There’s a big change this year with the Baseball America Reds prospect list. After being compiled by JJ Cooper for the last, well, almost forever, C. Trent Rosecrans has taken over. Cooper has been promoted up the ladder at Baseball America and it would seem some of his new duties require him to drop some of his past work. Rosecrans, who has been contributing to the pages of Baseball America for a while takes over the Reds system coverage.

This morning he published his first set of rankings on the Reds system for the magazine. The list itself is free to see for everyone, as is the best tools list. The full scouting reports, though, require a subscription. Rosecrans has the same Top 10  prospects that I had two weeks ago. We, however, had a different order. I don’t want to give away the entire Top 10 because you should head over and read the entire article there, but here’s how the Top 5 shakes out:

  1. Nick Senzel
  2. Hunter Greene
  3. Taylor Trammell
  4. Tyler Mahle
  5. Jesse Winker

The expected names show up in the best tools section. There was one big surprise to me in the best tools section. I won’t give away who takes the nod, and I’ve heard good things about this player defensively, but the best defensive outfielder seemed like a lock for Jose Siri in my mind. If the winner in this category is better than Siri, we’re talking about a future Gold Glove caliber player. Among the 15 Best Tool winners, there were 11 different players listed. Only Jose Siri and Nick Senzel showed up more than once.

Reds prospects look strong in the AFL on Thursday

Scottsdale got big contributions from the Cincinnati Reds organization on Thursday night in the Arizona Fall League. Taylor Sparks went 2-4 with a walk, was hit by a pitch and added his 4th home run of the season. He’s hitting .328 through 16 games (20-61). Hitting 9th in the lineup, Chad Tromp contributed in his own way. He went 3-5 and also homered to drive in two runs. He’s hitting .375 through eight games (12-32).


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  1. sultanofswaff

    Not that it’s easy to land a solid major leaguer with each first round pick, but I bet the Reds would like a do-over on 2012-14 picks Travieso/Ervin/Howard (Gelalich was in there too).

    Despite some notable graduations, this list is very strong. Senzel/Greene/Trammell/Winker/Stephenson are my near untouchables. Anyone else should be offered to improve CF/SS/bullpen. Packaging prospects with Hamilton and/or Duvall, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get something done.

    • Norwood Nate

      Maybe, but wouldn’t most clubs in hindsight?

      I would say it’s too early to know much at all on Travieso. He was progressing rather nicely until he was injured. His 2016 wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. He’s also not the first guy to struggle in his first taste of AA (Mahle for example in a SSS).

      Ervin is a “win” just by making the Majors. Especially as a late first rounder. He still has some value upside and is ready to contribute.

      And Howard, well, at this point he appears to be a complete bust. It should be noted that Winker came from that 2012 draft as a Comp pick, and Blandino was a comp pick from Choo becoming a FA in 2014 (and picked about the same place as Ervin, #27 and #29 picks in their respective classes) making up a little bit for the missed Howard pick.

    • earmbrister

      Sultan, like Norwood said, who wouldn’t want do-overs?

      Take the Astros … The batting result is my personal opinion of their picks, but it’s very apparent that they had very mixed results:

      2012 – Drafted 1st overall – Correa (HR)
      2013 – Drafted 1st overall – Mark Appel (K) (mixed results, then shoulder problems, note: Appel was drafted 8th overall in 2012, so 2 teams K’d on this prospect)
      2014 – Drafted 1st overall – Brady Aiken (backwards K) (unsigned, elbow problems)

      The Astros drafted 1st overall 3 straight years, and struck out 2x’s.

      The Reds drafts:

      2012 – Drafted 14th overall – Travieso (BB) (mixed results, injuries)
      2013 – Drafted 27th overall – Ervin (D) (reached majors, decent prospect)
      2014 – Drafted 19th overall – Howard (K) (injuries, no results)

      The Reds had much much lower draft positions than the Astros. The better comparison would be the 2015 and 2016 drafts where the Reds chose Senzel and Greene, both from the 2nd spot overall. As you said, these two are near untouchables.

