The Cincinnati Reds will enter Sunday’s season finale against the Chicago Cubs looking at locking up the #4 or #5 pick in the Major League Baseball draft. Saturday night didn’t go the Reds way. The #3 pick in the draft was still in play as the Philadelphia Phillies took on the New York Mets. If the Phillies won out this weekend, and the Reds lost each game then the two would be tied at the end of the year. The Reds would have held the tie-breaker, giving them the #3 pick. Unfortunately the Mets hit a 3-run home run in the 11th inning to give them the victory over the Phillies, keeping the Reds out of that spot.

The White Sox and the Reds are now tied at 67-94. The Reds hold the tie-breaker, which is the previous years won-loss record. If the Reds lose, or the White Sox win, the Reds will clinch the #4 pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball draft. A Reds win and a White Sox loss would clinch the #5 spot in the Major League Baseball draft. The difference between the two spots was $446,300 in pool money during 2017 and likely to be extremely similar next season, too.

Deck McGuire will get the start on Sunday afternoon in Chicago. He will be looking to rebound from his first career start the last time he took the mound. The Brewers scored four earned runs, six runs total, in 3.0 innings with two walks and five strikeouts against the right hander on the 26th. He had thrown 5.2 shutout innings out of the bullpen prior to his start.

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28 Responses

  1. Shamrock

    Hey guys……are we trying to tank…..or are we really this God awful?

    • Wes

      Not trying to tank but also not giving best chance to win w line up. Terrible time to gauge gauge quality of any team. Not much left to play for on last weekend of season.

      • Hoosierbadger

        Empty the bench today, although perhaps you play the starters twice through the batting order. The outcome is irrelevant except for the Reds draft position. Cubs have the division locked up.

  2. j-dawg

    Doug, it sounds like you’re rooting for them to lose SMH

    • Doug Gray

      I am rooting for them to lose. Because I want the Reds to win and them losing today makes it more likely that they actually win in the future.

      • j-dawg

        I know it helps with draft picks, but I can’t bring myself to root for them to lose.

        It doesn’t bother me that others do, though, because either way we win.

      • Greenfield Red

        If a team, especially a small market team not competing for high priced free agents, is not in the playoff hunt, there is no value in finishing with 75 or 70 wins.

        I’m 52, and I want to see the Reds win the World Series again in my lifetime. Trying to appease the fanbase by being competitive is a recipe for not winning the WS. Finishing with 60 or 65 wins greatly increases draft position which is the ticket to winning.

        Think of how valuable the top couple of picks are in the last two drafts when the Reds picked so high. Senzel, Trammell, Greene, Downs, and others drafted in the last few years are the key, and it’s indisputable that Senzel, Greene, and Trammell are the headliners. Had they finished stronger in 2015 and 2016, the Reds would not have any of those guys. Would you trade any of those three for any 1 guy drafted in the last two years? I wouldn’t.

        Picking 4th or 5th makes it harder for the Reds to find that impact guy, but it’s better than picking 9th or 10th with 74 or 75 2017 wins in your pocket.

  3. Norwood Nate

    I’m not saying he is “rooting” for them to lose, but why shouldn’t he? What does winning today accomplish for the Reds? Does it salvage the season? Does it make the offseason more bearable to tack on the 65th win? Does it change the outlook one iota for next season? Winning has zero benefit for the team’s future. It may make some fans have a better afternoon.

    Losing does help the team’s future. Are you suggesting we shouldn’t be rooting for the Reds to position themselves better for the future? If we lose we are assured to have the #4 pick in the draft next season. There’s incentive to lose when you’re bad and no incentive to win.

    Like the quote attributed to Lincoln: “whatever you are, be a good one”. Well, this season the Reds are losers. Might as well lose as good as possible when there’s a payoff for being better at losing and no pay off for being mediocre.

      • Norwood Nate

        Fair enough. The SMH at the end didn’t make it read that way to me. That, and the fact many fans either here or on RLN have seriously taken up the position that the Reds shouldn’t be playing for draft position at this point.

  4. dbfromnva

    Looking at the top 50 college and HS rankings in BA I really like the look of the 2018 HS class. Singer and the top 7 HS guys really look interesting.

  5. Redsvol

    I want Deck Mcguire to pitch a complete game shutout – because we need to find someone else who can pitch in the major leagues and get someone out before the year 2020.

    • Todd

      If you think Deck McGuire is anything more than organizational depth (if that?!), you are delusional. On a team with 7-8+ legitimate starting pitching options ahead of him, his start today is beyond inconsequential. I (like any Reds fan) wants them to be successful – and the only path to success for a small-market team is to increase your organization’s young (and controllable) depth.

      • The Rage

        Yeah, Reds fans are behind the times right now. 80% of the talent the Reds want to win with, is here right now. Castillo,Romano, Bobby, Mahle, Iggy ete ete……..Dan is just fodder going against the Cubs AAAA team. Right in his area. He has no future here.

