After a disappointing 2016 season with the Arizona League Reds, the organization showed confidence in Andy Sugilio and sent him to Billings for 2017. The 20-year-old outfielder didn’t let them down. The season started out well, going 4-7 with two home runs in the first two games of the year. There was a mini-slump that followed, but he finished June strong, going 5-14 in the final three games of the month.

That finish carried over into July. In the first four games of the month Andy Sugilio hit .353 with a double, triple and a home run. That was followed up be going 0-11 on the 6th and 7th of the month. He busted out of that slump in a big way the next game, going 4-6 with two runs and three runs batted in. Through 16 games, Sugilio had yet to walk and he had 11 strikeouts. Over the next 17 games, which ran through the end of July, the outfielder hit .345 with more walks, eight, than strikeouts, six. He would post a .326/.380/.478 line for the Mustangs over 100 plate appearances with 13 strikeouts and eight walks.

August began a bit slowly for Andy Sugilio. He had just three hits and three walks in the first five games of the month. After that he would catch fire. Over the next two weeks he would hit .577 with as many walks as strikeouts. After a slump over the next three games, he would start swinging the bat well once again. In the final two weeks of the season he hit .396 with two doubles and a triple. From the start of August through the end of the season on September 9th, Sugilio hit .377/.426/.462 over 115 plate appearances with nine walks and 16 strikeouts. He also stole 12 bases in 14 attempts.

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Andy Sugilio Spray Chart

Andy Sugilio is a switch hitter, so we should look at his spray chart a little differently than others. First, we will look at his overall spray chart.

Here is the spray chart from the left side of the plate.

And here is his spray chart from the right side of the plate. Be sure to note that we are dealing with a very small sample size here of less than 50 total batted balls.

Andy Sugilio Scouting Report

Hitting | As a switch hitter he didn’t show splits in 2017. He hit .344 and .347, respectively. His speed helps him leg out extra infield hits, which may allow his slightly above-average hit tool play up some.

Power | His current in-game power is below-average. But, he shows good bat speed and has room to fill out his frame that gives him plenty of power projection in the future. 15-20 home runs isn’t out of the question at his peak.

Running | He shows off plus to plus-plus speed.

Arm | His arm is average.

Defense | His speed plays very well and allows him to show off a lot of range in center field. He will need to improve his reads moving forward, but his speed allows him

You could make the argument that Andy Sugilio is the fastest runner in the Cincinnati Reds farm system. I was able to get a time from home-to-first on him from the left side of 3.87. That’s not quite Billy Hamilton fast, but it’s about as close as you can get. He’s an outstanding athlete who projects to possibly have four above-average or plus tools and a fifth average one. At the plate he makes a lot of contact, there’s power to tap into and he can hit from both sides. On the bases he’s outstanding and in the field he’s got the tools to play a strong center field. There’s a lot to like with Sugilio. He’s still years away, and has plenty to work on to reach his full potential, but there’s a big upside for recently turned 21-year-old from the Dominican Republic.


9 Responses

  1. Wes

    Soooo…..what happened to dj Peterson? Never heard of that guy before

  2. MK

    Sugilio sounds very similar to Michael Beltre. Michael came to Dayton got off to a pretty good start but was disappointing thereafter. At the end of 2017 I thought he might get another shot at Dayton in 2018. Maybe the two will play together this season.

    • Doug Gray

      There are a few differences between the two. Sugilio is significantly faster. Beltre’s build is significantly bigger. Sugilio is/was younger at the same level.

  3. CP

    Really great ceiling on this kid. He definitely would be a nice piece, if the Reds end up needing to trade Trammel to fill in a hole elsewhere on their major league roster.

    I carry the same concerns as MK. I will be eager to see how he does in full season ball, before getting too excited. There will be some really interesting players to watch at Dayton next year!

    Beltre (repeat?)
    Greene? (later in the year?)
    Heatherly? (later in the year?)

    I’m not sure if all those pitchers will be there. Maybe some of you guys could speak into that. There are tons of guys who would really bolster the Reds system if they perform at Dayton next year….

    • MK

      I kind of expect Wennington Romero to repeat and lead Dayton starting pitchers. Ryan Olsen and Alex Webb might be back as well.

    • Stock

      I would add Gordon to that list but agree that I am very optimistic about the group playing in Dayton in 2018.

      Great OF with Gordon, Fairchild, Sugilio and Beltre.
      Downs at SS
      Interesting options at C
      Interesting option at SP with Greene, Heatherly, Naughton and Sceroler.

      It would not surprise me if 8 – 10 of these were top 25 prospects in 12 months.

      • CP

        If some starters can develop from the group at Dayton next year, it will go a long way to extending the window of competition for the Reds.

  4. The Duke

    Love the 12.9% K rate. Don’t like that his power dropped off after the first 10 games. It’s a big jump from Billings to Dayton, i’ll be excited if he handles the jump well.