There seemed to be a good media contingent today in Goodyear, Arizona for the Cincinnati Reds instructional league game. There’s probably a good reason for it, too. Hunter Greene was on the mound for the first time in instructional league. Bill Mitchell, who is a photographer and also contributes photos and writes for Baseball America was there. So too was Fangraphs lead prospect writer Eric Longenhagen.

We will start out by talking about Hunter Greene and what Longenhagen reported:

The velocity is always nice to see. We saw that from Hunter Greene in his first professional game, too. In that outing he topped out at 101.7 MPH according to a source that I spoke with that night. What stands out to me as the good stuff here, though, is the spin rate. 2200 RPM for a fastball at that speed is actually on the low-end of the spectrum. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a little bit different.

Low-spin fastballs tend to induce more ground balls and fewer swings-and-misses than higher-spin fastballs at the same velocity. While the high-spin/low-spin may not necessarily be caused by a 2 or 4-seam grip, you can think of the movement of the pitch in that way. A low-spin fastball will have more sinking action to it, while a high-spin fastball will have more “rise” to it (pitches don’t actually rise unless thrown underhand or overhead in which case no one will ever swing at it and it’ll go right to the netting behind the plate).

The game itself, turned into a slugfest, in which the Reds won 14-12. The winning runs? Those came on a Taylor Trammell walk-off 2-run home run according to Bill Mitchell.

It’s not that Taylor Trammell doesn’t have some pop in his bat now – he had 47 extra-base hits in Dayton last season, but the power is just going to keep coming for him. The ball will carry off of his bat at times much further than you expect when he makes contact. He’s got such a well rounded game already, despite turning 20-years-old less than two weeks ago.

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  1. The Duke

    If the power keeps coming for Trammell, he may very well find himself in the middle of the order. Couple that with the already good plate discipline and decreasing strikeout rate as the year went along, and the ceiling is very high. He’s already the Reds #3 prospect in my opinion behind only Senzel and Greene.

    • Jesse

      Duke, I’m SUPER impressed with Trammell and honestly I’d rank him just below Senzel in the Rankings… Dudes potential is unlimited… and took huge steps this year again

      • MK

        Have had the opportunity to talk to Taylor many times and he is definitely not a kid full of himself. He also is very grounded emotionally can’t tell if he had three hits or three K’s. To me he has the whole package, head and body.

  2. MK

    Velocity and spin are great but did they report whether he actually got anybody out? There was some bad pitching somewhere if they gave up twelve runs.

    • Shagger

      The rangers scored 3 in the first and the inning ended early for pitch count. Then 3 more runs in the 2nd inning, so no they hit him hard.

    • Colt Holt

      Per Longenhagen’s FG chat today, he got hit hard, but was known to be “working” on his offspeed.

  3. CP

    I’ll be very interested to watch Trammel and Siri’s ability to continue to produce at higher levels next year. Their ceilings are both so high, and it would go a long ways to extending the Reds competitive window after some of Duval, Schebler, Hamilton possibly run their course at Cincy…

  4. terry m

    Wonder what it would take to get RHP Fulmer from Detroit ? Detroit has just stared their rebuild and has a very weak minor league system right now !!

    • Kap

      Trammell to start with, one of our near ready SP (Romano, Stephenson, Mahle), and at least two of our top 20 prospects. Won’t be cheap but it would solidify are rotation

    • MK

      Don’t know how weak their system is, if West Michigan is an example they have some good young pitching and had the best record in both halves of Midwest League. They have been pretty good for several years, so they should have some talent above there. Plus they picked up some nice prospects including Dez Cameron for Verlander.

      • terry m

        Mk does Detroit have prospects Yes they do. Sounds like you base opinion on a couple of nice arms in Low A ball. I looked at the system rank thru a couple of sources. Perhaps its not VERRY weak but its not a top ten. I think you like to pick on every word people post and not the entire post. Would you trade for Fulmer is the question ? You might even like his personality…

    • Wes

      Terry, i like him but I would not. I agree on asking price and it’s too steep for him because he tappered off both seasons at the end. There’s a couple guys out there I like a little better that I’d pursue archer or snell from Tampa first

      • terry m

        You are correct he did tapper off in both seasons. I like Snell and Archer also. Just think the Reds might try and pull off a big trade this winter. Think we have more prospects now then when we traded for Latos. Could be a very interesting winter meetings this year.

      • Wes

        Yeah terry been saying for a while now reds got too many prospects and players. I don’t hate schebler there’s just no room at the inn. If I’m reds I want to extend to a team friendly or trade Suarez. Extend and he’s 2nd baseman trade and then find the best trade match. Suarez Duvall Stephenson for Snell or archer gives rays improved controllable bats and a high risk high reward caliber starter that has skills to compete in al east

        Then give arbitration to cozart. I’d pay him 20 for 1 season before 40 for 3.

    • Greenfield Red

      If I’m in charge of the Reds, I’m not trading any prospects. I would consider trades for some veterans on the current team to add the the Reds prospect list.

      The Reds and Tigers have pretty comparable systems, at least at the upper end. Detroit has 5 top 100, and the Reds have 4. Detroit’s highest is #41. The Reds have two in the top 20, and I can see several who would be candidates to move up soon… but Detroit would probably say the same.

      The Reds have more 50 level prospects than the Tigers.

      All in all, it looks fairly even. I don’t know about depth, which is where the Reds seem to have a lot.

  5. MikeD

    I honestly don’t think MK was/is picking anything apart. He certainly has seen a lot of games, and I’m always like his thoughts.

    I would not unload the players that it would take to get Fulmer. The Reds are always going to need a flow of prospects in order to minimize “the widow” that is constantly discussed. Fulmer may help get them to the wild card, but that is it. Then in a couple years, they are back trying to restock. They have enough quality arms, that they in my opinion, should stay the course.

    That said, I would look to move Billy and figure out the shortstop/third base situation.

    • terry m

      You and I will disagree. The question was would you trade for Fulmer not if you think the Detroit has a strong or weak farm system that’s all. He does pick apart statements also even if he does go to a lot of games. I also don’t think you can base an entire system on a couple of nice arms on a low A ball club.

      Reason I asked about Fulmer is that I have real concerns about Disco. I would trade for Fulmer but their are certain players that I would not include from the Reds like Senzel etc.

      • HavaKlu

        Are you aware that Fulmer just had ulnar nerve surgery? Just what we need, another pitcher coming off a serious injury!

  6. MK

    Saw a great Facebook post from the Reds Instructional League where the boys are in a classroom setting learning about many of the countries represented; Italy, Curaçao, Aruba, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. With the help of a moderator the information is being provided by players from those countries. Looks like a great team-building exercise.