The Cincinnati Reds have announced that right handed pitcher Tyler Mahle will be called up on Sunday. The start will be the Major League debut for the 22-year-old.

Tyler Mahle has split his 2017 season between the Double-A Pensacola Blue Wahoos and the Triple-A Louisville Bats. In 14 starts in the first half of the season with Pensacola he posted a 1.59 ERA in 85.0 innings. That came along with 17 walks and 87 strikeouts as he dominated the Southern League. He was promoted to Triple-A and has made 10 starts for the Bats since then. Things haven’t been quite as dominant as they were in Double-A, but Mahle’s still been running through the International League. In his 59.1 innings he’s posted a 2.73 ERA with 13 walks and 51 strikeouts for Louisville.

In total he’s thrown 144.1 innings with season and allowed just 109 hits and 30 walks. His ERA between the two stops is 2.06 and he’s struck out 138 batters. It’s hard to be much more dominant than that. 2017 has just been a continuation of what Tyler Mahle’s done almost every stop along the way. Only a blip on the radar struggle last season, late in the year in Double-A shows up as even a small hiccup since he was drafted in 2013 by the Reds.

With what seems to be excellent timing on my part, I wrote up a full scouting report on Tyler Mahle Friday afternoon. If you haven’t checked that out yet, go do so now. While I get into far more details within that article, here’s a quick and dirty scouting report on the right hander:

  • Fastball in the low 90’s that he can move multiple ways and locate well. Can touch 97 at times when he really wants to reach back for the velocity.
  • Slider in the mid 80’s – average pitch.
  • Change up in the mid 80’s – fringe average pitch.
  • Curveball in the upper 70’s – fringe average pitch
  • Good control

As I said, there’s a lot more in the linked scouting report above, so be sure to read that. Currently Tyler Mahle is not on the 40-man roster and the roster is at 40 players. That means that there will need to be a roster spot created. My guess is that they will simply place Scott Feldman on the 60-day disabled list after he had knee surgery this past week and was ruled out for the year. What move that they make to place him on the 25-man roster is more up in the air. Maybe the team will place Homer Bailey on the 10-day disabled list and just essentially skip him for a start, then when roster expand in September there will be no need for another roster move.

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  1. Cinvenfan

    Excellent news along with Castillo’s, Romano’s and Stephenson’s outing tonight. Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Ty

    Doug, can I borrow your crystal ball? You’ve been on it lately. With the Phillips money off the books, a stellar offense and a bullpen that needs only a couple more people, does anyone think it’s time for the reds to pick up an innings eater number 3 starter? Should they maybe look at picking up a proven setup man? Or do they do nothing like the last few years.

    • Doug Gray

      Not that I knew this was happening before I wrote my article earlier this week (it went out to Patreon supporters on Wednesday), but I had heard it was happening early on Friday. I was told, though, that it was going to be Saturday. It was from a reliable source, but I was not able to confirm it with anyone else though – so I sat on it, but had it in the back of my mind that I’d be writing this article for most of Friday.

      I think that I’d be looking into trying to pick up a reliable, proven MOR starter if I were the Reds. There are just too many questions with Bailey/DeSclafani/Finnegan and all of the rookie pitchers to not think you need to truly explore that option.

  3. Jim t

    Like the fact that Tyler is getting the opportunity but was really hoping that Bailey would finishes the year taking the mound every fifth day. Wasn’t really concerned with results just wanted to see him get the innings in, prove his recovery was complete and head into the off season confident in his recovery. His velocity was good but his location needs work. Bailey will be a big piece of the rotation next year. He is owed a bunch of money and will be given every opportunity to Succeed. Getting Homer back to being Homer before the injuries is a big piece of the puzzle for next year. I think it is essential that the we are not still holding try outs next year for our starting rotation. Find 5 healthy starters and give them the ball every fifth day.

    • Doug Gray

      Bailey will just be pushed back a few days, which is good news.

  4. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Mahle now an option year burned. If they had waited until Sept 1st, does that save it?

    • Bill

      Unless they send Mahle back to the minors for more than 20 days this season, he will not burn an option.

      • Gaffer

        That’s not correct, he burns an option by being called up but that would happen now or in September.

