Another day and another big game for Taylor Sparks in the Arizona Fall League. Sparks, starting as the designated hitter on Monday, went 1-4 with a 2-run home run, was hit by a pitch and had scored two runs. The 24-year-old had played in four games for Scottsdale so far and he’s hitting .438/.500/.750. He’s gone 7-16 with a triple, the home run he hit on Monday and he’s stolen a base, too.

Chad Tromp hasn’t gotten as much playing time as Sparks, but when he’s been on the field he’s made it count. His first start came on Friday night, when he went 2-4 with a double and a run. Monday night he got his second start behind the plate and added two more hits, going 2-3 with a walk, run and an RBI. Limited time, but Tromp is making it count.

Brantley Bell started the game at third base and led off. He went 1-5, but made the one count. His lone hit was a double that drove in a run, his second RBI of the game.

Expansion in the Majors?

Tracy Ringolsby has up an interesting article at Baseball America this week. He looks at how Major League Baseball could expand, adding in two teams. One would be in Portland and the other in Montreal. That alone would be quite a shake up, jumping from 30 to 32 teams. But, that’s not his only idea.

The other part of the plan would be to realign the divisions and eliminate leagues. Each division would have eight teams. The schedule would drop to 156 games, too. There’s a lot to it, and I think it’s a stretch to see it actually happening as he sees it. But, I have certainly heard worse ideas around baseball.


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  1. Concernedfan

    Doug, I just seen garrett in the airport in Cincinnati. He was walking on crutches. I asked him what happened. His response was short. Said He was ok. Do you know anything about this?

    • CP

      I wonder if they did a procedure to help with the hip issues he was having earlier in the year…

  2. Colorado Red

    I would not have an issue with cutting the divisions to 2.
    But I would HATE eliminating the leagues.

    I could live with it, if they eliminated the DH, but that is not going to happen.

  3. MK

    Good to see Sparks bouncing back. He struggled a little at Dayton the second half. Just another example of how a hand/wrist injury can derail a hitter. If he can bounce back and maintain his performance in Arizona and continue to improve across the board, as originally expected, it could really make yesterday’s Senzel conversation more interesting.

  4. The Duke

    They should drop down to 144 games for the regular season. Start a week later, a few more off days in the season and end the regular season a week earlier.

    • wes

      Good luck with that! I’m sure the owners and traditionalists (for different reasons) would loose their minds at 6 less games- let alone 18.

    • MK

      I would like to see them add one Sunday doubleheader a month which could cut three dates at home and on the road a season shortening the season by a week.

    • Colorado Red

      The problem is 11 less home games per team.
      Are the players willing to take a paycut?

  5. wes

    Perfect time to expend! Tons of talent out there to fill 2 more teams, both markets would be excellent choices, other sports are down right now, and a more well rounded playoff system is MLBs biggest need right now. I hope they get it done!

    I know there’s risk involved but I also think a Latin ball club makes sense. Like a Mexico City team. That would draw in a whole new fan base.

    • terry m

      Kind of like the Mexico City team idea. US and Mexico really need to get along better and something like this might help. I also think your comment about other sports is also spot on.

      • Marvelous Marv

        San Juan, Puerto Rica, not Mexico City.
        Las Vegas baby, not Portland, OR. Rain, rain and more rain in the Pacific Northwest, but not in Vegas, baby.
        Montreal is only a sentimental choice.

  6. Scott C

    On expansion I like the idea of going down to four divisions of eight teams. There is no reason to get rid of American and National Leagues, geographically it would still work out well with Portland going to American League and Montreal going to National League, or wherever expansion goes those could easily flip flop. But I don’t see MLB going that way.

  7. terry m

    BA has the Reds draft report card up today. Need to have subscription to view. Lists Downs as best hitter. Fairchild as the fastest and Greene as the best power hitter. They say scouts said he had the potential to hit 30 HR plus.