        Don’t be surprised the Reds pen doesn’t get the greater attention than the rotation this winter. I have heard Williams will not tolerate another bad pen next season and with the young guns rising into the majors, I suspect it will be done. Between the development of young starters and a much improved pen, the Reds could win 20 more games next season.

      • Greenfield Red

        Funny, your comments are exactly the opposite of the comments I heard from Bryan Price today regarding Deck McGuire.

      • Redsvol

        Todd – which 7-8 legitimate pitching options would you put ahead of Deck? The one that pitched well for one month of the season (Garrett) or the one that didn’t pitch well in any month of the season (Reed). Only 1 guy really seized his opportunity this year. The rest had ample opportunity and didn’t do enough to make me think they are better than a guy like McGuire. On well-run teams you have to produce or get out of the way. And by the way, one spot lower in a draft that might produce a player in 2023 is meaningless for depth.

  6. Shamrock

    It was great to see the kids out there today executing correctly without the fear they had exhibited for much of the past week.
    We just showed that we can win a game against a real playoff team. I think this win will be huge in carrying over their confidence into next season. Go Reds!!!!!!!

  7. Jim Delaney

    I will believe Williams improves the pen and roster when he does it… he and ownership mailed in this losing season and there bringong back a losing manager who hasnt shown any improvement in handling a pitching staff as a Manager…..expect 2018 to be more of the same and ownership will cry that the reason for the losing is being in a small market….. hope I am wrong….

    • The Rage

      They had little choice. Homer’s bone spurs were the start. Then Disco blew out his elbow. Then Finnegan’s style clashed with starting by late April. The bullpen didn’t get any freak events to help either.

      Maybe if Homer comes back ready to throw like he was at the end of the year and Disco’s elbow stays intact, the season is different. The BP was always going to be a problem. Lorenzen is lucky I am not GM. He would be DFA’d for that show in the 2nd half of the year, if it is not physically related to his own UCL separation. Funny as it is, Homer probably has the best shot to come back and do something next year of the 3 in the starting rotation. To win 90 games, he needs to pitch 200 solid ones. Can he hold up? Is there any more skeletons in the closet?

      Watch the language. You can make your point without that.

      • Greenfield Red

        I try to stay away from the negative, but I think you may be right regarding Disco. If he ends up needing TJS next Spring, the people who didn’t make it happen this Spring should have to answer tough questions.

      • Doug Gray

        The people? The Reds can tell him that he needs it all he wants, but unless the player agrees, it doesn’t matter. You can’t force surgery on someone.

  8. Pat

    When you hope to lose so that you can get 1 pick higher in the draft that may or may not develop in 4 years you know you’ve hit rock bottom. As it is it’s the #5 pick and does that make an impact on the future/franchise? Absolutely not. We’ve seen this year that developing pitchers is a 50/50 proposition at best. Romano, Castillo (not developed here) ok…Mahle, Stephenson – maybe…Garrett, Davis (not developed here), Stephens – not so much. And that’s what all teams experience with pitching talent. Good year gets you to 85-90 wins and maybe a wildcard – see Oakland A’s – and then the talent is traded if they’re really top notch due to free agency. This is the roller coaster that will be the Reds’ upcoming history. Get used to it. Every now and then a playoff year. With all the stars aligning a year like the Royals a couple of years ago. Most years hovering near .500 and not making the needed moves. This is very good business for Doug’s business – what might be in low A, A, AA…always evaluating…but not so good with fans that want a consistent big league team in the playoff hunt. That’s small market baseball. Besides, games are cheaper and players a lot more accessible in the minors. Here’s to #5 and all the hype that he’ll get in a few months…my betting money says he doesn’t change the long term fortunes of the Reds.

    • Greenfield Red

      Pat, I really don’t understand the negativity. I have been somewhat critical of the Reds moves the last couple of years. I don’t think they’ve done enough in acquiring young talent to make a World Series run. That’s my opinion. But what they have done is pretty impressive. The last two drafts alone have put excellent talent in the system. Add in the international signings and the little other good work they’ve done in trades other acquisitions, it’s a lot.

      I guess what it sounds like to me is that you think there is no hope for a World Series. I don’t agree. There is hope.

  9. MikeD

    Pat, I think you are correct in that the #5 pick is not going to make a difference one way or the other. I do think the additional spending money that came with being at #4, was substantial enough to give the Reds some additional flexibility in their drafting. It use to bug me about the whole small market thing, but I have come to accept that if you are going to own a team, you must have deep pockets. If you don’t, you have no business being an owner. That sucks on many levels, but that’s a reality.

    I would say that the Reds are a whole lot better off than the Marlins. Derek Jeter must believe that he’s smarter than the others, because that whole situation is a total wreck. But hey, they won’t have to pay Tony Perez!

    • Brad

      I would love to see the Reds bring back Tony Perez. With all the young Cuban players in the system, he was one of the guys they all looked up to. Could be a great addition in a smaller role.

  10. Justin

    Typical Reds! They play all their starters and play to win meanwhile the cubs didnt even showup. Now we pick 5 instead of 4. Maybe not a huge loss in the long run but it still very frustrating to see them win in a completely lost season.