On Wednesday night in Cincinnati, Keury Mella made his Major League debut for the Reds. The outing could have gone better for the recently turned 24-year-old. He allowed two runs in 2.0 innings of relief against the St. Louis Cardinals. He walked two batters and had one strikeout.

Keury Mella was acquired from the San Francisco Giants along with Adam Duvall in the trade of Mike Leake. He’s made stops in Daytona, Pensacola and Louisville (one start in 2016) since joining the organization. There have been some ups-and-downs along the way.

In 2017 Keury Mella struggled a bit in the first half, but he finished strong with Double-A Pensacola. As I wrote last week, over his final 12 starts of the year, beginning in July he had just 15 walks and 58 strikeouts in 66.0 innings. The strong finish was likely one of the reasons he got the call to the big leagues.

You never know what you’re going to get from a player, particularly a pitcher, in their Major League debut. The adrenaline seems like it gets to them a little more than it does the position guys. Despite the two runs allowed, there were some good things to see from Keury Mella.

His fastball worked anywhere between 93.4 MPH and 96.4 MPH in his two innings of work. He also mixed in a change up between 83.3 and 86.6 MPH and a slider that worked from 81.0-83.3 MPH. The fastball was showing rising action, but showed some armside run, too.  His change up moves like a 2-seamer, showing some sink and more armside run than his fastball.

Deck McGuire keeps throwing well

28-years-old isn’t exactly a young age to make your Major League debut, but Deck McGuire seems to be making up for lost time. He threw another 2.0 shutout innings against the Cardinals on Wednesday night. He’s now thrown 4.2 shutout innings with just two hits allowed, no walks and he’s struck out three batters. His 95.6 MPH fastball in the game was also the hardest pitch he’s thrown in the big leagues in his short career.

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13 Responses

  1. sandheel

    McGuire is making a strong case for both a spot on the 40 man roster and a seat in next year’s bullpen.

    • Wes

      Seems to be a lock for 40 man. He needs a start this year. I’m not ruling him out as a starter in rotation if I’m reds. I give him a chance to earn a spot.

      • IndyRedsFan

        I’m of the opinion that McGuire, Adelman, and Wojo are in competition for one spot on the 40 man over the winter as the potential long reliever.

        Given the recent struggles by the other two, I agree that he has the best shot at the moment. Not sure that McGuire would have even gotten the audition if the other two hadn’t struggled in early Sept.

  2. Kap

    Mella and rookie Davis both should be relievers going forward. Mella struggles with control a but and Davis struggles with the second trip through a lineup. Hope the reds feel the same way

    • josh

      I agree Rookie Davis should not be a starter. We have too many good options that need to be looked at. Not to mention if and thats a huge if (Bailey, Disco and Finnegan) all come back healthy your talking about 2 spots for ( Castillo who is a lock, Stephenson, Garrett, Mahle). No room for Rookie.

      • IndyRedsFan

        These guys (Mella and Davis) are young and have options remaining. What’s the problem with allowing them to continue to start at L’ville next year? They can always become relievers.

        I just don’t understand the rush to move some of these young guys to the Pen.

      • Kap

        That’s understandable but there needs to be a point in time when the Reds need to stop playing musical chairs with their rotation. This season was the season to see what these kids have in the big leagues and there are a handful that are rising to the occasion. I understand we need depth in the minors but they can’t rot in triple forever. My point is that the guys who can start should stay starters and the guys who can’t should be bullpen guys (I.E. Davis and Mella)

  3. The Duke

    Any chance the appearances Mella has now determine his 40 man roster status, or is he safe regardless? Personally, I’d keep Deck McGuire over him if it’s a battle for the last spot.

    • Doug Gray

      I think he’s safe unless he blows out his shoulder between now and the end of the year. At least as the organization stands right now. Free agency, trades, waiver pick ups – those could change things as spots could be needed that I don’t foresee right now.

  4. Mark

    I’ve seen enough of Peraza not to change subject but he is just not going to cut it as a starter or a reserve in my opinion from what I have seen the last 2 seasons. We better hope Senzel is going to be OK and I’m keeping Scooter as starter at 2nd base for his bat going into next season. Keep Suarez at 3b at the start of the season and I’m not sure about SS but I trust either Vincej or Blandino there more than Peraza at this point. I HATE HATE HATE seeing what Gregorius is doing this year, good for him but hey we made the choice for Cozart which wasn’t a bad choice but now looks like that choice is coming to an end. I really like what I’m seeing from DECK, I never understood why he was kept in Pensacola all year and at least not moving up to AAA well he is proving some wrong in a short sample size so far. I think Adleman is gone after this year, had his chances….Asher not sure but I like his stuff in short doses. Decisions, decisions, decisions all over the place….

    • MK

      Talked to a guy last night going through vertigo and the therapy involved and it is a long process with no guarantees and he is no athlete. And, they told him if it clears up it could recur at any time. I felt worse about Senzel after talking to him.

      • Doug Gray

        There are very different kinds of vertigo, though. We shouldn’t just lump them all together.

  5. Pat

    I’d also, for this young crew of pitchers, put more stock on their performances now versus spring training. Whole different atmosphere and tougher line-ups faced.