A few weeks ago I reached out to everyone to see if anyone was interested in joining me in hosting a podcast about the Cincinnati Reds. The response was far more than I expected. There were over 50 applicants and it took longer than I expected to go through the resumes. In the end I decided to set up a test podcast with someone and it went well enough that I decided to move forward with Brian Snow as the co-host. Today we are releasing the first real episode of what has been titled (even though we weren’t sure of the name as of the recording) The Unnamed Reds Podcast. Artwork is still a work in progress, but we needed something to upload with the podcast. Give the podcast a listen below, or you can download it here.

Topics for the show:

  • Tim Adleman is heading to Korea.
  • With the Winter Meetings upon us, what should the Reds focus their time on?
  • Could a 6-man rotation work for the Reds?
  • Is there a disconnect at times between the front office and the manager?

If you would like to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, you can now do that. It took a bit longer than expected, but it’s mostly my fault for messing up the application process. If you use old fashioned RSS feeds to subscribe to podcasts, you can do that here.

We still don’t have enough ratings over on iTunes. So if you’ve got a minute we’d greatly appreciate it if you could swing by and give the podcast a rating. It’ll help us move up the rankings and get in front of other listeners.


12 Responses

  1. Michael W.

    Doug and Brian thanks for the podcast. Listening to it now and I was curious on your guys thoughts on if the Reds didn’t let Zach Vincej go..would you rather have Jose Peraza or Zach Vincej as your 2018 Cincinnati Reds short stop?

    • Doug Gray

      Peraza, though it would be nice to have Vincej around still for depth.

      • victor vollhardt

        The Reds put Vincej on waivers to clear a roster spot and then presumably option him to the minors. The Mariners claimed him and a few days later did just that—- optioned him to their minor league team. My question is –didn’t they have to pass him through the waiver list again to do that? And if that is true then (because of their W-L record-the Reds would be one of the first teams to take a shot at him). The Reds did not claim him (no other teams did either) on the waiver list. It would be interesting to know ,if the above assumption is true, why the Reds did not reclaim him and then “stash” him at Louisville.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m not entirely sure why the Reds didn’t pick Vincej back up. I’ll assume that they felt they needed the spot more than they needed him. I’m not sure that I agree with that, but I have to assume that’s what they felt.

  2. RedsMatty

    Thanks for the podcast. The picture makes it look like you two are serial killers though

  3. jbonireland

    Doug just had a chance to listen to the podcast, thought it was great. I appreciated your and Brian’s time to discuss the disconnect with Dick Williams thinking and Brian Price’s. I’m just not seeing the justification for continuing with Price going forward. I certainly wouldn’t have any idea as to who could lead the Reds but I think someone who thinks more out of the box with today’s analytics would be better.

    It has been proven that Bill Hamilton in the lead off spot will not move the Reds forward. He just doesn’t get on base enough. Again thought the podcast went well and I look forward to your insights as the winter moves along.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Brad

    Knowing both of you, the amount of agreement between you was equally surprising and disappointing.

    I think Reds missed opportunity to add a Brad Boxberger in a lesser trade with two years of Arbitration control to backend of bullpen. Iglesias, Peralta, Lorenzon and Boxberger would be nice. Others can be on the Louisville-Cincinnati shuttle: Shackelford, Weiss, Hernandez, Herget, Brice, Mella, Reed, Stephens.

    I have mentioned this before, but I believe the Reds are the ideal team for “Super Relievers.” If Castillo is the Ace, and I think he is, he can be expected to throw 6-7 innings on his own. The other 4 starters can go 5-6 innings. On shorter start days (5 innings) have a “Super Reliever” throw 2 innings to get to 7 total and then pass off to one inning guys. Iglesias, Lorenzon, Reed, Stephens are all 2+ inning guys. Always depending on lineup. Can have an additional Reliever be a mop-up/Johnny Ruffin guy ride the Louisville/Cincy shuttle after throwing 2-3 innings.