The Cincinnati Reds have signed outfielder Adam Brett Walker to a minor league deal. The 25-year-old outfielder began 2017 on the Atlanta Braves 40-man roster, but was outrighted to the minors at the end of January. They would outright release him in May after spending time with their Double-A team. The Orioles would sign him in early June and assign him to their Triple-A squad before releasing him two weeks ago.

Adam Brett Walker has only played in 54 total games this season between Double-A and Triple-. At no level has he racked up more than 67 at-bats, but the totality has been for 202 total at-bats and it hasn’t gone well. He’s hit .183/.219/.416 in that span. The power is, and always has been legit. He’s hit 136 career home runs in the minor leagues, including 25+ in every year between 2013-2016 (and he’s hit 12 this season despite not playing much).

It’s been the rest of his offensive game that’s seen him struggle. In 2014 he struck out 156 times in 505 at-bats. In 2015 he struck out 195 times in 502 at-bats. Last season he struck out 202 times in 478 at-bats. There’s a ton of swing-and-miss in his game and a ton of power that comes along with it. It’s made it tough, though, for him to hit for average or get on base much.

He’s currently assigned to Louisville, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is where he will play once he joins a team. It could mean that, but once signed he has to be assigned to a team for procedural purposes. Both Pensacola and Louisville could use some power off of their bench and Adam Brett Walker can certainly provide that.

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6 Responses

  1. MK

    With Ventura, Van Slyke and now Walker it seems they are on the look out for minor league outfielders.

    • Hoosierbadger

      Van Slyke could be a useful platoon player against lefties. As to these other guys, I guess I don’t see the point. Perhaps the Reds see something others don’t or they want to help Pensacola in the playoffs.

    • DaveCT

      Both Ventura and Walker fit the bill of being very athletic. The 2016 and 17 drafts highlighted these types of kids so it seems consistent. It’d also be nice if they can hit a breaking ball.

  2. kevin z

    yea sure does fit the 16 an 17 drafts
    laying off the breaking ball or hitting it is key part though
    seems like getting more players able to do that though
    from the drafts at least

  3. Chris

    I’m not sure about this signing, I think the trade with Atlanta for the young OF was very positive. Van Slyke is worthless to the future, as I’m sure today’s signing will be. Moves to bolster potential production at minor league levels at best.

    The organization seems to have no plan or at least an ability to execute that plan. Much of it is stupidity with contracts to 3 players, 1 of which is a Hall of Famer and fqm favorite having a potential career year, but the other two are marginal players at best. Our payroll is largely tied up in those 3, and it would be wise since we are nowhere near contention and acknowledging that age does begin to matter to try like hell to trade and acquire even more prospects. I would contend that unless our market changes we should never sign anyone to a long term financially giving deal on a player into age past 33…..especially a pitcher.

    The injuries and the trend of injuries to pitches is depressing. Some of our supposed top pitching prospects have been just that – perennial prospects only and/or get injured or regress or both. Why the hell for long term plan on rebuilding team with a whole plethora of young pitching options would we start Asher??? Ever!!! Sure he pitched well, irrelevant, our team sucks and he has zero chance of being part of any successful team in future due to talent and age. Same with Adelman. The ignorance of the Arroyo decision isn’t even worth discussing.

  4. Chris r

    I don’t think you remember Asher was jays first round draft pick.. some guys just possibly take longer or click with different coaches / org etc.. the guy has some stuff to work with after all.. why not if he can throw strikes ?? Stretch him out..