The Cincinnati Reds have claimed right handed pitcher Luke Farrell off of waivers from the Los Angeles Dodgers. To create room for him on the 40-man roster they designated outfielder Scott Van Slyke for assignment. The Reds have optioned Farrell to Triple-A Louisville.

The 26-year-old Farrell has pitched in one game in the Major Leagues. It came on July 1st this year for the Kansas City Royals. He threw 2.2 innings and struggled, allowing five earned runs with 10 base runners allowed. At the end of July he was purchased from the Royals by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Luke Farrell split time in Triple-A between the two organizations, though he only made one appearance with the Dodgers affiliate in Oklahoma City. In 18 games, including 17 starts this season in Triple-A he posted a 4.06 ERA over 102.0 innings. That came with 35 walks and 99 strikeouts to go with 13 home runs allowed.

In past seasons he’s gotten more ground balls than he has this season, but he’s never been considered a ground ball pitcher. This year, however, he’s been an extreme fly ball pitcher. Given that he’s 6′ 6″ tall and throws from a high release point, it’s a bit surprising that he’s giving up so many fly balls.

Quick Luke Farrell Scouting Report

The big right hander throws a fastball, change up, slider and a curveball. For the most part he’s a fastball/slider guy who will mix in the other two pitches every so often. His fastball will work 89-92 MPH and has some rising action to it, but doesn’t have much movement on the horizontal plane.

The slider and curveball aren’t overly different pitches in terms of movement. They can even blend together at times, though the slider is thrown a little bit harder, coming in around 80-83 MPH. The curveball is a bit slower, working in the 74-78 MPH range. His change up will be in the low 80’s.

25 Responses

    • greg

      Not that big of a deal. They’ll owe him between like $400k to 500k for the rest of this season, and then can non-tender in the offseason if they don’t want him back, assuming he’s up for arb. again.

  1. Nick Miller

    I’m not sure that this is a huge move for the future but personally I think it shows that the Reds are trying to add whatever talent they can. He’s only 26!

  2. The Duke

    Nothing wrong with taking a look see and clearing some of the chaff off the 40 man roster a little early.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker.

      Is there anything much to look at here if his fastball velocity isn’t great and doesn’t make up much for it with movement?

      I wish they’d go ahead get Blandino’s feet wet and release Alcantara.

      • William Kubas

        Blandino has been successful at striking the pitched baseball – 32 hits in 114 at bats with 3 home runs and I believe 14 RBIs. He has shown an eye with 18 base on balls in 142 plate appearances. I believe Blandino has committed 5 errors, I am not sure if the errors led to runs.
        I saw Blandino play at Stanford in 2014, he would be the 2nd player from the Cardinal to make it to the bigs from that team (Slater has already played for the Giants).
        All I am hoping for is a September call up to see how quickly his ability to strike singles and walk will translate to the Major League environment. I would also be satisfied with a release from the Reds organization.

  3. Arnold Zifle

    A 90 mph heater and 4 BB’s per 9. Introductions are in order. Reds meet bottom of the barrel.
    Who will this guy take starts away from at AAA further eroding the development?

  4. MikeinSoCal

    VanSlyke is not a fit with the Reds but imo he is a good 4th OF pick for some team. Can play all OF positions and is still a reasonable hitter as a 4th OF. Dodgers used him a lot up until a couple of years ago, and then they had a glut of OF. But I suppose 4th OF are a dime a dozen these days.

    As for the pitcher the Reds must like his size, or they know something that doesn’t show in the scouting/stats.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Reds seem to do well with making adjustments for waiver claims (Strailey and Asher Woj; am I missing anyone else?) more than than they do with developing their own pitchers. Don’t see much developing here in a short period of time. Possible once he is DFA’d that he’ll accept a minor league assignment?
      Personally I’d like to see a guy like Bonilla with his arm stick around longer and see what happens.

  5. SteveO

    This is a precursor to getting our next manager. Father will follow son to the Reds. 2018 Reds manager John Farrell.

  6. Andrew

    Way off topic – Joey Votto is pretty amazing. Maybe, just maybe, the last 2-3 years his contract will hurt, but he only seems to be getting better and I wouldn’t bet against the man. From a sheer statistical standpoint I would not be surprised if he will actually be one of the few massive contracts that a players WAR equals their paycheck for the life of the contract. If he performs near this level for 3 more years and then falls off the cliff, that would be 6 of 10 years of top-3 MVP caliber play.

    Joey right now is the reason I watch the Reds.

  7. Derek Bryant

    Yep Votto is doing a great job walking on a team that will be in last place. He does not help them win, they could finish last without him.

    • Greenfield Red

      You realize he’s hitting .315 with 30 home runs and 81 RBIs on August 10th don’t you? Sure he walks a lot.

      I don’t understand why some view walks as a negative. Guys who walk a lot tend to be more selective and better hitters. That’s where I’ve seen improvement in Suarez this year.

      Jose Peraza is doing two things better in the last month. 1. He is hitting for higher average. 2. He is walking a lot more than he did early in the season and last year. The two go hand in hand for a lot of guys.

      • Derek Bryant

        The Reds are in last place, so Votto’s numbers are not helping them at all. Also, I find walks to be boring. I want to see hits.

      • Greenfield Red

        I am not a Votto apologist, but given his numbers, these criticisms are ridiculous.

      • Greenfield Red

        Reds scored 10 runs on just 8 hits today. San Diego committed 0 errors. I guess some of those 7 boring walks turned in to runs.

        By the way, Joey Votto walked three times today. But, he also went 1 for 2 with a home run and scored 2 runs. He extended his hitting streak to 14 games and is hitting about .500 in that span. I’ll say it again, getting on JV for walking is ridiculous (even if Marty Brennaman has been critical of him for walking so much).

      • Greenfield Red

        I can’t let this go. I think it can be said the Reds would be 30 games under .500 without Votto rather than 20. So, to say he’s not making a difference is again, ridiculous.

    • Chris

      I suppose Joey Votto’s batting average, home runs, RBIs, OPS, etc not doing anything for you?

    • John

      Baseball is not basketball. You need more than just a couple really good players.

      This is just painfully dumb.