  2. MK

    His 2021 projected line-up is interesting. Barnhart -C, Votto- 1B, Suarez-2B, Senzel-3B, Peraza-SS, Trammell-LF, Hamilton-CF, Winker-RF, SPs-Greene, Castillo, Mahle, Stephenson, Garrett, Closer- Iglesias

    • Doug Gray

      The rotation as a whole is interesting. Since they aren’t supposed to consider contracts, that means that the projection says DeSclafani, Finnegan and Bailey will all be worse than that group. Possible? Sure. Likely? I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • Brock

        I’m very surprised Siri is not his projected CF and he thinks Hamilton will still be around.

      • Doug Gray

        By rule, if you are in the organization now, you are projected to always be in the organization for this exercise.

    • bouwills

      Yeah still have a couple of the worst hitters in the league Peraza, Hamilton- but they’ll be 3 years older? He may have something there in the rotation with Greene(#1) & Castillo (#2). Reds fans may look back on 2017 as the year the Reds acquired a pair of aces.

    • Wes

      May be a bit of a stretch but if Greene’s 1 in 21 then BA projects him to likely arrive in 19 pitch large portion of 2020 and be ready to take over staff in 2021.

      • Patrick

        Castillo was an older guy and it took a lot of things to go wrong in Cincinnati for him to go from AA to the majors this last year. He ran with it when he got there.

        I have a hard time seeing Hunter in Cincinnati as the #1 guy in 2021

    • Stock

      I would have expected Disco ahead of Garrett. Glad to see someone has faith that Mahle is the real deal by ranking him ahead of Stephenson.

  3. redleggingfordayz

    WOW! I did not expect that award at all, especially with how much everyone has gushed over Siri (rightfully so imo). Doug, not to ruin the article for others yet, but do you have any follow up on that? Is SF really that solid from what you have heard/seen?

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve heard good things about Fairchild defensively, but no one that I spoke with seemed to hold him in quite the same regard defensively as Siri.

      • redleggingfordayz

        Obviously I want to see him compete in some tougher leagues, but if he can get some more power, the pitch recognition at least seemed to be there. Could be a really nice depth piece moving forward if the defense is that solid. Guess I will have to go see him in person in Dayton next year!

      • The Duke

        That’s lofty praise. I saw a Dayton game in May where it was Trammell in LF, Siri in CF, and Friedl in RF. Any ball hit above about 15-20 feet that didn’t leave the park was getting caught that night. It may have been the most impressive defensive outfield from a ground coverage standpoint I’ve ever seen. Siri would effortlessly track balls down in the gaps and more often than not the corner OF would be directly behind him backing him up in case the ball got through. Fairchild/Gordon/Sugilio should be pretty good too, but dang that 2017 OF was good defensively.

  4. donny

    I like there ranking with the exception of Siri.
    Just not sold on Siri until i see what he does in double aa. I am sure he will do fine in a+. Not giving Siri the benefit of doubt like say i would with the comparison of Friedl, and Fairchild. Who i think are very similar. With fairchild with maybe a bit more power who knows we’ll see. So in my ranking for this year i gave Fairchild the benefit of doubt, until i see him one more year. Fairchild only hit 3 hrs in billings.

    • The Duke

      Fairchild showed power in college and showed it in BP in Billings, but that BP power has to translate over to the games still. He was just first transitioning to wood bats too, so that takes some college guys a little adjustment time. I think he’s at least a 10-15 HR guy in the future if the contact rates and plate discipline play, and maybe a 15-20 HR guy if the raw power plays well.

  5. Richard Williams

    Rosencrans. Just an Enquirer hack crybaby. Not a Very good baseball mind at all. How many minor league games does he watch? He is just piggybacking and plagiarizing others.

    • Doug Gray

      This is very incorrect, and very misunderstanding of what it is that Baseball America is and what they do.

      Baseball America employees zero scouts. They employee journalist. Those journalist talk to scouts to form “overall opinions” on prospects.

      They have never been scouts. They’ve never claimed to be scouts. What I do, for example, is not what they do or what they claim to do.

    • RFM

      Note Richard doesn’t bring up any specific objection to the list, just general opposition to journalists.

  6. Jim t

    Doug hope you don’t mind me sharing this.

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    • Doug Gray

      That he’s going to be out of the Reds budget, so I wouldn’t think too much about signing him.