Despite what I say in the video, it turns out that it’s been nearly a month since I last recorded one of these. But, I was able to sit down today and record the latest episode of Cincinnati Reds Minor League Talk. I talked a little bit about the call ups of Keury Mella and Deck McGuire and what their roles could be both in September and into the future with the organization.

The video is just under 11 minutes long, so give it a watch/listen below.



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  1. jim t

    Doug can you give us some information on what kind of Stuff Deck McGuire is working with. He seems to have some swing and miss in his arsenal.

  2. Greenfield Red

    Doug, you made a good point with regard to Fort Wayne (a San Diego affiliate) throwing so many internationals at Dayton. Their roster is littered with them.

    I’m really glad for the signing of Rodriquez, Garcia, Gutierrez, and Ruiz from the period just ended. I’m also encouraged by how many guys had really good years in the DSL. However, I just keep coming back to my opinion that the Reds just did not sign enough quality guys down there when they had the chance.

    The wave of Tip Caps (Jorge Una is one who was linked to the Reds) that beat the Dragons is a reminder of such.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s tough to compare to what the Padres did, who spent something like $66M on international prospects. Their ownership went all in on it.

      • Bill

        Reds reportedly had an offer in excess of $20M (would have spent more than $40M for Luis Robert). This bid was competitive, but unsuccessful.

        Also, Padres payroll was more than $10M less than the Reds this year. Based on current projections, the Padres will have a payroll of $25M less than the Reds in 2018. Obviously, that will likely change after winter transactions. But at the time the Padres went all in on international free agents, the had more financial flexibility.

      • Greenfield Red

        I guess that’s what I’m saying is that if the Reds are not going to compete in the ultra high salary market, they needed a similar international investment to San Diego’s.

        If they are ever going to win the Series again, they have got to find a way to truly compete for talent.

        As a side note, I’m kind of glad they didn’t sign Luis Robert for the kind of money it would have taken. It would have been an excuse to not sign anyone else.

      • Doug Gray

        The problem is, Robert would have only prevented them from signing Jose Garcia – they had already signed everyone else by that point.

        Unfortunately, the loophole is now closed.

  3. Bill

    GR, it’s quite possible that the Reds held off on signing the quantity of players as you suggests to make a run at Luis Robert. It’s also possible, that the price for the players they didn’t sign just exceeded the value they perceived when scouting each player. Also, other teams are fiercely competing for IFAs–it’s not solely up to the Reds to sign any one player. I don’t know which approach (quantity vs. quality) will prove best.

    In my opinion, they needed to net three significant signings to justify the penalties. They achieved that in Rodriguez, Gutierrez, and Garcia. They’ve also picked up Longhi and Ventura. So, I’m optimistic their strategy will prove fruitful in the end.