It’s been eight days since the first episode of The Unnamed Reds Podcast (branding still could be changed – it’s a work in progress), but Brian and I wanted to wait until the Winter Meetings were complete to dive into the next one.

Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Reds didn’t make any real moves during the Winter Meetings. But, that they did do was give us plenty to talk about. You can listen to the podcast below, or you can download it here to listen to it later.

Topics for the show:

  • Trade rumors and discussion of Billy Hamilton
  • Trade rumors and discussion of Adam Duvall
  • Could the Reds acquire Christian Yelich? At what cost and would it be worth it?
  • The Rule 5 Draft results.

We are not yet on iTunes (to be added you need a few episodes already recorded, so we will have to wait another week or two in order to get there, unfortunately). We will be trying to get there this week, though I’m not sure how long the process takes to be accepted. But, if you would like to manually add us to your podcasting app of choice through an RSS feed, here you go.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us. And tell all of your friends to listen, too.

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5 Responses

  1. Chris r

    Good stuff guys.. I like it
    Doug kinda wondering about the reds move in rule 5 draft claim/trade.. seem like a few other teams did the same.. what the advantage of doing so/why do it? What did reds end up with last year for the catcher?? Thanks

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds got Josh Van Meter for Torrens last year. Teams tend to do it because it’s basically a way to get a free prospect or cash for something you weren’t planning on using in the first place.

  2. The Duke

    If the Reds do end up making a deal, I bet it’s in the latter half of January, but before spring training.

  3. Michael Smith

    Great work. Any chance you guys can discuss basketball recruiting;)

  4. jbonireland

    Doug another great job, I vote against the guy who wants to discuss basketball recruiting….. this is or should be about the Reds and baseball.