      • Colt Holt

        False. The option comes from being sent down after being added. Given that the minor league season is basically done, there is zero chance he burns an option. Bigger concern is 35 days of service that makes 2024 hard to get.

      • Doug Gray

        No, Gaffer – an option is only burned if a player is sent down. Mahle won’t be sent down this year. He will absolutely not have an option used this year. It starts his clock, though.

      • MK

        Let me be the positive one here and say he will be outstanding and never need to be optioned.

  5. Jim t

    Would really love to see Romano,Stephenson and Castillo continue to grow and cement themselves in the 2018 rotation heading into the off season. Add Bailey as the veteran and that leaves a bunch of guys fighting for one spot.

    Really have to hand it to Price for his handling of Peraza as well. His benching him looks as though it may have finally got the idea across to him that it is ok to take a walk. This adjustment could be the difference in him being a everyday player or a utility type. It also says a lot about how the other players may view their manager. Continuing to play Gennett who is having a monster year and heading into his first arbitration year has to send a good message in the clubhouse. In the off season after Scooter signs he will send Price a thank you note. Rewarding Gennett with the playing time may land him a nice paycheck, one he earned and sitting Peraza may have saved his career if he truly has bought into the new approach. A win win!

    • Gaffer

      Bailey cannot be counted on next year. Maybe we get lucky but there are plenty of holes on the pitching staff.

      Gennet went to arbitration this year. He will get a huge raise, something the reds did not Anticipate. This will likely cause a mess in terms of plans. Can’t pay scooter 8 million and keep Cozart. May need to trade him.

      • MK

        Not sure a broken down aging shortstop is someone they re-sign during a rebuild. He has had a great offensive year but he can not be relied on to play everyday. They made that mistake once with Larkin’s last contract.

  6. Bill

    Having thrown 150 innings last year, Mahle should be able to complete the year in the rotation or come very close. The fact that the Reds are getting his feet wet towards the end of the year signals optimism about next year.

    • Jim t

      My hope is that he pitches well Sunday, allows the reds to skip Bailey this one star and with the off day Monday replace Wolof with Tyler the next time through the rotation. It would also give you Wojo in the penn where I think he can be more effective as a long man.

  7. Jim t

    Reading this site and Redlegnation there seems to be a bunch of chatter about playing Winker in RF and Schebler in CF. in my opinion that would be a nightmare. While I know many will say that you can sub in Billy defensively in late innings in close games but is that really as easy as it sounds? Folks that would be a horrible defensive outfield and couple that with many desiring to start Scooter at second base and move Suarez to SS when Senzel is ready and that would be a terrible defensive team.

    • Shawn

      Well I don’t read red leg nation; However, I have seen the chatter here. I totally agree with the first thought. As Doug has said, schebler is not made to play center everyday. Your second idea, I question. Suarez understands the work it takes and apparently puts the work in. I’m in favor of sliding him to the middle of the infield. Second may be my choice though. I wouldn’t rule out short. Senzel and Suarez need to play on the same team.

      • Jim t

        Not saying Suarez could not bea average SS only saying if your playing Schebler in CF, Scooter at 2nd and Suarez at SS that is a really bad defense.

    • Stock

      Agree that Schebler in CF and Suarez would really give us a terrible defense.

      I really hope the Reds resign Cozart to solve the SS problem. I would rather have Suarez try CF than Schebler.

      I think the Reds are sending a message that anyone who can start effectively will do so in 2018. The Reds now have Castillo, Mahle, Romano and Stephenson up. I would not be surprised to see Garrett and Reed arrive next week. Assuming they are healthy Disco and Bailey have two spots for 2018. Stephenson has 5 BB in his last two starts. This is promising but he still needs to improve a bit on that.

      I would love to see Mahle do as well as Castillo and Stephenson continue to limit BB and have the three of them join Bailey and Disco in the rotation next year.

      Garrett, Reed, Romano and Finnegan can join the competition to win bullpen spots with Iglesias, Lorenzen, Peralta and whomever.

      I think the Reds have gained another year of control with Reed and if Stephenson doesn’t win a spot out of ST they should send him down and gain another year of control with him also because if they don’t get it this year they will be close. Because of his control problems i think Stephenson needs to be in the rotation.

      At any rate it will be interesting to see how the rotation works out next year.

