The Cincinnati Reds have made several roster moves today. The team optioned outfielder Phillip Ervin back to Triple-A Louisville. They recalled him earlier in the week but never put him into the game. They called up from Triple-A right handed pitcher Lisalverto Bonilla.

There were also two moves made that involve the disabled list. Robert Stephenson was placed on the disabled list, retroactive to Thursday with a shoulder contusion that resulted from his diving catch attempt in his last start. The team activated Zack Cozart from the disabled list.

The Reds called up Phillip Ervin on August 1st and he remained with the team for five days. As noted above, he never appeared in a game in that span. He’s being replaced on the roster by Lisalverto Bonilla, who has been back-and-forth between Cincinnati and Louisville much of the season.

The right handed Bonilla last pitched for the Reds on July 18th before heading back to Louisville. In the five games for the Louisville Bats since then he threw 14.2 innings out of the bullpen with one start mixed in. Over that span he allowed just two earned runs (1.23 ERA) with three walks and seven strikeouts.

Tim Adleman will make the start in place of Robert Stephenson. It sounds like this is just a one time thing, as Stephenson is expected to return the first day available and return to the rotation according to Jeff Walner.

Cristian Olivo making strides?

The Cincinnati Reds paid out their biggest signing bonus in 2015 on the international scene to outfielder Cristian Olivo. He spent most of 2016 playing with a shoulder injury and the results were very poor because of it. In 2017, the overall numbers are better, but he’s still struggling. He’s hitting .246/.296/.345 as an 18-year-old in the Dominican Summer League.

With that said, he’s been hitting well over the last two weeks and showing some improvements. In the 12 games played since July 22nd he’s hitting .283/.353/.391 with five doubles, four walks and just seven strikeouts in 53 plate appearances. Over the first 25 games played this season he had just three walks and 31 strikeouts in 102 plate appearances. Perhaps it’s just a blip on the radar, but the hitting numbers have gotten much better while the walk and strikeout rates have also drastically improved.

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20 Responses

  1. MK

    Other than making some nice money for a week, this was a wasted week for Phillip. There were certainly several opportunities when he could have played. Time for Dusty Price to go.

  2. Norwood Nate

    When Price put in Kivlehan to play CF for Hamilton, with Ervin sitting on the bench I just shook my head. More of the same, Price learned from Dusty, let the young guys rot on the bench. I’ll be happy to see a different managing approach for the Reds, hopefully whoever replaces Price will bring that.

    • Greenfield Red

      We’ve seen this many times in the Dusty/Price era.

      I tend to not blame Price for all the losing in the last three years, I agree Nate. This is the thing that drives me nuts. In a losing year, why bring him up to not play him?

      I don’t get it.

    • Bill

      While I too would have loved to see Ervin play, Price is likely simply trying to get a backup player (Kivlehan) that doesn’t get many reps into a live game. Ervin has played nearly everyday at AAA and as his return to Louisville indicates, the Reds would prefer to develop him at AAA for now.

      Although he has good positional flexibility and power, Kivlehan is basically a replacement level player and is two and one-half years older than Ervin. But when you compare performance at AAA and AA, Kivlehan has outperformed Ervin based on OPS by more than 50 points. So also from a performance-based perspective, I can see why the Reds would play Kivlehan over Ervin.

  3. James

    What are the reds doing? Having try outs to see who stays next year ??? Where is Ariel Hernandez! In Louisville wasting time! He needs to be in the big leagues developing with big league catchers! no way Shackelford deserves a spot up in the bigs over Hernandez! & the Starting rotation why not rotate some of the triple A guys in let them get another opportunity Robert Stephenson is not ready for the big leagues & next year he has to stay up??? dumb to just keep all the AAA guys down and let them rot away in Louisville to give other guys multiple chances to continue to fail! The reds need to fire the entire coaching staff MLB AAA AA & trade away some non preforming prospects for guys that can actually play and start winning again! Get rid of all the dead weight!!!!

    • Doug Gray

      Stephenson does not have to stay up next year.

      Also, James, why would you think that the Reds could “trade away non performing guys for guys that can actually play”? Are other teams just ridiculously stupid, or just trying to help the Reds?

    • MK

      Why would anybody trade for somebody who doesn’t perform for someone who does?

      • marc

        A change of scenery?
        May trade a non-performer for a non-performer.

  4. Brad

    Olive and Siri were two of the most exciting prospects from this years spring training. I do not out a lot of stock into DSL numbers. Happy he is healthy and playing everyday. If baseball does not work out, he could play football. Built like Mike Trout.

  5. Hoyce

    Home run Bailey strikes again. Does anyone think he is going to be a part of a winning rotation? I’d say no way
    A lot of people defend him- but I think he is terrible. Reds need to find a way of dumping him.

    • marc

      He is up and down.
      1 good start, 1 sucky start.
      Give him the rest of the year to work it how.
      He is owed a ton on money, and no one is going to take it off our hands.

      • Hoyce

        That’s how he has been his entire career (when he actually plays). One good game, 3 poor. Can’t have that and be a good club. And no other team would just take him and his contract, for sure. But if the Reds get creative- they could get rid of him.
        Maybe it’s just an elaborate scheme to get Joey to wave his no-trade clause. He has to be just shaking his head and wondering why he did this to himself.

      • The Rage

        lol Hoyce. Homer doesn’t locate nearly as well as he did pre-injury. Saying this is “what he always did” is pure fan blather.

        I don’t know what the problem is with him. His velo and pop on his breaking pitches is still there. He just can’t locate anymore.

        The Reds can’t do much with him so they are stuck he puts it back together or his contract runs out.

  6. Greenfield Red

    Question: Why would the Reds run Joey Votto through waivers if there is no intent whatsoever to trade him?

    I would think Cozart, Feldman, and Storen would be put through, but I haven’t seen that they have.

    • Wes

      I read something where nearly every team runs nearly every player through waivers. I wasn’t aware of that til I read that article. Guess they are gauging value?

      A lot of disgruntled reds fans out there right now and rightfully so. homer is carrying a 9 era- terrible. Where is the pitching development?

    • Colt Holt

      If you only drop the guys onto waivers that you intend to love, the whole world knows you want to move them. Right or wrong, there is a belief it is easier to slip a guy through waivers if you drop your entire roster.

      Bryce Harper cleared waivers (incredibly), so it is clearly not evidence of a desire to move the player. Unless there are limits to open claims or an extravagant process to claim, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t drop the claim on Harper anyways. I don’t recall a player with actual value clearing like that before.

      • marc

        Why waste your time claiming him?
        You are not going to get him.
        Also, you might get into a pissing contest with Washington.

  7. MK

    Ventura looked pretty good today in his first Dragons’ game. Program says he is 5’9″ but looks more like 5’7″. His first hit was a single that he hustled into a double.

  8. HavaKlu

    Don’t know if anyone reads Hal McCoy in the DDN but he says that the Reds have to put Siri on the 40 man next year or risk losing him and that they don’t plan on offering Cozart a new contract. Of course last week, he also said that Gennett will be a free agent—-NOT.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m pretty sure he’s right about Siri, assuming when he says “next year” he means by Thanksgiving of this year.