Taylor Trammell and  Jose Siri were both named among Minor League Baseball’s best power and speed prospects. Baseball America unveiled their list, featuring the Top 10 prospects in the minors in terms of their power and speed combo.

Both players are currently with the Dayton Dragons, giving the Cincinnati Reds Low-A affiliate two of the players on the list. Only the New York Yankees matched the two players that the Reds had on the list. Taylor Trammell cracks the list at #8. The 19-year-old outfielder currently has eight home runs and 28 steals for the Dragons. Teammate Jose Siri, a 22-year-old center fielder, has 18 home runs and 29 steals, comes in at #10 on the list.

At this point, Jose Siri is clearly ahead of Taylor Trammell when it comes to power. Speed wise, he’s probably a step faster, too. Siri, however, is also a bit older and Tramell projects well in the power department. The ball carries off of his bat quite well already. As he continues to work his way up look for his home run totals to increase. For Siri, there’s still projection left for him, too, even with him being on pace for 20+ homers this season. He’s the most explosive player in the system.

Speaking of Jose Siri, he’s the #3 player on this weeks Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet. Over the last week he’s hit .400/.444/.880 for the Dayton Dragons. He also added in two stolen bases. That’s extended his hitting streak to 32 games That’s tied for the second longest hitting streak in Midwest League history. He will need hits in four more games to break the league record.

The looming trade deadline

Things have been rather quiet on the trade front for the Cincinnati Reds. Perhaps it’s because most of their trade pieces that are obvious are either injured (Scott Feldman), sort of injured (Zack Cozart) or under-performing of late (Tony Cingrani). Then there’s Drew Storen, who has a 3.07 ERA in his 41.0 innings with the Reds this season to go along with 37 strikeouts. While he’s not exactly the fireballer that most teams in contention are seeking, he’s probably a good option for most bullpens around baseball. The question is whether or not anyone would be willing to give up something of value for him. With little speculation out there, I’m beginning to think it could be a very quiet deadline for the Reds, but am hoping that they are just keeping things a bit close to the vest at this point.

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  1. Greenfield Red

    I think there is potential for both of these guys to crack the top 100 by this time next year. Thoughts?

    • Doug Gray

      Sure is. I mean, if they both go to Daytona and take another step forward, you could argue that both crack the Top 50. But, that’s a big jump to make, too. The league itself plays very pitcher friendly, and of course, it’s just a matter of the pitching will be better, too. But yeah, the potential is certainly there.

    • kevin z

      thought Trammell just did might be wrong though?
      Not sure Siri will or not because of his age unless crushes next year
      he is not old just 22
      but 22 in A ball will give them pause to put him on the list

      • Stock

        Age isn’t everythng. Senzel did it this year and he started the year in Daytona. Also he did not show the power Siri has thus far. Add in that Siri is fine in CF and his K% is now reasonable and it seems the only thing he needs to do is walk a bit more.

  2. Paul Nyhart

    I’m really surprised the team is sitting on Iglesias near the deadline. This team is clearly 2-3 years from competition, if that. By that time, Iglesias will be a free agent. I’d think a return on him would have the potential to turn this farm system from top 5 or 10 to number 1.

    • Doug Gray

      I think #1 is out of the realm of possibilities with just one big trade. But, I think that the difference between trading Iglesias today and a year from today is negligible. I don’t think the return will be that much different. He’s under team control through 2021. That’s four more full seasons. I’d roll the dice on keeping him, unless someone just absolutely blows the doors off with a trade offer. While the Reds need a lot to go right to compete next year, I’m willing to wait and see what a *hopefully* healthy rotation that has Bailey, DeSclafani, Finnegan and two others from the group of Lorenzen, Romano, Garrett, Stephenson, Reed, Castillo, Mahle, Free Agent guy can do through July before testing those waters.

      • Steve

        Doug, what do you think would be a realistic return for Iglesias? 3, maybe 4 prospects?

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t know – but if it’s not an Andrew Miller like package of players coming back, I’m not even entering the conversation with another team.

      • Steve

        I was thinking about the Indians and Miller too and thought that they could pair Iglesias with Miller. The Reds get back Mejia plus 3 of McKenzie, Castro, Bieber or Freeman. What do you think? Not saying the Indians would part with that, but would it take something like that to move Iglesias?

    • kevin z

      I agree paul if get a huge package for him do it now
      there a risk of injury by next trade deadline also his performance could drop
      he was already injured could happen again even if he not starting

      • Alex Reds

        I totally agree with Kevin. If a super package of top 100 prospects is there, take it! It would definitely have to be an absurd package. A top 20 overall prospect or multiple top 75.
        An elite hitter or starter would provide much more value than a closer.
        Iglesias will also become fairly expensive in his arbitration years, but still a good value contract overall.

        How many times have the Reds said we will wait a year to trade him since the value wont go down next year. Then something happens, injury, lack of production, domestic assault etc.

