Nick Senzel, the Cincinnati Reds top prospect, left the game early on Thursday night with an apparent wrist/hand injury. In the bottom of the 1st inning he would single into left field. After reaching the trainer came out and spent about four minutes talking with him at the bag, checking out his left hand/wrist. Near the end of the conversation Senzel was laughing at something, hopefully a sign that it was nothing too serious, and he stayed in the game. However, when the Blue Wahoos returned to the field in the top of the 2nd inning he was replaced in the lineup.

For Nick Senzel, the single pushed his line with Double-A Pensacola to .340/.413/.560 in 57 games played. He’s put together one of the better seasons in recent memory among Cincinnati Reds prospects in 2017.

Update: Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that he was told it was not injury related.

That tweet was sent out earlier tonight. I don’t doubt that he was told that, but when the trainer comes out and looks at a guy for 5 minutes, then that player leaves the game 2 minutes later, it would certainly suggest it was injury related. Hopefully all this means is that it isn’t something to be worried about – but the timeline of events certainly suggests he was removed from the game due to whatever the trainer was checking out in his hand/wrist area after his single.

Update: 3pm

As I said, I never doubted that Zach Buchanan was getting bad information, but I was able to confirm what he first reported that Nick Senzel is indeed fine.

Taylor Trammell continues a strong August

On Thursday night Taylor Trammell hit his 13th home run of the year, a 400+ foot home run that he crushed to right field. Take a look at this thing – he did not miss it.

It was just a continuation of what he’s been doing in the month of August where he’s taken his game to the next level. In 22 games played during the month he’s hitting .321/.432/.590 with four doubles, a triple and five home runs. That’s also come with 16 walks and 18 strikeouts.

For the entire season with the Dayton Dragons he’s up to .284/.369/.462. That’s after a rough start in April where he hit .222/.312/.309. Since May 1st he’s hit .297/.380/.495 in 442 plate appearances. He’s also stolen 38 bases this season. Taylor Trammell has had one of the more well rounded seasons in the organization this year.

James Vasquez is finishing strong

First baseman James Vasquez started out the 2017 season well. With Dayton he hit .250/.331/.433 between April and May. Things went south in June and July though (he was promoted to Daytona in mid-June).  Between June 1st and August 6th he hit .223/.280/.285 over the span of 50 games played.

Since then he’s been firing on all cylinders for the Tortugas. In 16 games played he’s hit .339/.397/.627. In that span he’s walked as often as he’s struck out, just seven times each. He’s certainly seeing the baseball well right now.

22 Responses

  1. DHud

    It’s obviously because he’s being called up the big leagues, right??

    • Rob Ross

      Just by that swing only, he reminded me of a “young” Daryl Strawberry. Before he got into the New York ‘High’ life he looked like a HOF’er for sure. He had a solid major league career. We will take that from Trammell… but I believe this kid is gonna be special..

  2. terry m

    Perhaps Senzel was taken out pending a trade to the Yanks for Chapman.

    Bad Thursday humor..

  3. Wes

    Reds have had their pitching injuries this season but there’s several whole minor league systems that are decimated by injuries this year. Glad to see most of our top prosp cts healthy!

    • Doug Gray

      Depends on how they feel about him in terms of a “worn down” situation, or how many guys they feel will be better served, for whatever reason (injury time make up – get a last look at them before the Rule 5 deadline) heading out there. Only so many spots available.

  4. Billy

    I noticed that Trammell has walked more (16) than he’s struck out (15) this month. That’s an improvement over his plate discipline numbers last month – which was his best month this season – and the result is a Votto-like 17.5% BB%. It seems to me that Trammell is a good candidate for an early/mid season promotion to AA next season, so long as he continues to manage the strike zone well.

    • MK

      As Reds our outfield heavy right now at the big league, and big league ready level and the fact that Trammel will be very young more High A there is really no need to rush him to AA next year which is probably the reason he is still in Dayton now.

  5. jim t

    Big Start for Stephenson and the Reds tonight. If he can continue to trend up coupled with the improvements Romano is showing it would certainly help figure out next years rotation.

    • Greenfield Red

      Agree with this. It appears to me that it’s setting up to look like Bailey, Finnegan, Castillo, Romano, and Stephenson in the rotation to begin the year. I’ve called me shot that Disco will not be ready in the Spring and I’m sticking to it. Reed, Garrett, and Davis have fallen off or not developed as needed. Just my opinion.

      • Arnold Ziffle

        There is a below the radar rumor that the Reds may try to switch out Bailey and Lorenzen next spring. It will be to try Bailey as a co-closer with Iglesias as that hasn’t worked out well for Lorenzen this year. They then in turn can use Iglesias a bit differently too next year.
        There is this from Price when talking about next year “with manager Bryan Price crediting Feldman as “a tremendous competitor”, though the skipper also hinted that the organization will be aiming to minimize the health risk in building out its rotation over the winter.”
        Minimizing the health risk to the rotation next year sounds like it might not include Bailey. There might be some credence to that rumor.

      • Greenfield Red

        I think they have to redefine Lorenzen somehow. He has not been effective this year. I think they could bring Feldman back again on a cheap contract.

  6. Arnold Ziffle

    I see in the picture of Senzel above that his number is #13. Will the Reds let him wear #13 at the ML level? I know it isn’t a retired number yet, but it might be the next one to be retired before the Reds retire #19.

  7. MikeinSoCal

    I don’t see Lorenzen as a starter, pitch count issue mainly. He hasn’t perfected how to pitch yet, instead trying for the strike out. Bailey’s complete games days are behind him. He is a 4-5 inning pitcher now and maybe a fragile one at that. Reds hopes are on the shoulders of Castillo, Romano, comebacks from Finnegan and Disco. I like Feldman if healthy. Good 4th, 5th starter.

  8. Ron

    Any word on Senzel. He hasn’t played since the non-injury.