Saturday afternoon saw the Arizona League Reds season come to an end. The Reds would finish the season at 22-33 on the season. They would score 275 runs and would allow 328 runs.

Arizona League Reds

The average age for the position players on the Reds in 2017 was just 19.3-years-old. The average age for the pitchers was quite a bit higher, coming in at 21.2-years-old.

The average triple-slash line in the Arizona Rookie League was .256/.339/.380 during the 2017 season. The average ERA in the league was 4.38. The average walk rate was 3.9 batters per 9-innings pitched and the average strikeout rate was 9.3 batters per 9-innings pitched. No, that’s not a typo – there were tons of strikeouts in the league.

The Hitters

There were a handful of position players who performed well in Goodyear and around Arizona for the Reds.

Reshard Munroe | 21-year-old Reshard Munroe led the Reds in OPS, hitting .290/.401/.419 on the season. In 148 plate appearances across 36 games he had five doubles, a triple, three home runs, 22 walks and 28 strikeouts. He also stole six bases in nine attempts. Most of his time in the field took place in center, where he played 25 games. He also saw limited time in left and right fields.

Justin Bellinger | Drafted in the 22nd round in 2017, Justin Bellinger had the second best OPS on the Reds. The former Duke Blue Devil hit .282/.369/.444 on the season. In his 34 games and 142 plate appearances he had eight doubles and four home runs. All of his time in the field came at first base, though he saw more time at designated hitter during the year.

Reniel Ozuna | The 18-year-old hit .288/.351/.398 for the Reds in 2017. Reniel Ozuna played in 35 games where he had seven doubles and three triples. over his 131 plate appearances he had 11 walks and 30 strikeouts. He also stole eight bases in 10 attempts. Most of his time in the field came in right field, where he played in 23 games. He made nine starts in center and one more in left.

Mariel Bautista | In his first season in the US, Mariel Bautista hit .320/.353/.395 in 36 games played. The 19-year-old had nine doubles and a triple in 157 plate appearances with five walks and 24 strikeouts. He also stole 16 bases while being caught just one time. Defensively he started 24 games in left, 10 in center and one more in right field.

Miguel Hernandez | The 18-year-old didn’t start his season in Arizona, but after 37 games in the Dominican Summer League he jumped up to join the Reds. In his 32 games with the AZL Reds he hit .314/.338/.407 with four doubles, three triples and a home run. In his 145 plate appearances he had four walks and 18 strikeouts. All of his starts came at shortstop this season.

The Pitchers

Jacob Heatherly | The 3rd round selection in the 2017 draft, Jacob Heatherly threw 30.2 innings for the AZL Reds with a 2.93 ERA. The left hander had 16 walks and 26 strikeouts before being promoted to Billings.

Ricardo Smith | 21-year-old right hander Ricardo Smith posted a 3.33 ERA in 54.0 innings for the Reds. That came with six starts and seven relief appearances. In that span he walked 17 batters and struck out 61. Smith also allowed just two home runs on the season.

Jared Solomon | The 20-year-old was drafted in the 11th round this season. He made six starts and five relief appearances. Jared Solomon posted a 4.26 ERA in his 38.0 innings pitched with 16 walks and 43 strikeouts.

Edward Escoboza | The 21-year-old, 6′ 5″ tall right hander began the year in the DSL, but joined the AZL Reds once their season began in late June. He made one start and 13 relief appearances, throwing 43.2 innings with a 4.33 ERA. He had just nine walks and had 59 strikeouts on the year with the AZL squad.

Stephen Keller | The 35th round pick performed well in his pro debut. Stephen Keller, a 19-year-old righty posted a 2.89 ERA in 11 relief appearances where he threw 18.2 innings. In that span he walked nine batters and had 22 strikeouts.

For stats for the entire Arizona League Reds, you can click here.

11 Responses

  1. Greenfield Red

    I believe with average health, the rotation will become a strength next year. Below is my list. Feel free to add to or post your own thoughts:

    Cincinnati: Bailey, Castillo, Romano, Stephenson, and Disco or Finnegan (whichever is healthy)

    Louisville: Mahle, Garrett, Reed, Davis, Stephens (with whoever of the following is still in the organization as backups Farrell, Bautista, and McGuire)

    Pensacola: Mella, Gutierrez, Lopez, Reyes, Boyles, and Strahan and Travieso as back ups

    Daytona: Moss, Santillan, Varner, Blandino, Jordan with Crawford, Armstrong, and Adams as back ups

    Dayton: Olson, Romero, Webb, Alecis, DeJesus with Greene coming up by June

    Billings: Heatherly, Mondile, Naughton, Sceroler, Escoboza with Correll, Ricardo Smith, and Wotell as back ups

    AZL: Solomon, Valenzuela, Cachutt, Carreno, Karcher, Conoropo, and Salazar fighting for spots while Constante, Encarnocion, Hanson, Antone, and Rodriquez working in on rehab assignments.

    I’ve been a Reds fan for a long time, and I’ve only followed the minors in depth for a few years. But, seeing what has come through the organization over the years, I can’t imagine a time when the Reds had so much quantity or quality starting pitching from top to bottom of the system.

    • Bill

      I think there’s a good chance we see Reed in the Reds bullpen depending on how he looks for the remainder of the season.

    • HavaKlu

      Can’t see Lopez going back to Pensacola—-he’s proved himself there and he is 24. I see Davis , Stephens and Mella as bull pen candidates. And I don’t think Mahle will be at Louisville long—-as soon as someone falters or is injured he’ll be in Cincinnati where I feel he’ll be a gem.

    • Simon Cowell

      If Mahle has another outstanding outing I can’t seem him starting the season in Louisville. Bailey, Disco and Finnegan are suddenly expendable if anyone wants them

      • Colorado Red

        No one wants Home, too price.
        Disco needs to be healthy before anyone wants him
        Finnegan is headed for the bullpen, shoulder injuries hurt the starter proposition.
        Should be an interesting spring training.

      • Doug Gray

        No one is going to want any of them until after they pitch next year in the big leagues.

    • MK

      Not sure Blandino, the non-Stanford Cardinal, is ready for that jump. He is an 89 mph avg fastball guy who really struggles the third time through the order. A full year back in Dayton might be beneficial for him. Adams has not started this season. TeJay Antone might be a better candidate for Daytona a year from surgery. Also Mark Armstrong. Ryan Olson should be practically a year past surgery and should be back in Dayton

      • DaveCT

        I agree with Lopez moving up to AAA. I also see Strahan instead of Boyles at AA, especially after but a partial year in Daytona (Boyles). And I actually see Boyles instead of Blandino at Hi A.

  2. James K

    Cash Case had a disappointing season for the AZL Reds, and played little during the final week. Any explanations?

  3. Krozley

    Billy Hamilton must hate September. Three years in a row. He’ll probably lose the stolen base title again by one steal, although maybe they’ll let him pinch run with a thumb cast. I guess we’ll get to see what Ervin can do.