The Cincinnati Reds hand out their awards for the minor league season every December at Redsfest. Here at we get to that a lot quicker, but also don’t have cool plaques to give the players. Today we will be announcing that Jose Siri is the 2017 Player of the Year for the Cincinnati Reds.

The now 22-year-old center fielder hit .293/.341/.530 for the Dayton Dragons in 2017. That line came along with 24 doubles, 11 triples and 24 home runs. He also stole 46 bases in 58 attempts. Jose Siri would lead the organization in runs scored, hits, triples, home runs, extra-base hits, steals, slugging percentage and total bases. He also finished second in OPS and RBI.

While you can argue that Jose Siri had the best offensive season in the Reds farm system this year, it’s what he was able to do on the defensive side of things that puts him over the top of the competition. As a center fielder it means that you don’t have to hit as much as a guy who plays in a corner position. That didn’t come into play at all as he put up outstanding numbers offensively. But on the defensive side of the position he was able stand out among his peers. He showed outstanding range in center, to the point where you were almost surprised when he didn’t catch a fly ball. It wasn’t just the range, though, as his arm also played very well. In center field he racked up eight assists and in nine games in right field he added two more.

During the season Jose Siri got national recognition for breaking the Midwest League record for longest hitting streak. From June 22nd through August 3rd he would run off a 39-game hitting streak. It broke a record that had stood in the league since 1977. Over that span of time he hit .341 and slugged .671 with 12 doubles, three triples and 13 home runs.

Jose Siri 2017 Season Stats

552 92 24 11 24 76 46 12 33 130 .293 .341 .530

Other Candidates

Nick Senzel, Taylor Trammell, Miles Gordon.

25 Responses

  1. Wes

    He earned it for sure but I’ll remain optimistically cautious of him after Aquinos performance last year then this year. What scares me the most is his strikeout rate. 24% seems high

  2. weigarp

    I bet this was a tough call for you, Doug. Did you flip a coin between Jose Siri and Nick Senzel? If there ever was a year for co-plyers of the year, this was it. Senzel had as good an overall season as Siri both offensively and defensively and at higher levels in the system. And they are the same age. But, there’s nothing like a 39 game hitting streak to tip the scales. That was amazing!

    • Doug Gray

      Not really a tough call at all. Siri as a center fielder with 46 steals and elite defense? Senzel had a better season at the plate, but he’s also a third baseman – so the bar for offense is a lot higher there. Adjusted for position, Siri probably matches that – then add in the base running and better defense at a position that’s far more valuable defensively? Easy call for me.

      • Billy

        It would have been a closer call for me. Senzel played at higher levels, had the higher OBP (by 50 points), and showed much better plate discipline. At the same time, I think Senzel missing time down the stretch might have been just enough for me to agree that Siri should get the nod here.

      • Doug Gray

        Plate discipline doesn’t matter for performance right now. It’s very valuable for future projection – but if we are simply looking at performance, it doesn’t matter. The OBP matters, though.

      • Billy

        That’s fair. When picking a player of the year, that’s reasonable.

  3. The Duke

    I still would have gone with Senzel, but Siri had a nice year. The question now is can he do it at the higher levels, and can the walk rate improve.

  4. Mike

    A great season indeed by Siri, but my question is: is he really a prospect? 22y/o playing in low A….Why did he not get a mid-season promotion?

    • Doug Gray

      He was in his “age 21” season. And yes, he’s really a prospect. He’s a potential 30-30 gold glove caliber center fielder. There’s some risk involved, but he is definitely a real prospect.

      • Wes

        Do you see him as top 100 nationally then? That’d be a pretty substantial jump from where he was preseason.

      • The Duke

        To use the BA Prospect Handbook risk rating, I’d probably call Siri a 55 Extreme for his overall rating.

  5. Cinvenfan

    While the k rate is concerning, the Reds should be aggressive promoting Siri. Big piece of the puzzle IMO as CF is one of the positions that must be sorted soon. Billy doesnt seem to be the answer.

    • Doug Gray

      Spoiler alert: I have a feeling you’ll be reading about Tyler Mahle tomorrow with a different award.

  6. CP

    It’s nice to add another high upside guy to the Reds mix for the future. If Senzel, Siri, and Trammel all pan out, that would serve as a really great set of pieces to continue to build around.

    Senzel would hit the league first, and help the Reds to hopefully their first competitive year in a while. Siri could debut at some point the year after that, 2019, and serve as a spark for a playoff push. And Trammel would potentially be ready the year after that, 2020, and serve as another spark for a real shot at going deep into the playoffs. All speculation, of course, but it’s fun to imagine how the pieces of the puzzle could come together over the next few years to come.

    • RedsinWashSt

      I would add Greene hopefully. If as good as advertised he should fly through the minor leagues.

    • The Duke

      The nice thing about Trammell is that if he makes it, he’ll be ready just about the time Adam Duvall get expensive and about out of team control.

  7. Case

    I went ahead and made a prospect all star team for the year. Let me know what you think.
    C. Tyler Stephenson
    1. Gavin LaValley
    2. Shed Long
    3. Nick Senzel
    SS. Alex Blandino
    LF. Taylor Trammel
    CF. Jose Siri
    RF. Miles Gordon
    LHP. Scott Moss
    RHP. Tyler Mahle
    RP. Tanner Rainey

    Decided to go with Blandino at short because it was really close between he and Shed at 2b. Only other close one was relief pitcher. Hergert, Weiss, and Rainey all had quality seasons but it’s hard to ignore Raineys strikeout numbers.

    • Doug Gray

      Tough to give the not to Blandino at shorstop – he only played 13 games there this season. I’d also lean Herget, easily, over Rainey – while the strikeouts are hard to ignore for Rainey, so were the walks.

      • Case

        Who would you go with at 2nd and Short?

        We’ll have to agree to disagree on the relief pitcher of the year. Rainey did have the most walks but still had the lowest WHIP. I feel all three of Weiss, Rainey, and Herget should get a look in spring training next year.

        Thanks again for all you do with this site!!

    • Norwood Nate

      I’d probably nominate Jeter Downs for SS, as no one really stood out or excelled there. Blandino for UTL.

      • Greenfield Red

        Miguel Hernandez had a nice year and got a promotion during the year. Might consider him… although I know he’s a long way from Cincinnati at this point.

  8. Arnold

    Any interest on a good arm that was just DFA’d by the Cubs yesterday, RHP Pierce Johnson. He has one option left after 2017. A former #43 overall pick with a great K/9 rate. His downfall, the high BB/9 rate. A rate however, that is improved over his 2016 season. Once a starter, he was moved to the bullpen before 2016. Seems like it would be worth a waiver claim. He is just 26. The potential is there and he could be at AAA next year with that option left. Storen will be losing his 40 man spot soon. The K/9 rate is very tempting, and he did show a decrease in his BB/9 rate from 2016 to 2017, but it was still over 4 BB/9.