s tough to move GG caliber defenders in Suarez and Duvall though. I also think Gennett deserves serious consideration at 2B and Peraza, being so young, should improve. I’d like to see the Reds really use their bench and platoon guys to put them in the best position to be successful. They don’t need 8 full time starters and 4-5 bench players. The way the 40 man is shaping up and with so many power arms in bullpens these days, I think they should utilize different line-ups based on the opponents SP. This would also help to keep everyone fresh for the long season.

      • Cameron

        My comment was a reply to “Jim T’s” line-up.

  3. jim t

    Really have to love Senzel’s game. Hits 300,OBP 375, hits a bunch of doubles, steals some bases, has a good K/walk rate and if needed could probably play 2nd base as well as 3rd. Hope he finishes the year strong, shows a bit more home run pop and starts next year at Louisville.

    • DaveCT

      Very exciting. Can easily seem him growing into a Ryan Zimmerman type of 3B. I don’t know if it’s me or not, but Nick seems to have a really young looking face, and I’m remembering Dustin Mosely when he first got to ML camp. The point being, sometimes I forget just how young these guys are, which can make Nick’s season rise in estimation.

  4. dbfromnva

    Doug, I notice that Mariel Bautista seems to only play LF. I know you saw him this spring. Does he have the tools/skills to play elsewhere in the outfield?

    • Doug Gray

      I didn’t get a good enough look at him in the field to answer this one. After the season I’ll be sure to get more details on him when I start making phone calls.

  5. William Kubas

    Former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino raises his on base percentage to .344 with a triple, a double and scores the tying run.


  6. Shamrock

    I am ready to give up on Peraza at this point.
    I hate to bet against a Reds player, but I’m fairly certain that his ceiling is Jose Oquendo…..and certainly not Larkin/Rollins/Jeter/Furcal.
    Does anyone feel like betting on Peraza’s future stardom??

    • Ryan

      As Doug said, he should of been in AAA a month ago. He needs to work on not swinging at pitches outside of the zone. That seems like it would cure a lot of his problems. He’s just such an aggressive hitter that he goes for anything close to the zone, limiting his chances to walk and also producing weak contact at a higher rate.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Perazza needs to be sent a message and go down to AAA to work on his strike zone discipline. Also stop his clock and hope that he gets stronger with age (he’s still fairly young). Right now I feel he’s being led to believe that what he’s doing now at the plate is good enough to stay in the majors.

    • Doug Gray

      No one ever thought he was in that latter group, so that’s a real weird place to go.

      His ceiling is certainly fine. But he’s got a long way to go to reach it because he simply swings way, way, way too much right now.

    • Krozley

      Don’t give up on Peraza just yet. He was a top 100 prospect in 2015 & 2016, he’s only 23 years old, and in a half season last year with the Reds he hit .324. Those are positive things to suggest a solid player may develop. But he stinks right now and won’t get better without a change of approach. I think I’d be happy if he became Oquendo who walked more than he struck out, played every position, and averaged a 2.7 WAR during his age 24-27 seasons.

  7. Shamrock

    Perhaps a career like Oquendo’s would be quite a reach then.
    Would a guy like Luis Quinones make for a better Peraza parallel??

  8. Matthew O'Neal

    I think it’d be silly to option Peraza at this point in the year. Make him a reserve player the rest of the year, make him earn his spot in ST next year. That way the option is on the table in the 18 season. No need to use it for a month and a half just for a September call up.

    • Doug Gray

      If optioning him this year actually means he can be a quality player next year, then optioning him isn’t silly at all. He hasn’t walked in nearly two months and it’s not like he’s been hitting, either. It’s beyond time.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        I completely agree that he hasn’t been good at the plate. I guess my point is what if 6 weeks isn’t enough time to hopefully correct whatever is wrong with his approach. Not optioning gives you the luxury of having the opportunity to do so next season for an entire season, if need be.