Jose Siri gained a ton of attention for his 39-game hitting streak. Yesterday he gained more recognition for what he’s done the entire season. Baseball America began releasing their “Top Tools” series for each of the different leagues in the minors, but the print edition reportedly had all of the leagues listed.

The Midwest League, where Jose Siri and the Dayton Dragons play, handed out many “top tools” categories. Jose Siri was named at the top of the list in two categories. The first one was fastest base runner. After last night he now has 34 steals on the season, which leads the league. Siri was also named the best defensive outfielder in the league. Manager Luis Bolivar was also named Best Manager Prospect in the league. He’s in his first year managing after spending several years as hitting coach in the organization.

Kevin Shackelford named Top Reliever

The International League list is now available on the website. The Louisville Bats only had one player crack the list. Kevin Shackelford was named the Best Reliever in the league. He’s posted a 1.53 ERA in 47.0 innings with 18 walks and 61 strikeouts on the year for Louisville.

The mangers in each league vote on these awards in July. Each manager is given a set of categories and has to fill out the player they believe has the best tool in that. They are then submitted back to Baseball America and the votes are tabulated. Over the next few days we will get more lists that become available online and I’ll be sure to write up any other Reds players or managers that happen to make the lists.

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4 Responses

  1. Brad

    Congrats to Siri, Shackelford and Bolivar.

    I was surprised Jesse Winker was not up for International League Strike Zone Discipline/Awareness and they gave it to a power hitter.

  2. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    What are the chances Shackledord can stick in the majors in a top-end bullpen?

  3. Mister Redpants

    Unrelated but: What are we looking for in next years draft? Presumably going to pick top 5, what are your thoughts?

  4. MK

    Got my copy today
    Florida State League -Senzel- Best Batting Prospect; Long – Best Defensive 2B; Senzel- Best Defensive 3B;Rodriguez- Best Defensive Shortstop
    Southern League- Mahle- Best Control; Herget- Best Reliever; Aquino- Best Outfield Arm; South Atlantic League- Ventura- Fastest Baserunner