On Saturday the Dominican Summer League Rojos and Reds season came to an end. The Rojos finished the season at 30-40. They were outscored 342-321 on the season. They missed the playoffs. For the recap on the DSL Reds season, click here

Dominican Summer League Rojos

The Rojos is the team that is a tad bit younger than the Reds, with an average age of 17.8-years-old on the team (DSL Reds were at 18.4). This is usually, but not always the team that players are assigned to first.

The average triple-slash line in the Dominican Summer League was .241/.336/.326 during the 2017 season. Two players really stood out offensively at the plate: Jeison Rijo and Carlos Reina.

The Hitters

Jeison Rijo | The 17-year-old hit .310/.390/.465 in 42 games for the Rojos. In his 147 plate appearances he had 14 doubles, two home runs to go with 12 walks and 25 strikeouts. In the field he split time at first and third base, with 21 games at third and 12 at first.

Carlos Reina | The 18-year-old hit .324/.390/.417 in 46 games played. In his 159 plate appearances he hit six doubles, two walks, a home run, 17 walks and he had 24 strikeouts. In the field he spent most of his time behind the plate, playing 39 games there, with five more games at first base.

Miguel Hernandez | The 18-year-old hit .285/.337/.397 in 37 games played before he was promoted to join the Arizona League Reds. He had 10 doubles, two triples and a home run in 167 plate appearances.

Both Miguel Hernandez and Jeison Rijo were bigger, known signings. Hernandez got the second largest bonus handed out by the Reds in 2015, and Rijo was a 6-figure signing in 2016. Their good performances are promising to see given that they also come along with good tools.

The Pitchers

The average ERA in the league was 3.63 on the season and the average walk rate was 4.5 batters per 9 innings and a strikeout rate of just 7.5 batters per 9 innings. There was some strong starting pitching for the Rojos with five starts all posting above-average ERA’s.

Carlos Carreno | The 18-year-old right hander threw 65.1 innings in 13 starts with a 2.76 ERA. In that span he allowed 18 walks and had 57 strikeouts without allowing a home runs.

Eduardo Salazar | The 19-year-old righty threw 60.0 innings with 12 starts with 2.70 ERA. He allowed one home run with 10 walks and he struck out 47 batters.

Jaccen Centeno | The 17-year-old left hander made 11 starts and three relief appearances. He posted a 3.07 ERA and threw 55.2 innings. He only allowed 35 hits, walked 23 batters and had 37 strikeouts.

Omar Conoropo | The 19-year-old lefty made 13 starts and posted a 64.0 innings pitched. He walked 14 batters and had 56 strikeouts while allowing 78 hits and five home runs.

7 Responses

  1. Greenfield Red

    Did more DSL players have good years than usual? Hernandez and Escoboza were brought up to the AZL during the year.

    It seems Ortiz, Finol, Olivo, Valenzula, Chachutt, Aranguren, Rigo, Reina, Carreno, Salazar, and Conoropo could all come up North for next year. That’s 11 more.

    That’s leaving Debby Santana, Mateo, Tello, Cuevas, and Centeno all of which had descent years behind.

    I mentioned yesterday that I thought about 9 or 10 total may come North. I think Doug thought my number was high, but a lot of guys had good years.


    • Doug Gray

      I do think we saw more guys this year have strong seasons than usual between the two teams.

      • Greenfield Red

        You could also add in Victor Ruiz who was already in the AZL. He’s only 17, but I’m guessing that he’s from Mexico rather than one of the Central America or island countries brought him North in his first year. Looks like a pretty good crop this year.

      • Greenfield Red

        Also not to be forgotten is Jose Garcia. I wonder where he’ll start next year?

      • Greenfield Red

        I’ve been somewhat critical of the Reds for not adding more international talent in the past year, and I stand by that. However, counting Hernandez, Escoboza, Ruiz, and Garcia that’s as many as 15 quality prospects pushing up from the bottom… not to mention the past two draft classes. Not bad.

  2. DaveCT

    Rijo listed as 6’0″” and 165 lbs. showing some decent power slugging .465. Certainly works at 3B.