      • kevin z

        How many times have the Reds said we will wait a year to trade him since the value wont go down next year. Then something happens, injury, lack of production, domestic assault etc

        that’s why have to take a package for iggy if got a huge offer
        if not for the past trades back luck I would want to keep iggy

  3. kevin z

    really like both players glad they made the list
    hoping Siri ends up like starling marte without the peds lol..
    where doesn’t walk much but still a good ball player
    Trammell just a ballplayer has a old soul love him as a player

    yea hoping reds playing possum lol hope make some sort of trade
    if getting low ball offers then just keep the player whoever it may be

  4. MikeinSoCal

    I would take just about anyone for Storen, maybe even give him away. I assume whomever takes him would pay his salary for the rest of this season. Reds would save a few dollars. Signing him didn’t make a lot of sense to me, rebuilding and all.

    I was very impressed with that split/knuckler pitch that Blake Wood struck out Brantley with. If he can duplicate that more often, we would have a keeper. Noticed he struck out 5 in 2 innings last night. Maybe he is on to something.

    Cingrani is also welcome to any and all that need a lefty with one pitch.

    • Alex Reds

      Agree, all free agent players just need to be traded for salary relief and hopefully the best offer you can get. Including Cozart and Feldman.
      It’s a bummer that Cozart and Feldman couldn’t stay healthy, might have been able to get something of value.

      Storen was likely signed to see if he would be a trade asset. He was one, up until a week or two ago when he and Cingrani both have been getting shelled and it raised their ERA’s. Storen’s is still respectable.

    • kevin z

      not worth it when wont get quality for him
      will have to pay all or most his salary to play elsewhere

      • kevin z

        just don’t think anyone would take that contract
        votto a great player
        the length of his contract along with age hurt his value

  5. Hunt4redsoct

    Here’s a weird question. Would you trade Reed or Garrett for Straily. He is controlled through 2020

    • Doug Gray

      Probably not. Though I can understand why someone would.

      • Gaffer

        Reed, yes. Stephenson yes. Garrett may put it together.

    • Tampa Red

      Straight up? I would, in a second. At this point, I would trade any one of Reed, Stephenson or Garrett for Straily. Also at this point, I would not trade Castillo, Romano or Mahle for Straily. It seems that those three are separating themselves from the pack, although it is a little early to say that’s definitive, IMO.

      Unless overwhelmed with an offer that can’t be refused, I would like to see the Reds start to think less about unloading established big leaguers for prospects, and focus in a little more on building a team for 2018 and beyond. Straily fits that mold. I’m a Reds fan. I’m ready to start winning some big league games. They’re very hard to watch right now.

      • Reds4ever

        I’d trade stephenson and or reeds, I wouldn’t trade garrett. He has too much potential I think his problem was his him. We seen what he could do when healthy.

      • Alex Reds

        2018 is still too early. I’d say 2019/2020 at the earliest.
        Need to wait until the wave of the farm starts making a larger impact, then start to leverage payroll flexibility to add free agents. Then leverage the farm to improve the club.

        But, the Reds aren’t there yet and there’s no point to try to accelerate unless .500 is the goal. The best thing to do is to continue to tank and get the high draft picks, which is why the Reds farm is starting to get strong.

        The farm’s first wave wasn’t strong and ready enough and the load of pitchers hasn’t provided enough between injuries and poor performances.
        However, they are young and in another year or two some of these guys we can’t stand watching get crushed will put it together.

        IMO The Chapman dump trade was a huge loss to the rebuild, that was a very valuable asset that should have and did result in a top 20 overall prospect (For the Yankees). Add another top 20 overall, let alone top 50, prospect to the Reds system and then the Reds are easily in the top systems and still have the farm depth they already have.

        Cozart’s failed trade that the REDS nixed last year for the Mariners would have netted Luiz Gohara, now a top 100 prospect and absolutely dominating AA at a very young age.

        Just look at what the White Sox have done, they traded their premier players to start a rebuild early before the players reached their final year, and they have netted so much elite talent into their farm, that their farm is already much better than the Reds in just a couple of years. Pretty impressive.

  6. Kap

    Siri has been great this year but I remain skeptical. One year of sustained success at single A Dayton and the plate discipline remain a question. Do it again next year and I’ll reconsider

    As for the trade front, I can see a trade to Storen to an under the radar contending team, like the rays, rockies, or diamondbacks. If we can get a prospect around the 10-15 rank in a farm system, I would consider that a success

  7. kevin z

    on the siri topic I agree being skeptical just enjoying while last
    hoping not another Aquino

  8. Bill

    While sellers at this trade deadline, should the Reds look to make an opportunistic acquisition this deadline? The Rays have moved SS Tim Beckham to 2B. He’s never really lived up to his 1/1 draft pick, but he would be an upgrade to Peraza and has 3 years of control left. He may be available as the Rays have Willy Adames near major league ready at AAA and just acquired a SS from Miami. Also, a move like this would allow Peraza to spend next year at AAA to better develop his plate approach.

    • Alex Reds

      The Reds really don’t need any new players with three years of control left, unless it is a waiver wire pickup where you aren’t giving anything up.
      You would get maybe 1 year of that player in your competitive window. I’d doubt you’d want Beckham over Gennett anyways.
      Also, the Reds have quite a deep haul of 2B/SS prospects.
      Peraza is still really young and is likely to get quite a bit better in a couple of years. His bat profile would play better at SS.
      I’m all for sending Peraza to AAA, losing years of control, and losing his prime years, for him to flounder doesn’t make a lot of sense. He may need to start to generate momentum and confidence to get more success at the MLB level.