For young players without upper minor league experience it’s usually difficult to get playing time in the Dominican Winter League. For Jose Siri he didn’t see much action early in the season for the Gigantes. Most of his action came as a pinch runner where he was a big time weapon late in games.

In November he started seeing more action beyond pinch running. Dating back to November 6th, Jose Siri has played in 10 games. Seven of those games were starts. In the other three games he got one at-bat. Over this stretch he’s performed quite well, going 10-31 (.323) with two walks and seven strikeouts. He’s also doubled three times and tripled, leading to a .484 slugging percentage in that span.

Sticking with the Dominican Winter League theme, Ariel Hernandez tossed another shutout inning for Escogido. He’s only been active for the last week, but he’s been strong thus far. The righty has allowed just one hit in 3.0 otherwise perfect innings. Hernandez hasn’t walked a batter and has not recorded a strikeout yet, either.

Gabby Guerrero remained hot last night for Oriente. He went 2-3 with a double and three runs batted in. Over the last 10 games he’s hitting .308/.364/.538 with three doubles and two home runs. After a slow start in the Dominican he’s really turned a corner in the last month.

Podcast Update

I just wanted to thank everyone who submitted an application for the podcast. There were just over 50 of them. There were some very good ones in there, and a few funny, but fake ones, too. I really wanted to give the gig to Al Bundy (can I get a whoaaaaaaaaa Bundy!?) and Joey Votto, but alas, my emails went unanswered and I moved on.

With that said, I am recording a test show with someone tomorrow and if it goes well I’m looking at getting things started very soon. I reached out to some of the other applicants, but I didn’t send everyone an email. Again, I wanted to thank everyone that reached out. There were some outstanding applicants, even beyond a high school football legend and future Hall of Fame first baseman.


9 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Sounds like Ariel Hernandez is working on throwing strikes. Would explain the low walk rate, and low K rate.

  2. Billy

    Not remotely related to this post, but I’ve been wondering about this…

    With the Reds’ current 3B situation with Senzel, I’m remembering when I was a kid, when the Orioles had a top prospect 3B coming up through the minors. Earl Weaver saw something in him, and decided to move him to SS. Cal Ripken would go on to become an excellent (even defensively) shortstop.

    I’m not suggesting that Senzel could play SS. What interests me is the notion of a player moving up the defensive spectrum. It can’t happen that often, right? Are there any players you remember who have moved up the spectrum as they progressed through the minors? What would have to happen to enable someone to move up?

    • Krozley

      The Cardinals did it last year with Paul DeJong. Mostly a 3B in the minors, they moved him to SS when they brought him up and by the numbers seemed to be satisfactory their defensively. He had 50 games at short in the minors, so if the Reds have similar thoughts about Senzel, they should at least give him 2-3 starts a week there at AAA to see if it could work. Given there currently really isn’t a SS at Louisville, I say why not give it a try.

      • Kap

        I have to agree with that. It’s not like he never played shortstop before (he did in college). Give it a short in AAA. If it doesn’t work, then move him to 2nd. Have that question permanently answered. At least they can say they gave it the “ole college try”(literally).

      • Doug Gray

        He played shortstop in college for a handful of games so his college coach could try to show off versatility. No one seemed to really buy into the idea that he could actually play the position.

      • Bill

        A key difference is that Senzel primarily played 3B and 2B at Tennessee and rarely shortstop. If Tennessee thought he could play SEC caliber shortstop, I think that would have been his primary position.

  3. Michael Smith

    I can think of a few guys who moved to allow a prospect to get a chance. Happened to Rose a few times. Coming up thru the system Hamilton moved to center once he hit AA?

  4. CP

    Good to see Siri doing well, but he still has 2 walks to 7 strikeouts. Hopefully getting to see more competition this summer will help him grow in his pitch recognition. If he can take another step forward next year, he immediately, in my mind, becomes the favorite for the Reds CF job.

    • Stock

      I know this is a small sample size but this is really quite encouraging. About the same BB% as with Dayton and a lower K%. About the same OPS with a higher OBP. This is encouraging mostly because he is doing this vs. much better pitching. This gives me even more encouragement that he will finish next year in AA. I think he is a top 100 prospect a year from now. Hopefully, top 50 but 50 – 75 is probably more realistic.