      Finally, I know Jose Lopez is not currently in Doug’s top 25 but am pretty sure he will be in 3 months. He has 12 BB in his last 10 starts (1.65 BB/ 9 IP) and has to be considered a threat to make the rotation in late 2018 or 2019.

      • wes

        If Cozart is signed and Senzel plays third that means one of the following has a lineup spot-

        Peraza (who’s 23)
        Shed Long

        Reds have 10’s of millions invested in that group. It’s a very bold statement to make that the investment is irrelevant and in the past.

        it’s crazy to me- to sign a guy in his 30’s for 30 million plus. Who is deeper up the middle than reds? Who’s pitching is worse than Reds? They don’t have endless pocket books like Yankees. Everytime they make a terrible signing like Homer or Meseraco- it sets the team back for years! It also keeps them from spending money on young talent. Not saying the Reds should have spent 60-70 million on Luis Robert, but if guys like Homer and Mes don’t have a huge portion of payroll locked up- they would have the resources too.

      • Stock

        If you can sign Cozart for $30 million for 3 years you do it. Great that the Reds are set at 2B. None of the players you listed (other than AlfRod) can provide the defense the Reds need at SS. AlfRod is at least 2 years from being ready to hit at this level.

        Meso turned out bad because of injury. Cozart may be for the same reason.

        Bailey was a mistake from day 1. You don’t pay a 2/3 SP as if he were an ace. Stupid signing from day 1. Meso you had to have hindsight to make the call that it was a bad signing.

      • Doug Gray

        The Reds didn’t pay Bailey like an ACE. Clayton Kershaw is being paid like an Ace. Zack Greinke is being paid like an Ace. Those guys are making $32-35M a year. Homer Bailey makes 21.

      • wes

        Just for the record- I thought Mesc signing was good, but that happened along time ago and my philosophy for mid/low level budget teams has drastically changed. Reds need to stock pile their money to make a big splash when time is right vs throwing money around to make a ripple. And spend it where it’s needed. That’s how they could have landed Robert, whom I’d for sure prefer to Cozart even if he never makes the majors.

        Almost every MLB free agent signing is a way bigger win for the player than the team. You MUST home grow your talent in MLB- you’ll never compete w top 10 teams payrolls. St Louis has one of the most successful baseball franchises of past decade and its based nearly solely on homegrown talent and then you sign the right free agent at right time like Matt Holiday. Yankees spent their way into purgatory signing aging free agents to bad deals and just finally got out this year. Giants are there today and are stuck there for a long long time. The player almost always wins.

        No clue how Cozart is any more than a luxury. I prefer Peraza to Cozart today because in 2 seasons when reds are competing- Cozart will be 34- an age where guys transition from short due to diminishing skills and Peraza will be entering his prime. Suarez should be starting at short every day right now to see if he can play there or not.

        Reds need to carry minimal payroll as possible til 2019/2020 and then sign the best pitcher/pitchers available they can afford. If Cole Hammels or Felix Hernandez want to compete for WS- odds are there’s a spot in rotation for them in cincy in 2020 (if they can still pitch). That’s a much better investment than Cozart or extending a current player.

  8. MikeinSoCal

    Ideally 2018 will be a warm up run for a wild card spot. At least be a wild card threat. I give the SS job to Peraza. Make or break. Suarez is still my 3B and Ginnett is 2B. If Senzel is ready for the call up mid season then I go to plan B. Suarez is moved to 2B and Ginnett is super sub. The key is Peraza. He has to work on his game. The Reds have shown that they can hit and catch the ball. With Suarez and Schebler still improving, Duvall showing he is no fluke, and the master at 1B, the Reds could lead the league in homers. And then there’s Hamilton. If only Schebler could play CF. At the end of the day though its all about the pitching. Reds need a lot things to go right for them.

    • alex

      I think if Suarez continues his great play into next season and it’s time for senzel to come up that senzel should play 2nd. Get senzel some action at 2b in Louisville before the call up rather than moving a proven 3rd baseman to a new postion. in my opinion

  9. trojan34

    I love Brandon Finnegan, and i know his desire to be a starter,but it doesnt take very long to figure out he is a max effort type guy and is built for the bullpen, if he stays as a starter whether its with Cincy or whoever hes gonna be injury prone,
    he will be lights out in the pen