Over the next nine days we will be looking at possible September additions to the 40-man roster of players who could perhaps help the Cincinnati Reds. Yesterday we looked at adding infielder Alex Blandino. Today we will look at right handed reliever Alejandro Chacin.

It seems that every year Alejandro Chacin starts out the season as one of the first relievers out of the bullpen before quickly working his way towards the back of it. In 2017 that took a little bit longer than usual for him to get going. During April and May things were a bit of a struggle for the 24-year-old right hander. In 19 appearances, spanning 29.2 innings he allowed 40 hits and 13 walks. Chacin also hit four batters and struck out 24 while posting a 4.85 ERA. Opposing hitters put up a 936 OPS against him in the first two months. Things were not going well for him.

Since the start of June things have been very, very different. Alejandro Chacin made the adjustment, whatever it was that he needed to make. In 25 games pitched for the Louisville Bats, spanning 39.2 innings he has posted a 0.91 ERA. That’s come with 23 hits allowed, 14 walks and just three hit batters. The right hander also hasn’t allowed a home run and has 39 strikeouts since the start of June. opponents have gone from a .936 OPS against him in April and May to a .452 OPS against him since the start of June.

Alejandro Chacin doesn’t have stuff that’s going to “wow” you. His fastball is generally 88-90 MPH. But, his fastball moves on both planes. A lot. It’s got plenty of armside running action to it. It’s also got plenty of sinking action to it. His main secondary offering is a slider that he goes to against right handers.

He’s been rather successful against right handers, who had a .630 OPS against him this year with 12 walks and 42 strikeouts. Left handers, though, have had a bit more success. They’ve hit .270/.378/.390 against him with 15 walks and 21 strikeouts. That’s held true for his career, too.

Overall on the season Alejandro Chacin has posted a 2.60 ERA in 69.1 innings for Louisville. His early season struggles are long behind him and he’s been so good over the last two-and-a-half months that you’d never know he struggled at all if you didn’t look at his monthly splits.

As noted above, Alejandro Chacin isn’t going to wow anyone with his stuff. But all that he’s done is produce. Between Double-A Pensacola in 2016 and Triple-A Louisville in 2017 he’s thrown 130.0 innings with an ERA of 2.22 with 138 strikeouts and 53 walks. He’s gotten the job done when given the opportunity, over and over and over again. In a 2017 season with nothing on the line in September from a won-loss perspective, it could be the perfect time to give Chacin a chance to see what he can do against Major Leaguers.

10 Responses

  1. Arnold Ziffle

    I think the September call ups pitcher-wise are going to be ones we’ve already seen. Ones like Astin, Hernandez, Shackleford, Jackson Stephens, Amir Garrett and Cody Reed.
    Brice would be coming back from the DL if he makes it back, so I shouldn’t include him in this.
    Chacin, Weiss, and Guillon might get a look, but doubtful. Chacin would probably be the one if one of the others mentioned don’t get a call.
    Now I could wholeheartedly get behind a Sept. 1st move that gives an outright release to Blake Wood and Drew Storen to open up 2 spots for a couple of these guys listed.

  2. sultanofswaff

    Yes, a lot of comeback action on the fastball. So long as he lives down in the zone he’ll have plenty of success. September would be a great time to ease him into the majors—low leverage situations in favorable righty-righty matchups. Storen right now doesn’t do anything this kid can’t. I know, low bar.

  3. MK

    Think they are going to need to promote him rather than lose him as he told us he will become a free agent at the end of the season.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah – they will have the choice of adding him to the roster or trying to outbid other teams for his services in free agency (and in which case, if I were him, I wouldn’t come back unless they offered significantly more money than other places because I’d feel better about my chances of getting called up elsewhere if the Reds didn’t call him up).

      • Kinsm

        Yep, no reason for him to resign again as a six-year free agent if the Reds are unwilling to purchase his contract in 2 weeks and give him his major league debut.

  4. Jami Sanderson

    He’s an amazing young man on and off the field.

  5. HavaKlu

    As I said a couple days ago, drop Wood and Storen now and add Chacin and Weiss.

  6. MK

    Got a call about 1 A.M. that there will be a transaction announcement today that will make make Doug look pretty smart for adding this story.

  7. Bill

    Good to hear MK! I think adding Chacin to the roster this September is a no-brainer. He’s “earned” the opportunity with his performance.