Last night in Daytona the Tortugas saw outfielder TJ Friedl exit the game early after making a play in the field. The official game log said this about the play:

Daytona Tortugas center fielder T. J. Friedl Jr. left the game due to an injured wrist.

This morning the outfielder was placed on the disabled list in Daytona, but it’s now being listed as a left thumb sprain. After hitting .284/.378/.472 with Dayton and earning a mid-season promotion, the 21-year-old (for one more day) has struggled at times for Daytona. In 199 plate appearances he’s hitting .257/.313/.346 for the Tortugas. He had been hitting better of the last month, though, posting a .712 OPS in 28 games played.

Replacing TJ Friedl on the roster is catcher Chris Okey. Okey had been on the disabled list for the previous 13 days for the Tortugas.

Nick Senzel just keeps it going

Last night Nick Senzel racked up another two hits for Pensacola. Since July 1st, the Blue Wahoos third baseman is hitting .369/.420/.604 with 12 doubles, a triple and seven home runs. He’s been on a heck of a run in Pensacola, showing that he’s probably ready to leave Double-A. With that said, it’s unlikely he’ll see a promotion for the final three weeks of the season. The Blue Wahoos are heading into the playoffs and Louisville is not. What will be more interesting is to see whether or not the Reds send him to the Arizona Fall League in preparation for 2018, or if they’ll just give him the time off to rest up and get ready for the next season.


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  1. SteveO

    With only 3 weeks left, let him sit out the rest of the games and get the thumb healed. Daytona won’t be playing for anything and I don’t think they have a plan to promote him to Pensacola.

    • SteveO

      He’s also a candidate for fall league, so if his thumb is okay by then, send him to Arizona.

  2. Coooop

    Happy mid august, Doug when post here so we can upload our picks for the afl? I’m still in central cali coast helping to take care of my dad is hospice at home. He’s actually doing better. Go reds teams.

    • Bill

      First, sorry to hear about your Dad. My AZL picks would be:

      Weiss and/or Guillon

  3. MK

    Off topic, but I understand the Reds have told all the Venezuelans in the system that they will pay their living expenses if they wish to stay in Arizona this winter rather than going home to a very unstable situation. Classy move by the team.

    • Greenfield Red

      Very nice. Can’t hurt to have them near the complex all winter either.

  4. Greenfield Red

    Here’s a quick question that is sure to create a lot of debate. If the opportunity arose, should the Reds trade Adam Duvall for Aaron Judge?

    I posed the same question in April and said no then. Yes, AJ had a huge first couple of months, but he appears to be on a strike out tear now. Based upon the media attention, I’d say it’s a lot closer than most anyone would think.

    I can see AJ settling into Dave Kingman like numbers as pitchers find his weakness.

    On the other hand, AD seems to have been ahead of the odds for two years in a row now from a k/bb prospective. His average is better this year. His Ks are down slightly. His defense is better than AJ’s.

    The Reds have him for 4 more years. The Yankees have 5 more years of club control for AJ.

    Throw all that in the hopper, and I still say no. The Reds are better with Adam Duvall than they would be with Aaron Judge.

    Just my opinion.

    • Doug Gray

      I’ll take my chances with Judge. He’s got a Joey Votto level walk rate and he’s going to hit eleventy-biilion homers.

      • Greenfield Red

        I guess my bigger point is that given all the hype around Judge and the fact that nobody knows who Adam Duvall is outside of Cincinnati (and maybe San Francisco), is it not a lot closer than almost anyone would guess?

      • Doug Gray

        Not that I think WAR is the be-all-end-all, but Judge currently has 6.0 WAR. Duvall has 2.1. One guy is an MVP caliber player and one guy is slightly above-average. It’s not really all that close.

      • Greenfield Red

        You’re buying into the hype. 3 more k’s last night make 155 for the year, and it’s August 14th.

        Judge has a .289 average that is somewhat higher than Duvall’s. Judge walks more, which to me is a positive. But, he strikes out way more, and Duvall is a much better fielder with better speed on the bases. A 400 foot home run counts a much as a 475 foot home run.

        Judge is a strike out machine and has been at every level of minor leagues. Duvall is about a 27% strike out guy, which is a little high, but 10 points lower than Judge.

        It’s a lot closer than anyone would think.

    • Greenfield Red

      It seems to me a lot of the WAR was achieved during his white-hot start. He has become a strikeout machine, and he is historically a strikeout machine. Now up to 155 strikeouts.

  5. Redscountry

    See. Garrett pitch I’m from ATL took a drive over to gwinnet. He looked really good. Was sitting 93-94 top out at 97. I asked the video guy if it was correct and he said yes because they have trackman.

  6. DaveCT

    Former Tennessee Volunteer, Nick Senzel, made three hits in five at bats, two of which were home runs. Senzel saw his AA batting average rise to .352 and his on base percentage to .405. He is also now slugging .587 and has an OPS of .992. I have no idea to what fields his hits went, or whether he made any great defensive plays, but this dude is completely raking and is hitting better at AA than at Hi-A, even though this jump is considered the most difficult in baseball. Are we looking at the minor league player of the year?

    • Doug Gray

      For the Reds, probably. For the minor leagues? I’d say no. Bo Bichette or Ronald Acuna probably take home that one for all of the minor leagues.

      • Bubba Woo

        I’ll take your word on all of MILB. Agree that Senzel is probably best in the Reds system although you could make a strong case for Mahle as well (The age-old debate about how valuable can a pitcher be if they only play every fifth day.)