This week on Cincinnati Reds Minor League Talk we discuss the following points:

  • The 2017 season has wrapped up – how did some of the young guys perform and what does it mean for 2018?
  • The 2018 Draft is locked in.
  • The Midwest League Top 20 List – who made it, and who didn’t.
  • Braves General Manager resigned due to what appears to be illegal signing (illegal to baseball’s rules, not necessarily the laws of any countries) of international prospects.

I honestly didn’t expect the video to run for 14 minutes. I try to keep the podcasts at about 10 minutes. The introduction to the John Copelella situation led me to running a bit long. And I still feel like I barely touched on the entire situation. I imagine as more comes out that it will find it’s way back into the conversation. I’m incredibly interested to see what the organization was doing to skirt the rules. I’m also very interested in the punishment for doing so. Ever since Major League Baseball decided to limit the amount of money spent on guys on the international market, teams have been looking ways to get around the rules without actually breaking them.

Update on Jose Siri, Tony Santillan and the MWL Top 20

The Baseball America chat for the Midwest League Top 20 is now complete. The Jose Siri and Tony Santillan missing from the Top 20 question was asked and answered.

Billy (MD): How close were Jose Siri and Tony Santillan to making the list? What held them back?

J.J. Cooper: This is always the tough aspect of doing a Midwest League Top 20 (and a Sally League Top 20 for that matter) they are massive leagues that are hard to limit to 20. With Siri, his age and his improving but still at times shaky plate discipline were the biggest hurdle to ranking. See Santillan on the right night and it’s hard to imagine him not making this top 20. See him on the wrong night and he looks like a power reliever and power relievers rarely make MWL Top 20s.

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13 Responses

  1. KyWilson1

    Do you see J. Profar as a good buy low trade candidate for the Reds? He can play anywhere up the middle, and is still fairly young. He could be another Tim Beckham type bargain bin player.

  2. Wes

    Price is not a platoon coach and he sits rookies so winker will either ride bench or have to start in aaa. I’m a big believer in prospect fatigue and winker has nothing left to prove in miners and he’s earned his spot in everyday line up.

    So for that to happen schebler has to be moved or cut. Only way he’s moved is if a team wants him on a throw in on a bigger trade. He has little to no stand alone value.

    So you either cut schebler or waste away winker. Management needs to cut him when it comes down to 40 man roster.

    • Doug Gray

      Why Schebler and not Duvall? It’s hard for me to make an argument that Duvall is better than Schebler.

    • Wes

      All I see is stats. I listen and watch games but not in great detail. So that makes me a big believer in how you preform and comparing that historically. So to me I stick w Duvall since his d is good and has had 2 30/30/100 seasons in a row which is very impressive while also giving him increased trade value. But w Billy’s value w bat weak and winker still unproven it’s hard for me to have so many questions in outfield and still hope to reproduce 2017 offensive numbers.

      Now if someone wants to pay market value for Duvall I’m ok w that. Maybe he’s a center piece and we get an 8th inning set up man- that’s great for reds! And situation works itself out.

      I respect your opinion a lot and i think shebler can still be a good pro and he will for sure get a chance somewhere. I just prefer the higher probability from a historical factor that comes w Duvall that he can repeat numbers vs doing it for the first time. Especially when it comes to one or other.

      • Doug Gray

        Duvall has a sub .300 OBP two years in a row. This year he was actually a below-average offensive player because of it. There’s a higher probability that Schebler continues to outperform Duvall. He’s younger and he’s better today.

      • Wes

        Duvall was 18th in doubles 25 in RBI and 30 in homers in all of baseball. Someone has to hit for power and drive in runs. You usually have to sacrifice obp for that.

        The baseball season is an absolute mental grind and players get “hurt” all the time while slumping and go on dl for an injury when actually they just needed a mental sabbatical. I think that was the case w schebler this past season vs a shoulder injury. Duvall wears down for sure but schebler hasn’t proven he can play and produce for a full season yet that’s why I prefer the proven product.

        I over reacted when they extended price but he’s really not a good fit for cincy. If he would platoon this is a mute convo and in today’s baseball platooning is proven and successful. There’s plenty of atbats for all four and they all should have more time off when looking at production but price has reputation of playing same guys everyday. Schebler starts 2x in center and once at each corner in a week and everybody can rest plenty and get plenty of at bats

  3. Sandheel

    Admittedly watching from afar is very different than being there, but the statistics show Duvall the better player.

    This year Duvall was involved in 177 runs to 140 for Schebler. His BA was 16 points higher.

    In 2016 it wasn’t even close (Duvall 188 to 76) but the disparity in playing time makes it unfair. for me to offer the comparison.

    Duvall is a proven 30 HR and 100 RBI man and I much prefer him to Schebler who I think has much less market value.

    • Cguy

      Great comment. At the beginning of 2016, very few thought Duvall was either a ML outfielder or an everyday player. At the beginning of 2017, almost everyone doubted Adam could repeat his 2016 performance. If the Reds are intelligent enough not to trade him (or bench him), a year from now the same detractors will be saying he’s getting old & expensive. As I see it, the more high OBP hitters in the batting order, the more you need an Adam Duvall.

  4. DX

    It looks like Tony Cingrani has a good season with the Dodgers. Reds could have used a good Tony Cingrani. I am not sure what they got in return, do you think he was a salary or attitude issue

    • Wes

      There’s no room for him. Finnegan or Garrett will fill his spot as bullpen lefty

  5. Mike V

    Thanks Doug .. Looking forward to these video “chats” during the long cold winter to come.