Redsfest is probably the best even of the offseason for Cincinnati Reds fans. While the Caravan is awesome, and it travels around Reds country, you only get so many players/coaches/former players/broadcasters at each stop. At Redsfest you get 65 such people all at once spread out over two days. That number may get larger, too.

This year Redsfest falls on December 1st and 2nd. The Reds just updated the list of players that are scheduled to appear yesterday. Here’s the updated list of the prospects that will be there:

  • Aaron Fossas
  • Alex Blandino
  • Alfredo Rodriguez
  • Ariel Hernandez
  • Hunter Greene
  • Jackson Stephens
  • Jesse Winker
  • Jimmy Herget
  • Jose Siri
  • Keury Mella
  • Nick Senzel
  • Phillip Ervin
  • Scott Moss
  • Shed Long
  • Taylor Trammell
  • Tony Santillan
  • Tyler Mahle
  • Tyler Stephenson

You can see the entire list of appearances for Redsfest here.

Braves to lose prospects

You probably saw the scandal last month with the Atlanta Braves that led to their General Manager and a Special Assistant to the GM both resigned due to their involvement in international signing practices that went against Major League Baseball rules. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic had news last night that while the final punishment is still unknown, that it’s going to include a loss of prospects that the team had signed.

There’s a real chance that one of the best young prospects in baseball, Kevin Maitan, could be one of the players declared a free agent. He received the top bonus of all the 16/17-year-old crop in the 2016 signing period and was ranked as high as the #32 prospect in all of baseball before the year began (MLB Pipeline). Both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus also included him in their Top 100’s prior to the start of the season.

Whether Maitan ultimately is declared a free agent, or it’s other minor leaguers from the Braves, we will have to wait and see. But, any player who is placed back into free agency is still held to the same pool space as before – which means that the Reds won’t be contenders for a guy like Maitan – but could possibly benefit from other players if they do become available that aren’t quite as highly regarded at this time.


14 Responses

  1. Billy

    Any chance that teams under the penalty may attempt to argue that the Braves actions unfairly limited their opportunities to acquire talent during the prior signing period, and that as a result they should be given opportunity to pursue the affected prospects under the conditions in place during the 2016 signing year?

    It seems particularly unfair that teams that were under the penalty last year but not this year may get rewarded for the Braves malfeasance, while teams like the Reds are hurt by it.

    • greg

      You have a point, but I don’t see MLB really caring about that. When the cardinals hacking scandal went down, MLB awarded houston 2 extra draft picks without caring that it was unfair to their AL west division rivals or those who picked around them in that draft.

  2. Kap

    Kinda unrelated to the baseball aspect, but I’m playing in the poker tournament Saturday. Looking forward to playing against any Reds player. Has anyone played in it before and what was it like?

  3. wes

    IMO, Braves got best system in the minors. Better than White Sox. They have 6-7 guys on their top 30 were signed roughly in that time period. Be pretty wild to see all those guys hit the market at once. Really hope there is a way Reds can get in on that! They have a track record of forking out the money for some of these guys!

    • Colorado Red

      It is a bummer that the international rules still apply.
      Makes it harder for the Reds to pick up a top player.

  4. Arnold Ziffle

    Almost half of MLB’s 30 teams fall into the same penalty category as the Reds do. I think there are even a few teams that have lesser money than this category. That will make for a very limited market.
    MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred ought to do the right thing here. Once these players are declared free agents again, Manfred should designate a special 30-day period that all other 29 teams would be eligible to sign any of these free agents. Only these free agents would be involved. Each team is given a $4M or $5M pool to work with. Once the 30-day period is over, if there are any remaining free agents from these, then they go back into the current system under the current rules. No adding to this special pool money. The teams that don’t sign any players and don’t use that money cannot carry over any of that money to their current pool. Left over money, or money not used, then dries up after the 30-day period. It was granted for one purpose only. It cannot be used for anything else. It was only there to give all other 29 teams a level playing field and a fair shot at bidding for these free agents. Having all other 29 team eligible for these free agents with the same amount of pool money would be a little extra punishment the Commissioner could throw Atlanta’s way. Having a 30-day deadline also inspires the players to sign quickly before they have to go back under the new rule’s limits. It is fair to the players and the teams.
    Let the poaching begin.

  5. Billy

    How about this… Could MLB declare the affected prospects free agents, free to negotiate with any team, but with the stipulation that they can’t sign for more than $300K. The reasoning would be that they get to keep any money received from the Braves in their original deal so any new money would be gravy, and limiting their contract to $300K means that even teams under the penalty would be able to pursue the affected players.

    MLB is all about limiting how much they pay for labor, so I’d assume they’d be all for this plan. MLBPA may not agree though.

    • wes

      Yeah I like that, but if they are just all out righted as free agents- that may be reds best chance to sign a guy or two- they have track record of willing to pay above market value for potential free agents. I think Maitin could get 10 mil or more if everyone was a free agent and I think Reds would be willing to pay that.

      • Colorado Red

        Reds are still restricted to what they can pay, based on last year.

  6. Krozley

    Deck McGuire signed with the Blue Jays on a minor league deal.