The 2017 season has been a big one for Jose Siri. He  saw his 39-game hitting streak come to an end on August 4th against Great Lakes. August has been a “slow” month for the center fielder who is hitting .295/.360/.500. That, of course, shows just how good that he’s been this season when that’s been a slow down for him.

Through the first 16 games of the month of August, Jose Siri had not hit a home run for the month. He was chasing down his 20th home run for quite a while before getting there on the 20th. He went out the next night and hit his 21st. After going homerless, but reaching base three times on Tuesday, he went out and hit another home run. That gives him three home runs in the last four games.

The home run he hit last night in Dayton may be the longest one that he has hit on the year. Of his 22 home runs hit this season I’ve been able to track the distance on 13 of them (it’s tougher to get distances in many road games). The longest of his home runs I’ve gotten data on came on May 28th, just his 3rd homer of the season. That one went 415 feet.  I have not been able to double check the distance on the home run that he hit last night, but the ball landed on the back of the purple awning in center field. That’s at least 410 feet away. Update: The trackman measurement was 409 feet. The wind was blowing out in Dayton last night, so the ball definitely went further than that, but the Trackman system doesn’t measure how far the ball went – it measures how far the ball would go in perfect conditions based on the exit velocity and launch angle without considering the wind/elevation/other weather events that are happening.

Miguel Hernandez keeps on hitting

Things have been going well for 18-year-old Miguel Hernandez in 2017. He began the season in the Dominican Summer League. While there he hit .285/.337/.397 in 37 games played for the Rojos before being promoted to the AZL Reds. He’s played in 24 games since joining the Reds in Goodyear.

Last night Miguel Hernandez went 1-4 and drew a walk. He did not strike out. That is a continuation of what he’s been doing a lot of lately: making contact. In the DSL he struck out 14.3% of the time this past season. Through his last 10 games he’s only struck out twice. That’s lowered his strikeout rate with the AZL Reds to 13.1%. He’s now hitting .311/.336/.427 since his promotion.

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  1. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    For young kids that have been signed to the DSL what age is average and what age is advanced for them to get to the states? Basically asking bc want to know if M Hernandez is ahead of the curve?

    • Doug Gray

      The average age in the DSL is just under 19. For the Reds, it’s rare that they bring a Venezuelan or Dominican born player stateside before they are 19. At least historically. With that said, they’ve got more than a few such players this year. Going back to 2010, here are the guys that were Dominican or Venezuelan and brought stateside during their age 18 season:
      Urwin Juaquin (2016)
      Leandro Santana (2015)
      Jose Siri (2014)
      Alberti Chavez (2013)
      Humberto Valor (2011)
      Robert Ramirez (2011)
      Julio Morillo (2011)
      Jhimmy Lopez (2011)
      Ronald Torreyes (2010 as a 17-year-old)
      Junior Arias (2010)

      This year there are 4 guys that fit the bill: Edwin Yon, Reniel Oznua, Juan Martinez and Miguel Hernandez.

      • MK

        Chacin was 17 early in his first U.S season but turned 18 in June.

      • Doug Gray

        I was sticking with position players since that’s a more fair comparison. Should have specified that in the post.

      • Greenfield Red

        He’s not Dominican, but I was surprised the Reds brought Victor Ruiz to the AZL at 17. With him being Mexican, and the Reds not having a Mexican affiliate, I guess it was better to bring him stateside, then send the to the Dominican Republic.

    • Greenfield Red

      You’ve lost me on that, and probably others too. Explain? Thanks.

      • rick in boise

        the link in Doug’s post goes to a different Miguel Hernandez :)

    • Doug Gray

      Blame Baseball Reference. I use their linker tool – I don’t manually go through to link the players. For guys with a name like Miguel Hernandez – it’s *supposed to* take you to the page where you can choose which one of them you want.

      I’ll edit and fix it – but I really wish Baseball-Reference would just fix their tool.

  2. Stock

    Siri and Senzel have been great the second half but not to be overlooked is Taylor Trammell whose OPS for August is north of 1.000.

  3. Kap

    Winker is starting tonight in right batting 7th. High or low: gets stranded on base 2 times tonight?